No random encounters


I don’t know what to say, when I started the game (The first 1 or 2 days) I used to get attacked at random when fast travelling, run into that dead body with the guy and the speech check, now I get nothing.

Actually I can remember them all. I first got attacked by some guys in rags, I think he gave up the moment i pulled my sword out. Then the body with the dude, then the body again but I ignored it, then a large fight but I thought they were all bandits so ran away, same again a second time, the body again, and then a fight but I realised some were friendly and joined it. I accidentally got accused of stealing because i looted a friendly body and then another body again. After that nothing.

No more Random Encounters/Wayfayers since 1.3

same here, it seems you get less encounter later on


This has been happening even before the brunt fight. (Or not happening, depending how you see it)


This occur strictly while fast traveling? Have you tested by traveling say from Skalitz to Rattay and back? Do you get encounters while following the roads without fast traveling?


Same problem here, I feel like I’m losing a great part of the game. I’ve got a couple of encounters on the early game (like 4 or 5) but now I can fast travel from one side of the map to the other without getting any ambushes or encounters.


Try longer travels. Im 28 hours in level 8 and on a long travel I get still 3-4 wayfairers and maybe 1-2 atracks.


I literally can go from one side of the map to the other and back without getting any wayfarers of ambushes, it’s not like I’m getting few, I never get any.


Then that is a problem. The way I understood WH representation of the game was that at the start you have x number of npcs in the game. Not constantly respawning. So if you kill all the enemys they dont respawn. Maybe this is the issue. If so it needs to be fixed.


Even if that was the problem, I only killed a few enemies on road (I’d say like 8 max) and had 1 or 2 wayfarers, after that everything just stopped


That is weird. Ive had multiple encounters. Some where you could stop and watch a bigger encounter then intervene. Others it was an attack maybe 3-4 bandits. WH needs to be addressing some issues here or at least commenting on the future fix of things. I purchased the game as you did. We funded their vision. All we ask is for information which cost nothing


Today when I get home I’ll try to restore game files, maybe something went wrong. If it doesn’t work I’ll try to start a new game and see if the problem is in my save.


I can imagine it being save related, I’ll try giving a friend my save and ask him to fast travel around. If it is save related WH might be able to use them to diagnose the issue.


It’s been over 20 hours game time since I’ve had an encounter of any kind.


Todays patch didn’t fix it :frowning:


The game disables random encounters during the horse race sidequest (The Sport of Kings).
Upon winning the race, the game does not reenable random encounters although it should.
In other words, race winners can forget random encounters.

There is a mod on nexus that promises cooldown reset on encounters - it cannot correct this bug.

So I suggest not racing before this issue gets patched. Or, win the race to get the achievement then reload a savegame prior to it.

Where are my encounters?

I haven’t done nor started that quest, and if you mean something like “more dangerous roads” I already have that.

I wish you were right.


So that is the problem! Since the horse racing quest award is bugged, i won the race but never finish this quest. Hope they fixed this bug in the patch.


I haven’t done nor started that quest, and if you mean something like “more dangerous roads” I already have that.

Apparently the mod is utterly bugged. Please check what people say about it on Nexus, they’re not happy:

I didn’t use this mod at all in my game nor ever will after seeing problems it causes like corrupted savegames, but I did test if it can fix the problem of no more random encounters caused by horseracing quest. It just can’t.
In other words, I can’t recommend using that particular mod at all.


They seem to have this bug but are blaiming it on the mod without actually showing evidence, I think they just have the same bug as me. I installed the mod in an attempt to fix the bug.

Somebody else mentions the reek quest, and I can remember getting my last encounters around that time, specifically down the river when I was looking for the mines.


I’m not saying some other quest isn’t also bugged in a way it’ll permanently disable random encounters.
But The King of Sport is so far the only quest in my game that did it.

I’m just saying winning the race in horseracing quest will stop random encounters and you’ll wait till doomsday for next beggar, trader, mercenary, gamekeeper, riddler or bandit to appear on the road.
Well… Okay, till devs patch it. :wink:

The Reek (the main after Lubosh, it’s spelled differently but I can’t remember now) quest you mentioned does not stop random encounters.