No archery perks?

Okay so it took forever to get the archery down. Considering the arrows sometimes take random flight paths, finally made it to level 5 bought a long bow realized wasn’t strong enough to use it. Well that’s nice a warning would of been cool before I spent 400 gold on it. Then I got to thinking, why am I even bothering leveling up archery? There are no real perks in this, he draws teh bow slow as crap (would be a nice perk he quick drawn vs overdraw. One is fast less damage one is longer more damage.) I just don’t understand why bow is teh only weapon that doesn’t get perks.


Yeah, some perks would be good. That being said, if you’ve ever used a bow, streng is more important than anything else.

Oh, and we got perks for drinking and perks por pressing W while on a horse, so yeah, I don’t see the reason why archery doesn’t have perks.


Is this a joke thread?


Its your own fault for not checking the stats/requirements of the bow before buying it.
But yeah, some perks for archery would be nice. However, archery is really strong once you have leveled it+have a decent bow+have some good arrows. So not sure if perks are really needed. Maybe some sway reduction, but that happens from simply leveling up anyways.


So you didn’t check for details before buying and now you’re complaining about it


The bow isnt the only weapon without perks… see polearms…

The stats for weapons are clearly displayed. That’s your fault for not checking. If your strength was too low the str value needed is highlighted red.

Bows can be absolutely lethal in this game.
With a good skill, a good bow and the right arrows you can one shot people.

No perks I think because once you’re good and have good gear you can drop a knight in plate with a single arrow to the eye. So if you could nock and release any faster you’d be way OP.

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Trolls, yes I’m complaining there are no level perks like sword mace etc. And yes I was upset when I was buying an item in game. It would of been nice to get a prompt that my stats weren’t high enough before buying. If the game can tell you when you’ve equipted it, why can it give you a notice before you atttempt to buy it. “You are attempting to buy an item you don’t meet the requireements to use” etc. It was a mistake I only made once, but it was annoying and set me back because I also sold my old bow in the same purchase which left me without a bow until I loaded an old save file. I didn’t even know you could use the pole arms I thought they were npc only until you mentioned it.

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Archery definitely deserves some perks. It was such a staple of medieval combat, more so than any other weapon currently lacking perks. Please read and support my other suggestion for archery improvements at Suggestion for archery improvement - From a real archer


No but your life is

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For those spouting the whole “should have checked before buying” nonsense. Stop talking out of your arses. The devs have by no means finished the game and in fact want feedback from players as to how the game can be improved. Either contribute something useful to the discussion or go elsewhere.

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Oh, ok. “Poor fella, game is broken”. Sorry about me being so rude.
By the way, i never experienced your kind of issue because i check before buying something. So yeah, devs fault if you didn’t know that you were not strong enough.


I’m guessing you are a console gamer. In the PC community we help the devs improve the game by communicating with them very openly and regularly about what we do and don’t like. This is one reason why PC gaming is more refined than console gaming. It isn’t whining, it’s a key part of the post release stage. The devs will focus on patching the things that we speak about most on the forums.

So what you’re saying is that you’d like something that warns you when you can’t use something you are gonna buy?

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Oh, you’re talking about in game strength stat. Now I get you. We misunderstood each other. Yes, it’s the players responsibility to check the weapon in game before they buy it. I thought you were saying they should have checked whether the game included perks for archery, sorry. My comment was directed at the fact that there are no archery perks, when there should be, as the bow is as if not more important than the sword in medieval warfare.

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I support you about that, i’d like some archery perks too!

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Maybe it has no perk, because all the weapon perks just are combos!?

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I want a bow combo - Pull-pull-aim up-pull could like shatter the wood and send splinters into the enemies eyes as a finisher. that was a typical bohemian attack move back in the day

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They aren’t all combos, you get increased chances of making them bleed, boosts for certain weapon choices etc.
Here are some practical ideas for archery perks:

Overdraw - You draw the arrow further than the norm, your stamina depletes faster when you hold the draw but you do +5-10% damage.

Hunter - You are in your element hunting in the woods, not fighting in the field. +1 stealth skill in woodland +1 bow skill in woodland. Bows make less noise when you fire them. Not compatible with military archer.

Military archer - your skills have been honed on the battlefield. +1 bow skill, +? piercing damage, +1 strength when using a bow. Not compatible with hunter.

Longbowman - Longbows are more steady, for longer at full draw, +? piercing damage when using Longbows. Not compatible with horse archer.

Horse archer - +? Bow skill when mounted, +30% draw speed when mounted. Not compatible with longbowman.

Scavenger - Your arrows are 50% less likely to break.

Ranger - You can craft basic hunting arrows when in woodland for the cost of 1 energy + 1 nutrition per arrow.

Fast flight - you have expertly tuned your arrows to fly faster. Increased arrow velocity over range (decreased energy loss), -5-10% damage. (damage loss is to balance fact that speed is tied to damage in engine)

Deadly tracker - You know where to shoot to make them bleed. +30% chance of making a target bleed -15% piercing damage. Targets leave a blood trail on ground for first minute of bleeding.

I am the night - Reduced bow noise at night. +1 stealth when using a bow at night. Increased weapon speed at night. The opposite effects during the day.

Nothing set in stone, just some ideas off the top of my head. I was aiming for fun and interesting without ruining balance.


Another one:

  • Quick reloader: You get arrows from the quiver quicker than usual, allowing you to shoot quicker. I can’t think of a possible minus side to this one.
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