Patch 1.3 Draw Distance


Are we agree that must be loadscreen for buildings and caves


That kinda depends on the game ofcourse. But yeah, it would most likely improve performance.


And what you will say about the forests in game…are they too dense…


I think they are pretty dense, but I would’t say too dense perse.
I play on the Xbox and I found performance relatively “ok” in the forrest , comparing to other areas. Having said that, I am not far in the game so it could very likely be worse later on. I am waiting for 1.3 to pick it up again.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance v1.3.2…
Update 1.3.2 Hotfix (12 March 2018)
Fixes distance sliders in the Advanced Graphics Settings


I think the patches are currently in certification for consoles and will be released later this week, unless I am misstaken.


This is for PC ,console later…


Alrighty! I feel that with this game I should have gotten it on pc instead(gtx 1070, 32gb ram, 4.2ghz cpu(xeon oc’ed)), rather than on Xbox haha.


I have a PS4 but I’d never buy any multiplatform game on console, always PC, the version is always superior out of the box and there’s every chance there’ll be mods or worst case workarounds to fix annoyances. I only buy exclusives for my PS4.


Well, I like playing a good game on PC but I rather sit comfortably on the couch at a few meters distance than behind the PC. Mostly with 3th person games like the Witcher etc. Ofc I know I get less good graphics and worse performance, but that is the tradeoff I am willing to make. And well, I have an old 1080p Monitor. But my tv is 4k hdr oled. Sucker for that:)


It’s easy to turn your PC into a couch gaming system :wink: In my previous apartment I ran a HDMI and USB cable through a hole in the wall from my office to bedroom which had a 150" projector screen and gamed on that :slight_smile:


I use my pc mainly for development, and have more of an office type of setup in a seperate room. A better setup might be something for in the future:)


Jak to? Mě se žádný 1.3.2 patch nestahoval …PC


it was the 1.3.1 hotfix that improved CPU multicore use (which is does nicelyl, no more Affinity setting) however it messed with the sliders.

They posted a new hotfix to v.1.3.2 which should have fixed sliders to work correctly now.

The game version still shows 1.3.1 on the screen from loading but version number in files is now:


Added in version 1.3.2
Fixes distance sliders in the Advanced Graphics Settings.



I mean i knew i should have waited about half a year to a year before getting it in case of this stuff my fault for falling to the hype. It can be a great game when it works…


Yea but i still have the gitch were i get attacked in the loading screen after fast travel were i used to have no loading screen wish i didnt have auto update on.


don’t discount the steam box thingy…
often on discount/markdown (Ipaid $40),… they allow all PCsoftware to be beamed remotely to another screen(In truth it works best in ethernet mode).
Iused to run Rise of the Tomb Raider to my loungeroom TV (in 3D) from my PC rooms away.
The best things are they include a bluetooth chip that works well with Playstation controllers, and so I can use Xbox or Playstation controllers (wirelessly) and have the convinience of leaving my PC rooms away.

the quality of the transmit is dependant on the quality of the PC and the network link.
For Tomb Raider, I ended up activating my onboard video card (intel) to use as the video encoder (it helped maintain a higher framerate by freeing my primary video card to just render the game).

Anyhow steam link boxes are pretty good value for money for those with the need…