New outfits, any wishes?


Quick peak at what im working on.


Absolutely amazing


More hats and more different regular clothes to choose from. That would super!


NNice work.

In addition to redrawing most in-game bascinets, it would be awesome if you could reduce the size of every pauldrons, notably the large spaulders parts. They are too large and look weird. ‘‘Old PLate Pauldrons’’ and Zoul’s pauldron are much better (smaller) so you could use them for reference.



Very nice work. Look forward to your other creations!


If mesh manipulation is possible, please redesign the eye holes of hounskull and maybe you can make some more variants.


Someone can create a shield replacement mod where they replaced with swords.
You cant attack with it but blocking. Maybe it looks cool for some Fansatities :wink:
But for me it would be to skyrim’ish :smile:

  • Scabbard straps and of course scabbards for the missing weapons!


do like. would be a nice fit for an early game full face kit. Call it “old great helm” I’d love to see some weathering on it so it looks like a piece of armor that has been a round a while