NEW VIDEO UPDATE Great Haste Makes Great Waste


Glad to help warhorse studios.


@DrFusselpulli What are PC specs ?


We used a Gtx 1080ti, i7 4790k, 16gb ram graphics card, I don´t know about the rest of the computer.


I agree that combat with many people looks weird. It just doesn’t really look as dynamic as a real battle. You get the feeling that a whole bunch of people are just standing around doing nothing, and occasionally hit someone.


But also it’s strange that you can just shoot someone with an arrow and they just ignore you. Even when they can see you.


I have to say that new video from WH is NOT better then video on IGN. Only the poor looking parts are missing. In new video there is no dialog and combat scenes are smartly cut so you can not see much of it…

Most people see that animations and sword fighting are really poor. Fighters just stand there doing nothing…


I have to add that I’m not hating. The game is great. But the mass fightings look a bit rough/notchy/choppy. What bothers me the most is how unresponsive enemies seem to be. For example you can just aim at someone and he won’t react, as we can see in the most recent video of warhorse studios.


Same with me. Warhorse video is far better than IGN, because it shows more of the depth of game. But fighting part looks better on Warhorse side only because it is better cut. I have nothing against combat system, I quite liked it in beta. But those 4 fighters in battle who are just standing … that is just not good.


Yes, and I’m not criticising it because I want to hate on the game. I’m criticizing it because I love the game and I’m passionate about it. The battles need to become more dynamic and the AI needs to become more responsive. Please forward the message to the devs! :slight_smile:


Stiff! That’s the word I was looking for. The fighters make a stiff appearance.


Yes, we know this and still working on optimisation of AI to make them react faster.


Thanks for the answer. I just noticed why they appear so stiff. It’s because when they defeated an enemy they don’t move. Normally you would move to the next one. But most of them just stand there doing nothing:


8.34. Henry is VERY strong, pierced mail like a butter.


makes sense though, so it really is AI issue… .lets hope its solvable :slight_smile:


What makes sense?


That AI not triggering(script or whatever it’s) everytime. :face_with_monocle:


Reddit is not highly positive of this game based off warhoses’ latest video, but I think some people have it right; think mount and blade type combat and you should be satisfied with this game, at least for the gameplay. I do get more of a two worlds vibe than an elder scrolls one, which is NOT a good thing. I think this is going to be a solid rpg, but you guys should play it safe with the marketing and don’t do anything risky. Maybe do an “environment” trailer showing off all the landscapes and castles? That works for games a lot of the time. Let players after the release, spread positive word of mouth about this game and it’ll help in sales.


Yeah, have seen these comments too. But, they’re comparing this game to TES and M&B which is a wrong idea(Some are trying to compare it to the Witcher). Developers are afraid to be misunderstood by others, i guess. People are telling about the stuff, that developers might do in the game, but they’re forgetting, that WH can’t do everything, cus their hand are tied by the finances and number of developers in team. Besides, this game is Vavra’s dream(or he dreamed it to be), so i don’t think this’s gonna be total lose, but not many people are gonna see his way of thinking and vision in this game and what developers wanted to show them in this game. But, i think, they’re doing things, that might start a new vector in gaming(Maybe, i’m wrong).
This’s already good for a beginning.

P.S Reddit was always like that, ha-ha.
P.S.S Sorry, if i’ve grammar mistakes somewhere, cuz my english isn’t that good and i hope you understand what i meant :face_with_monocle:


To be honest I am tired of this game. It is still the same. Four years devs say: “This is not final. This is just a placeholder. This gameplay is from 3 months old build. This will be much better in final game…”.

So show us something that is FINAL and looks good!

With gameplay shown on IGN you really made me laugh hard. I think you did a gameplay for IGN to present the best and advertise the game. I bet you choosed the best looking parts you can show. Why would you show some unfinished stuff? Now when the video looks poor you tried to blame hardware issues and IGN. That is quite sad…

Your newest video is same like on IGN channel. It just does not contain poor looking features like dialogs and combat. 80% of its time is just walking. Combat sequences in your newest video are extreamly short - 2 or 3 seconds long. Is that so to hide poor combat animations?

If you look carefully you still can see NPC are standing doing nothing. Same like in video on IGN channel… Does your video make game better? No, it is just a try to hide the problems.


petic and his pessimism …