No random encounters in 1.9.1 PC

Hi all, I just recently started my first play through on PC last week and have been having an absolute blast despite the bugs. However, in my last play session I did not receive one random encounter. No mods running just a vanilla version of the game. I was getting random encounters earlier in my play-through but I was playing for 6 hours yesterday and did not seen one. I mean like I am fast traveling back to back across the entire map and seeing 0 encounters. For the sake of experimenting I went back to an older save from the same play-through and got an encounter the first time I fast traveled. So at some point in the middle of the play-through they broke. For reference I am on the main quest where you have to infiltrate the monastery.

I did a bit of research and found that this problem has occurred in earlier patches. I’ve tried using the commands outlined in this thread below and had no success. Anyone else know a fix to this issue? These encounters are one of my favorite parts of the game and it’s not the same without them.

Same on 1.9.2.
It happened when I was on quest about plague. Also I started “From the Ashes” recently.

Same bug here. I stopped getting encounters sometime around the Baptism of Fire events. Very disappointing. I’ve tried the console commands suggested in the older, 2018 posts on the topic, but haven’t had any success.

simply vlslt Skallitz. there should be chance of about 100% to run into a random encounter infront of hte tavern