No sli support


Despite devs saying there is sli support, there is not. GPU1 100%, Gpu 2 2%. when is a fix coming?



Unfortunately it seems SLI (and in my case Crossfire) support isn’t coming anytime soon.


this is the opposite of what was reported by devs saying that it IS supported.


Yes they were wrong, I saw the pinned thread in Steam where they proclaimed they did have SLI support, it was quietly unpinned and drifted away when we all replied to say no you don’t have SLI support!


sad but true…both Cards scaling (with some nvidia Profile inspector Magic) but no fps +


Developers…Can we please get a comment on this topic? Even if it will be a while, you did say very clearly KCD would support SLI, from way back in the beginning… What are the challenges? Is it going to happen?


I’d like to know also


have you checked with @WH_janrucker or @DrFusselpulli?


I haven’t but I will if this isn’t fixed


NO sir… Not a big chat board dude… Do I just click on the names you pasted and write them? Thanks for the tip!!


You can click on link and send message, or post question to them here.

@WH_janrucker, can you comment on this issue?


Unfortunately game does not have SLI support. However, in the meantime, you can force SLI with about 70% scaling.

First you need to download NVIDIA Profile inspector. Once it is loaded, you need to select Kingdom Come Deliverance profile.

There, under the compatibility header, you will have a variable called "SLI Compatibility bits (DX10, DX11). It should be all zeroes.

Change it to:

This will enable SLI.


Thanks for the reply MrGold but doing that doesn’t really enable SLI properly…There is a ton of micro studders when walking\riding forward…

So while, SLI does kick in and whip up extra FPS, the game isn’t really playable like this… It is encouraging though, …maybe it won’t be too hard for them to implement properly, in future patch? Would just like feedback from WH so we can know to be patient…


I don’t suffer from microstutters that much. But in the Division I do. It is probably the hardware combination.


Agreed. I’ve attempted to tweak inspector and it all makes really no difference. There needs to be an update to properly support SLI


It seems like this is more on NVIDA releasing a driver that has an SLI profile then it is on WS, I used this fix a while ago and I get great utilization of both GPUs with a little more tweaking.


Could be. Some games have issues with multiple cores for example and some with multiple GPU’s. I’m kind of thinking the problem lies within the game itself being that there are a lot of bugs, but things seem to start being ironed out.(guy locked in the thing in the town square)


True, true…BUT, as I said, no real fps+

I maybe remember wrong but i think the beta ran better on 2 GPUS?!


In my laptop (2x gt755m) I get a huge boost in performance from barely playable to actually playable with these settings.