No Key steam on profile?


Hello, i have a little problem, i pledged the game on kickstarter, activated my account and in my profile there is :
KNIGHT (digital)
Your platform:
Making of video:
Coming soon

No platform? No steam key? Is there is something else to do?


A fair few people seem to have this problem (me included) email support but don’t expect a reply anytime soon as they are likely swamped.


You’re not the only one. See


Yep, there’s loads of us. A simple message to backers ‘we are aware of an issue, are working on it, stay tuned’ would be great!


if you are talking about steam keys, you are aware that there are no keys right?

you have to link to steam account to your profile and the game will be added to your steam account.


We’re aware of this - the option to link isn’t appearing for some of us.


ok, just checking, because i remember the whole registering process was not the most straightforward thing and people were talking about keys


i’m only seeing this, no game added to my account or anything. Anyone else able to get this fixed?


I have the same Problem as @Oplato


Yup same issue I linked my profile and the game has not been added to my steam


There was, on the 10th Feb via email. Though it did only mention ‘Soldier tier’, and said:

Some Soldier tiers are missing Steam codes. Sorry about that, please contact us. (

Please be polite, don’t swamp the email with repeated requests, or flood the forum. It really doesn’t help resolve your or anyone else’s problems at all as the signal gets lost in noise.


Fair enough don’t flood the forum but if you backed this game and haven’t got the option to play it due to issues beyond your control and still no word from developers it can be a little frustrating as people who haven’t backed are now able to play the game.


Linking the profile with steam didn’t worked for me from Firefox, I tried it also from Edge and then it worked. Or maybe there was a time delay between linking account and adding the game.


Same here…sadly


As some may see it on my first message i copy paste my page. It says : “platforme :” and nothing else !!! I have not even the proposition to link to the steam account or even xbox… or… nothing its empty


same here


So i think guys we will have to be patient. Yes it is a shame but what can we do… update here if you have more information


what if you have this issue?

i accidently linked my steam on the wrong KC account

i can’t undo this?


Perhaps try from steam? Isn’t there some option on steam page to unlink yourself from other pages?


Steam doesn’t bring up these kind of options, as far as i can see in account/profile details