No random encounters


maybe something within it does, a specific choice or something. I remember one of the bandits who attack the mine ran away, maybe not killing him failed to resolve it, just shooting that out there.

Edit - it could also be a side quest you get at roughly the same time.


Hello there. I seem to have the same problem as mentioned above. I don’t really know what has happened, but random encounters do not occur anymore for me. I haven’t had a single knightly encounter or any riddles. The only thing i remember encountering early on in my playthrough was a group of cumans fighting some bandits. I didn’t engage since i was too weak, since then I’ve seen none or had any encounters of any sort. I haven’t completed the horse race so that shouldn’t be the cause of my problem.
I wasn’t even aware of the knights that can challenge you to a duel on the road, or the people giving you riddles, until I saw my friend playing the game.
I’ve started a new save just to see if it is a problem with my save. I hope they/you find a fix for this. I dread playing the game all over again, especially with the whole story and almost all quest so fresh in my memory. But I feel that I am missing out on a big and exciting part of the game.


Please note that I can confirm this only for particular horserace quest. I cannot know if any other quest causes this as I didn’t complete the game yet (neither main story nor all sidequests). I’m keeping an eye and will post if I notice another (side)quest triggers the same problem.

But as I posted on Steam forum, it can be saving/loading issue during some quests…
For example, it could be saving then loading the game in the middle of early mainquest where you ride from Rattay to stables - you could notice there are no random encounters during that sequence. Remember that saving/loading during 3 nightingales quest can corrupt that quest. :wink:
I’m just speculating here, not saying it’s a definite cause.

But it can definetly not happen during acompanying Hans to hunting spot - I’ve seen random encounter (beggar) sitting by the road during that one.


I have never done that horse racing quest that is mentioned above, but I still am not getting any random encounters. Is this a bug the devs have acknowledged? I don’t want to have to restart my game almost 30 hours in.


It’s looking like it’s the conversation with Timmys sister that breaks it.


Have the same problem, but the random encounters don’t work even when I travel manually, it’s like they were entirely disabled. I wonder if the devs are even aware of this issue :frowning:


Read up one, you have to skip that part if you wanna avoid this. I’m at that part now in my save and I’m going to test it but I’m playing the new stellaris update now and don’t get much time off work during the week.

I’d also like to add that even though I’ve gone back so far I’m actually having more fun now with the encounters back in.


If you’re referring to the conversation with Timmy’s sister, then it’d take me hours to get to where I am right now if I start from there again…


But how do we skip that part? Isn’t it the main quest?


True, I have no idea how to do that quest without talking to the sister.


Just go to where the camp is and it’ll skip.


Well unfortunately you can either wait and see if they can fix it (not only fix the quest since its a given they’ll fix that eventually, but you’re hoping they’ll also fix it for people who are already past that point, and it’s possible they won’t) or go back now before you waste even more time. Or just continue and miss out on one of the most fun aspects of the game.


So I went ahead and took the time to redo my character from the start, and I just got past the Timmy Sister quest and confirmed I have random encounters still. I do remember save scumming constantly last time because of the easy save mod. I still have that active, but this time I didn’t save or load at all during the find Timmy part of the quest line. So maybe that confirms it was this, I’ll update if I ever lose it again.


+1 for the Reeky quest breaking fast travel encounters.

Just finished dealing with this - I use infinite saves and dangerous roads mods but noticed I was not getting road encounters before installing the dangerous roads mod. So I reloaded every one of my saves until I got fast travel encounters, which stopped right after dealing with Reeky.

After dealing with him in a different way, I now have random encounters again.


How did you deal differently with Reeky? I’m way past that, but considering attempting to go all the way back if I still have a save. I miss encounters so much…


I have this problem as well. i’m pretty sure my last encounter was a group of bandits or cumans along the river when i was finding the charcoal burner camps. 25+ hours later and i haven’t had a single encounter. its really frustrating because thats a fun part of the game and its makes it more boring because i never get to fight anyone if it isnt tied to a quest. I tried the more dangerous roads mod but that didn’t fix the issue. I hope this can be resolved somehow.


+1 here, same problem. Hopefully devs fix this for post quest players.


This is so weird. I
At about 35 hours in I still run into the riddler, the knight unsure of himself that wants to dual you. Plus numerous attacks on the road either cumans or holdups and such. When you fast travel are you on the horse or on foot?


I do both but still don’t get them.


have you done reek quest?