NEW VIDEO UPDATE Great Haste Makes Great Waste


Take a look at our new video update:


This video is quite the opposite of the ign one, where basicly all the bad things was shown, here we can see all the good ones, of course without dialogs, which I suppose they are still working on. Personally I dont care about off lypsync etc. and I really like the game as a whole. However there is one major problem for me and that is animation transitions (dunno if its correct term) and it seems like they havent made any progress in this area for a while. Animations itself are looking good but transitions or blending between is almost nonexistent. I just cant imagine that Daniel Vávra would be satisfied with this so I believe there are reasonable explanations why it looks the way it looks (sorry if it was discussed somewhere) Anyway…really looking forward to finally play this :slight_smile:


Glad to see that the game is starting to really come together. Your best gameplay video, so far.

Wishing everyone a happy Yule time!


Which videocard was used?


It was recorded in 4k, so i guess it’s around 1080/1080ti or titan. :face_with_monocle:

P.S But, i might be wrong about it.


That’s why i asked.


Awesome :smile:


I like the gameplay, a bit disapointing its the same gameplay we have in the beta. So we know what can be done and what is going to happen.

But it shows the great improvements made in between then and now.
And I guess warhorse doesnt want to spoil to many quests.


Yeah, this’s good for comparison, so everyone(who knows how to use internet xd) can watch an old video and compare some parts from it with the new one. :face_with_monocle:

They did well with choosing quests to show. They’ve shown not that much, but it’s enough to see the whole picture, i guess. Like with “Mafia” before(For people, who know).


“why no wounds and bloodpools?”
“there are wounds. Quite sophisticated. If there are no facial wounds, we are working on fixing it.”


It looks nicer and nicer and again heres the list of missing things. Small things matter :slight_smile:

  • No scabbard suspensions
  • Ciumans have no scabbard yet (this is in the works :slight_smile: )
  • Bows are still glued onto the model :frowning:
  • Some missing animations (putting the poison into the bowl)
  • Errors between ingame and sequences (missing scabbards and such)

Oh is there a possibility to disable the sparks completeley, as well as the arrow trails. They look ridiculous. Please insert an option to turn those particle effects off.

I am looking forward to seeing the next video :slight_smile:


not to mention the people playing the ign didn’t look involved at all, it felt like one of those casual console only players got tasked with doing a run through of the game for ign but there werent any wizrds, dragons, or orcs to keep him interested.


Yeah, i do remember. They were crying about 200x game, downgrade and etc.
They’re just mere players, that just saw the video on IGN and started to make opinions about the game without having the knowledge and info . :face_with_monocle:


Guys, you want to help us? Take this video and spread it all over the internet. Especially under the IGN posts (fb, twitter, IGN, YT) and to all the people that think, the IGN video represents the game. What happened is that my hardware let me down while I was at IGN. I lost 15fps by being plugged into their video systems… and the editor has really chosen ugly shots without any commentary. So help us KCD Army and spread the video! :slight_smile:


I kinda understand that a game journalist needs/wants to show off the best and worst of a game, you know… when they arent paid by the dev to give a amazing review.

But IGN only showed the bad parts. Which isn’t fair because now we have seen there are some good parts aswell, quite alot of good gameplay parts.

Then again a dev would only show the good side of their game. So from what I can make out is that there are some amazing looking and playing parts of the game with some meh bits here and there.
Does that bother me? A bit, but I backed this game and would do so again.
Look at Destiny 2, it looks polished but it still has alot of faults.
Atleast with KCD we know where weaker moments are, and they can always be patched.

And yes the game will probably receive quite a bit of ‘hate’ on release. Which is mostly from people who don’t know what type of game you guys are making, so listen to the fans and mostly ignore the general public.


But this is not how the game looks. First of all it’s a month old build and as you know… KCD get’s better every day. Second I had those hardware issues which made my life harder. It was just a very unlucky day that created this unlucky video.


Normal people would understand, if they wanted to, so it’s fine. We do understand this situation, but the IGN audience - not wanted to understand. They were even lazy to check some new videos to judge even. In any case, good luck with them. :smiley:


So help us and share the new video:

Especially under the IGN posts :slight_smile:


But I must say that even in your video, during big battle, there are enemies who just stand still and look. Like in 13:37 - one bandit is fighting, others are doing nothing.


I guess they weren’t triggered(?). I hope, this’s gonna be fixed at the final game. :face_with_monocle:

(?) - Script or whatever it’s, cus i don’t know for 100% why is that happened, but seems like that.