Patch 1.3 Draw Distance


Do we have one of them to remove the standard yellow dot?

Ive been swapping between g_showHUD 0 /g_showHUD 1 as ingame toggles via tilde key/console


I use this:

To remove the annoying main reticle and this:

To add a nice subtle crosshair which I toggle with a spare DS4 button when I want to use my bow :slight_smile:


i5 3570k 16 gig ram gtx 970


I think another hotfix isnout to fix this… it was an error


The game has no optimization.For example.They use multiple layers for clothes and so they use multiple meshes for clothes. This is a full absurd.Too many meshes too many vertex.And those open houses space without loading screen when come in making it harder for the processor.They have no idea how to optimize the game.From Deep Silver to Deepest shit…


Sometimes when you know your goals ahead of time you make your game world a specific way. I see tonnes of optimisation.

I was actually surprised the first time a ‘cut scene’ didnt render at my monitors native refresh rate… I was actually taking guesses about what was going on until I had a cutscene dip into the 60s…


How do you know this?


I am a modder baby and have mods for games .I know how to do these things.Just see the Skyrim,All buildings have loading screen.The Witcher have loading screen for big buildings.The problems of Warhorse are from the plant-saturated nature,also too many layers of clothes.In Skyrim there are only one mesh for cloth but with diferrent texture they make illusion for many clotes.One mesh for upper clothes and one mesh for pants other mesh for shoes.Must find a balance between the objects they use in the game and the capabilities of the massively used processors.All objects have meshes and all meshes have vertexs .Too many vertex destroy the game.Also high-resolution textures make the game unbearable. Mistakes when working with 3D programs also destroy the game.Other stuff like navmesh and scripts destroy only missions not game performance.Level of design…How Is The Witcher 3 So Huge? - Reality Check these are clip on you tube watch to learn…

He he, i’m modder also. I was thinking maybe you have find a way to open their pak. files, which are encrypted.


Does anyone know when patch 1.3 is available on consoles?
I’m hoping it settles my crashing problem put 100+ hours into the game with id say 12 crashing incidents. But now can’t play 30 mins without it crashing. Worse tho is traders won’t work to buy more saviour schnapps so it’s a panic to get it saved before it does.
This is a great game but the issues will kill this developer. I’m really surprised they released it knowing the problems especially after the recent space explorer on ps4.
I must admit though I do love this game and still play knowing it’s issues I just hope 1.3 solves some issues


Not intresting for me to mod this game.It is totaly bad lands…They have to delete a lot of bushes and trees and then to generate new LOD for all game …the more static objects delete the better will run the game…All caves in game are for nothing.They must loadscreen on caveentrance definitely…


So, no more road interventions after patch. Really?
Warhorse, is it that hard to get i right?


Makes me think seasonal KCD is dead in the water


Actually multiple meshes and layers for cloths is nowadays a very common practice. Even Witcher 3 uses multiple layers for cloths. Ofcourse multiplayer layers can be stretched; 3 layers? 10 laters? You get my drift. The vertex count of these meshes are something any modern videocard can handle no sweat.

Skyrim is not a good comparison because that game is 7 years old and even at that time the meshes where kinda outdated. What destroys games are often things like post processing effects, shaders, etc etc.
Not a few vertices here and there for some cloth layers.
Most of them will be handled with some retopology anyway to a lower vertex count, and use a baked higher res mesh to give some illusion of detail from the higher vertex count model.

And on another note; navmeshes and scripts can totally kill your performance if you dont use them right.


You need to use the mod/fix as posted by Hornet:


So for console users, random encounters are :skull_and_crossbones:


Well technically no because you don’t have 1.3.1 yet :wink: but yes it’s possible they’ll return in 1.4…


Ah, yes, even the faint hearted knight needs to observe sabbath… but only in the MS and Sony diocese


I’ve been doing 3d models for Skyrim and the Farming Simulator Mods and know the effect of every vertex and high resolution texture on Game.You have to see this with your eyes to understand me…If you think Skyrim is old game just see the preview of FarCry 5 or Red Dead Redemption2 to see that there not so intense woods,never seen this kind of forests in games before as in KCD…To do loadscreen for caves and some buildings for this game is easy as a child play.Need to make inner space and then to put caves and buildings 3D Models from the game in this space,make navmesh and fix teleport point from world to inner space .Work for no more than a week…


Well, as a graphics programmer I feel I can appreciate factors you are not exposed to as a modder. I agree the game is extremely unoptimized. But I was mostly refering to the remarks about mesh complexity on characters.

And yes, Skyrim is an old game by now. The character polycount of the game was not even that much for back then, let alone now. Raw vertex count can be made easier to handle, if there is good use of instancing and/or batching. What is more important for these layers of cloths is actually how much materials and drawcalls are used for them.

“Building 3D models, navmeshes (etc) takes no more work then a week”;
Well, yes and no. Often artists work much, much longer on a model than just a week. And for navmeshes, well that depends highly on the implementation of the engine. Just configuring and setting up a mesh is a small part of what actually goes on behind the scenes of the navmesh. Saying that navmeshes and scripts can not destroy performance is just completely wrong. You can easily wreck havoc on performance if you make update loop misstakes in a script.

You have to see this, to understand me;)