No archery perks?

It should be the perk (for horse or bow) allowing you to shot from the horse full 180 degrees behind you like the Kumans historically did. :wink: cheers

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I have also been wondering why archery does not have any perks. I really hope perks are added. I would like to see quick-draw and overdraw perks.

If you want this for the time being.

I can see where you are coming from here. Typically in RPGs dex would be the contributing factor for a bow, however being how level is directly stat levels in KCD one would think they would us a level restriction on item apposed to the required stat itself. Yes strength is the major factor in drawing a bow IRL so why not incorporate a crossbow. Surly they were around during that time period, but maybe I’m wrong. All in all they should have greyed out the items unusable in the shop for a quick purchase. Then one could simply brows the unusable items to see what they need to have to use them. No, I did not say make it so you can’t buy then I simply suggested better item organization in shop lists.
Then there is the issue wit NO PERKS FOR THE BOW!!! I am very disappointed with that choice, I mean 4 Years and not a single perk? O.o I mean yes, better draw time, steadier aim, be able to sneak with the bow drawn, use the bow as a melee weapon for up close encounters, the list could go on. I would have loved to see arrow Head perks that make it easier to bleed or cripple the target.

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I’d like to see some archery perks too. Particularly regarding speed of the draw, locating arrows, nd maybe even speed of arrows.

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I would love some Archery Perks

  1. Precise Experience= 20% More Damage
  2. Fast Draw= Shoot Bow 20% Faster
  3. Fire Arrows= Shoot Fire Arrow to light things on fire or into a wall or ground to provide light.
  4. Water Arrows= Shoot Water Arrows to put out Fires, Torches and Candles
  5. Steady Aim= Better Aim
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I know I’m in the few, But I always liked increased Jumping Height in Skyrim and Oblivion.

I know we should check if we can use the weapons that we buy, but I’d be alright with not being able to purchase one if I don’t meet the requirements.

Dude Water Arrows would be awesome. I would put out all the lights and stab every mofo in the ass. I would become the Booty Bandit!

Go back to your Console you pleb!

Water Arrow really? This is a game based off the real world dude!

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Maybe an apple on head perk where you can entertain the Skalitz refugees.

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A comment from the arms vender would be nice?
“Are you sure you can handle such a weapon young man?”

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what archery perks would you like? suggest something

cos if its x-ray vision, auto-aim, that kind of shit you should forget it

i would like water arrows but this isn’t thief, my dad used to play that game and its way too old

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If you have ever shot a REAL bow, you would know it takes a lot of practice to hit a stationary target from a fixed distance. Until you are able to get a consistent “draw”, left arm flexed consistently, And the right arm pulled back the string touching your chin, you won’t hit the bullseye.
Now add a moving target at a best guess distance and raise the bow to compensate for the arc of the arrow path, and then add wind into the factor and your physical ability to hold the bow, with the “Draw” of 50-70 pounds, steady, it’s a wonder WHS let’s us hit anything!


And we’re not talking a compound bow either with a 50-60% let off pull weight and sight pins.
I have 2 compounds (60 lbs) and a non compound one of 5o lbs. weight. I cannot hold draw ( back then, been quite a while now) for too long on the latter. Not easy. However I didn’t shake so damn much as the game!

Now try to pull AND hold a war bow of 90-110 lbs. That bow was not for leisurely target shooting Draw aim quick and loose!

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The bow perks should be consistent with the others ones like:
Faster draw speed but less damage
More damage but slower draw speed

Anecdote, because I love archery:
I’ve been shooting a longbow since I was 8 years old (thanks, childhood obsession with Robin Hood!). By the time I was in High School (15-16 years old), I was shooting every day, often for a couple hours every afternoon. At 100 yards (92 meters) I could consistently put a dozen arrows in a 10" (25 cm) target, using a 50 lb. longbow.

I say this not to brag (okay, maybe a little bit to brag…) but to agree that using a bow well takes practice, especially at greater distances. That leads me to this other section…

Perk suggestions:

  • Relaxed Hold - Your many hours of using the bow have made your stance second nature. It is easier for you to draw, aim, and release multiple shots. +15% reload speed
  • Strong Arm - Your back and shoulders have grown accustomed to holding the bow at full draw. -10% stamina drain while aiming
  • Marksman - You have extensively trained with the bow, to the detriment of all other weapons. +4 to bow skill, -2 to Sword, Mace, and Axe
  • Instinctive Shot - You have improved at judging distances. Long-distance shots come more easily to you than before. +10 meters to range of bow (not entirely sure on this perk…could assist in aim, could provide flatter trajectory to arrows, or could just extend speed/range of shots)
  • Focused Gaze - Your adrenaline surges as you aim your shot, giving you a precious moment longer to place your arrow just where you want it. Time slows -5% as you aim down the shaft
  • Dim Sight (Hidden Perk?) - Your frequent use of the bow in dawn/dusk hours have trained your eyes to more readily distinguish your target in poor lighting. +5 to night vision

No horse archer perk?

Good point. I’ll borrow a suggestion from further up-thread.

  • Horse Archer (can only be learned while with the bandits) - During your time among the brigands, you observed the Cumans and their skill with the bow on horse. You can now twist fully behind you while aiming with the bow on horseback.