No sound ingame after update and drive change, intact sound at intro (solved)

Since the last update the game has no sound ingame and at menu anymore. The intro still has sound.
Also since my last play I changed the game folder to another drive via steam menu, so it can run from a SSD. This means steam is now located on a hdd (D:) and KCD folder is on a SSD (E:). So two things changed since the last problemfree session.
My sound is on Monitor through HDMI. I have a Geforce 1080.
I tried drivers reinstallation, checking sound settings (stereo) game integrity verification and starting game in windowed mode. Nothing changed, it is the only program experiencing this problem
Any ideas?
EDIT: Just moved the game back to its original location, still no sound. So it must be patch-related
EDIT2: So in the end I deinstalled the game, steam and installed everything from scratch. Now it works.

Here was another one with this problem, so it seems to be a new bug.
Two new minor hotfixes arrived at GOG yesterday, but I don’t know what they fix.

@hanswurst517 did you try it with headphones only (no HDMI)? I’d like to know if this is a Sound or HDMI Problem…

Hello Uequhart,
I have the same issue and it’s not related to HDMI.
I’ve tried to connect via display port, front and back panel with wired and bluetooth devices- issue persists.
There’s sound in intro, but no sound in game.

Hi, please try restting you Default/Primary Sound device.

Hello Urquhart,
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately I’ve tried that option and it didn’t help.
If you have ANY other ideas on how this can be resolved, I’d greatly appreciate if you share.

Best regards,

Did anyone actually solve this? Its labeled solved but no solution is presented and there are people who still have this problem to this day.