No random encounters


I have the same problem. I am past the first siege, currently investigating in Sassau. Wether by foot or riding my horse, short or long distance, I didn’t get any encounter for a long while now. No bandits, nor wayfarer, no beggars, no nothing. Without fast travel I’m getting attacked very very rarely. At first I thoiught it was because I’ve reached a certain level or get past a certain point of the history, but it seems wrong to me… Especially since I had to help sir Robert to get rid of some Cumans, so this means there are still hostlie forces able to attack me…


I never got any random encounters at all, but I know why that is. The “Scout” perk lowers the chance.


I thought the Scout Perk was more for you to be more easily able to run away when ambushed? If the perk prevents ny encounter, that’s kind of lame… Travelling became almost boring now for me…


It doesn’t prevent the encounter, it lowers the chance, or at least I think it does. If you don’t get encounters at all it just means you’re having bad luck. And I’m not sure but it could be that Scout 3 prevents it entirely.


scout does not affect encounter chance. It affects the chance of skipping an encounter once you run into one.


That’s what I understood too. So no more encounters at all is not normal…


I have the same problem, early in the game I got an encouter with a riddler, then some bandits ambushed me and once I found a group of cumans killing some traders in the woods and that was the last encounter I had, since then i never got one single encounter by fast travelling, I only find common wayfarers on the roads and that’s it. Never found that famous Knight i saw in a few videos neither the mercenary guy… I feel like I’m losing a big part of this game it just breaks the emersion completely


Lucky you, I never even seen that knight yet… I got a few encounters early in the game but then just stopped, I don’t get any random encounters when fast travelling, only find the common wayfarers when riding around and that’s it…


After the Reeky quest, I haven’t had a single random encounter. And that sucks. I had a couple of knights want to challenge me before that and a lot of dead bodies and accidents on the road, but nothing since Reeky.


The first time I chased Reeky through the woods until he stopped and I took him to the Rattay jail. Last time, I just murdered him right off the bat and everything seems to work now.


I’m pretty sure i haven’t talked to reeky’s sister yet, but i haven’t had encounters in about 20 hrs. Is the talking with reeky’s sister in the ‘My friend Timmy’ quest? I’m at ‘All that glisters’ so not there yet.


hopefully devs have noticed this and working on a 1.3 fix.


I have the same issue. It may be related to the scout skill implicitly? I know it doesn’t state anything about it.

However, I don’t recall enough to correlate my lack of encounters to me getting the Scout skill initially. Could be investigated by Devs to see if intentionally implicit to the skill.

I would say it doesn’t matter, in any case it should be fixed, Scout skill or not. It lowers the fun on the game.


Same here. Encounters stopped completely. I’m not sure why, but I did notice they stopped after I picked the Scout Level 3 perk. Though that could’ve been a coincidence.


I don’t have any of the scout perks, and I haven’t had a random encounter is probably 30-40 hours of game play. By the time I noticed it, and suspected there may be a problem, I had gone far past the point that people suspect is causing the bug (the reek/Timmy stuff).

At this point I have stopped playing the game, as the world feels dead, and I feel like I am missing a pretty big part of the game play experience, and I am hoping for a patch to fix it. I refuse to go all the way back to the beginning.


Same here as happened for me. I can go form one side of the map to the other without getting any encounters. I’m too far and invested to start over now. I’ve sent in a support ticket couple days ago about the bug to make them aware, but I’ve heard nothing back. It sucks cause the encounters made it way more enjoyable when I fast travel.


I submitted a ticket as well, and got a standard “we are aware of the problem and are working on a patch” response. Hopefully they fix it soon, as I would really like to finish the game. I’m just waiting for it to be a bit more stable first.


I dont use mods and i still get encounters, but i dont meet the wayfaring knight anymore.

only the faint hearted knight keeps showing


I don’t really know if this is a possibility, but I think mine stopped after I investigated the first ambush encounter I had (to see what it was), and ran away because I was very weak and there were allot of enemies. So maybe the game thinks that that encounter is still in progress or something?


Same thing for me. I go take a piss when I fast travel now