No damage or dirty clothing


After the latest patch on Xbox, there isn’t any visible damage or dirtiness to clothing items. Any solutions?


No solutions. It’s going to be fixed in the next patch supposedly…


Got a message from WH today regarding a ticket I sent about this very issue. They said they where aware and working towards a solution.

So I guess next patch!?


Yeah, hopefully it’s fixed for good though with no side effects.

Check out @CliffDiverHill’s Tweet:


Seems good enough, now we just need to find out when next patch is scheduled to be released!?


I always had a problem with how fast Henry gets dirty so I don’t mind this bug at all.


Until thursday exist in steam DB hidden ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Beta Access)’. I suppose in these release they testing new update, so I think the patch will be soon.


I hope they will fix the issue, as a programmer as myself I know they can fix the issue easily if they have time. For example, me as a programmer in an online store that sells large dog cage (which is good for large breeds like Great Dane, Alaskan Malamute, St. Bernard, Kangal, Caucasian Mastiff etc) the issue should be fixed easily.


When’s next patch the devs haven’t posted anything


That’s the standard reply btw :wink:


So I have been scammed by a WH-bot!? Damn you WH!


As I see on tvitch steam Tobi and Prokop use 1.6.2 version of game and have’n these bugs. They say that patch will be very soon.


Jesus be praised!


Let’s wait and see…


Same issue on PS4. Clothing and armor no longer takes damage or gets visibly dirty, despite showing the red X or dirty splotch in the menu.


Nice, so another weekend without patch which fixed damn bug :frowning:


I agree, it is getting tedious to have these bugs. And people may say I am whining or whatever, but I did after all pay a premium price for the game so I expect the game to at least not become worse with new updates.

In any case, glad that we will get this fixed but sad that it takes longer than I would have preferred.


I only paid £15 So not bothered.


That is awesome for you Kirksty but I payed 60€ for the game and I also of course bought both DLCs. When I pay the price for a full game that promises mechanics and things like that, I expect them to work.

And in the end, what you payed for the product Kirksty is not something that brings anything useful to the discussion. Remember what we talked about, do not troll this discussion just because you do not agree with those of us suffering from the bugs that WH has admitted was their fault.


I got 1400hrs out of it? This is worth $200 if you ask me. So much to do and so many skills to home. With Skyrim i played 800hrs and paid €60 and that’s a triple A game?