Patch 1.3 Draw Distance


I installed the patch 20 minutes ago and tried a few graphic settings to see how it performs now,
and then i realised that i can’t save the draw distance anymore.
The draw distance gets changed if i play withe all the other settings but i can’t max them out anymore.


Same problem here, i cant tinker with any of the 3 sliders anymore, they seem to be linked to other graphics options since the patch for some reason.


maybe they are tied to the medium high ultra settings ?


If i change the vegitation details for example than the vegitation distance slider changes with it.


i have same problem,.


Same problem here. Maybe there could be some workaround thru system.cfg?


Same problems here, I thought maybe I was missing something but the draw distance sliders revert to default every time they’re saved.


Same issue, distance/detail sliders keep reverting…1440p, i7 8700k, 1080 ti. 16gb 3200…


Yep, same problem here - slider settings don’t save.
1440p, i7 5820, 1080ti, 32gb, SSDs


Same problem here.

Vavra pls


also same issue


Some limited testing on my part but I did notice a lot more pop in. Didn’t check draw distance.


Same problem. What the hell is this studio doing?


I have exactly the same problems


Streaming us worse I go back to my cusom ini


same problem!!!


Well, why not say that to me before I pre ordered my game? Could of saved my money and more important my time.



Has anyone figured out which settings affect them?
(Already mentioned vegitation quality and draw distance is linked)…


Same problem after Patch 1.3.1 via Steam for PC.

In Ultra settings with various options sleected, previously:

Object distance
LOD distance
Vegetation draw distance

settings were set to max.

Now I can set them to Max and Confirm but opening the Advanced Settings again they are reverted back to their default lower settings.

It makes a noticeable distance in-game.


Same here. Was tinkering with LOD and these 3 settings (Object distance, LOD distance, Vegetation draw distance) only get saved if you choose a higher preset. So much for deep tweaking.