No random encounters


I just deleted everything and started from scratch… Hopefully it fixed the "no random encounters and no loot inside chests"


I believe it is Scout Related, I have Scout 1 & 2 unlocked, It supposed to only affect Fast Travel. Dang it. What is funny though, One time I fast travel and it did not go to the fast travel screen, Instead it showed my Henry running on the roads to get to spot I wanted to fast travel too.


Yea I also suspect Reeky quest, havent had encounter since i started the quest.


I believe it is the Scout Perks you get to stop Fast Travel encounters. Once i got Scout 2, I Have not had a random encounter for reg travel or fast travel


I have scout II and I still have random encounters… Think I might even have scout III. I am right at the beginning of Ginger in a pickle, grinding ATM. Once I proceed further and do above mentioned quests I will post back with update… Fingers crossed I do NOT want to lose random encounters. That would royally suck. Playing on PS4 Pro.


It isn’t the scout perks as I never picked them and lost random encounters, I was lvl 15 and deleted everything from my ps4. Started all over again and now I finally do have random encounters, I got ambushed by bandits as soon as I left the rattay mill do deliver the the ring to the other miller, I died… I’m now investigating the slaughter of neuhauf stables. I remember on my first playthrough my last random encounter was exactly at this point in the game when I saw some cumans attacking a trader on the road, after that no encounters either by fast travelling or by just roaming around. I think the problem might be that I started my game before day one patch, hopefully I’m right.


Same Problem on PS4 Pro, Can a Dev or Moderator chime in on this and let users know when or if this is being resolved or investigated? TY


anyone know if the 1.3 patch fixed this?


When does 1.3 come out?


Didn’t fix it on my save.


Just now, in the last few hours.


guess we have to start game from scratch to fix this bug.


please devs make a hotfix for this issue im 20 hours away from the last working Encounter Save. Wolrd feels so empty an boring. stopped playing because of this-.-


same here. no random encounters recently


1.3 seems to have disabled random encounters on my save as well. Not even started the horse race.


Yea I’m 20 hours in and have not seen any encounters when traveling besides wayfarers.


Mods, Devs Whom Ever. Will this be resolved?


Tested a bit more on different saves. I receive encounters but the chances are rarer, it seems the patch reduces the occurrence of random encounters?

Edit: Returned to the save where I had zero random encounters to test further. Fast travelled to every point in the map. No encounters, at this point with almost 30 quests completed I don’t really know what causes this. I haven’t reached the Talmberg horse race or Timmy’s quest yet so I don’t know if these has been fixed.

It’s either the Scout perk or I left some bandits/enemies alive in one ambush encounter and it caused no new encounters until i cleared that one.


Uninstall the mod very fast!


its not the mod, its the timmy quest.