NPC/PC Models are entirely black



I’ve got a problem.

My drivers should be up to date. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

Weird black smudges instead of Characters? (PC)

That is how everyone looked in 1403… no problem here.


Because everyone complained about no blavk people everyone identified as a shadow !


It’s insultive to call NPCs “black”, you should use term “NPC of color” instead…


Seriously? Can anyone actually help me?


Hi @Tabeha
did you overclock your GPU? What Kind of GPU are you using?


Do you have any global GPU settings enabled that could cause overwriting conflict with game rendering, like something in Nvidia control panel or Radeon software?


I did fix it now by removing and reinstalling the GPU drivers a second time. I guess the reply from before that told me I was drawing over the picture is gone. No, I actually had this bug. Just pixelated black blobs walking around.


What GPU do you have, what driver version did you install? I’ve got the same problem!


I’ve got a GeForce GTX 770. Removed and installed the new driver, which is version 390.77.


Same issue, GTX 670 DX 11

Drivers were reported as “up to date”. Well, that was nonsense. New drivers, problem resolved. Now I have to find out why my drivers ceased to auto-update. I must have changed a setting. Hopefully no issues with older games now but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Even on medium settings, the game is impressive. This PC was hot stuff when I got it. Needs some upgrades now though.