Patch 1.3 Released now!


Any ETA for the 1.3 Patch release for PS4? The one that fixes the Lock picking and pickpocketing?


I don’t know but i’d like to know too, the lockpicking is a pain


I just read somewhere that one of the devs said next week. But don’t know if it’s true or not. No official word here. I have stopped playing till they fix it as it ruins my whole experience.


Guys, seriously I felt exaclty like you, but trust me practice and improve skill and it becomes easy as hell. Remember to cancel if you fuck up and pickpocket had a perk that makes the selector go faster too.

I really like lockpicking now.


for me, the lockpicking was very hard from the beginning but after level 4 it is really easy (I mean the easy lock becomes easy, previously it was a nightmare). However, the pickpocketing is still hard, I am not even able to finish the miller’s training he always stops me. I got stuck at level 1. I am not able to go down in the pickpocketing menu in the time limit :frowning: On the contrary, I believe that few levels up it is going to be easy.


I don’t know if you know this but in case you don’t I’ll say anyways, the seconds you see when you hold a that’s how long you get so you need to hold as long as possible but obviously while it’s green, improving skill makes it easier but I don’t like pickpocket system is shit.


You are right. I just experienced exactly what you just said. Plus I stole some weps from some guards and sold them and bought a bunch of lockpicks to lvl up my skill. True, it does get better. I also learned how to read and now I brew my own savior Schnapps which solved the saving issue as well.


I really hope it is soon. I’m ok with the saving but the lockpicking and pickpocketing is making it unplayable at the moment. I really want to like this game.


The lockpicking is great (I’m on PC)
It’s hard at the start but it should be when you (and the character) don’t know what you’re doing.

Pickpocketing I am really struggling with


Devs are going to apply for a certification for the patch on the Xbox and PS4 systems today. It is with hope that the certification will be approved in the next few days so the patch can be released by mid to late next week.


I can’t even open an easy lock with ten lockpicks.


Practice, it’s a right pain in the a** until you level up past at least I think level 4.
I just read through the notes they’ve released for the patch and it’s not a reworking of the whole mechanic but a tweak of the controls (on console defs) PC it’s easy enough eventually. I haven’t broken a lockpick in a couple of days IRL playtime even on Hard locks.


Lvl up on very easy and easy locks till lvl 3. You can quit and enter the lockpick screen to reset the “sweet spot” as much as you can. I do this till I get it close to the center ring or somewhere where I can measure it visually. Once you get it to lvl 3 and get the first perk, it becomes easier.


True. Just realized that myself.


Yea but , when you load your game 10 time in hope to open an easy Chest…


Not reloading your game, but just getting off of the lock and go back at it again.


Lock picking is so easy. What’s wrong with it? Do you mean on console?


Yep. On the PS4 in the begging is hard to rotate both analog sticks on holding it on the sweet spot and the other one on the lock. However, once you get the first perk it gets better. Hard and very hard locks are still challenging because of the same issue. Pickpocketing can also use some love due to the same thing. But we know now that a patch is coming to fix it.


lock picking does not need to be fixed. it works exactly as it was designed and if you practice, it becomes simple.


what is wrong with these unathletic people nowdays they can’t even rotate their thumbs anymore,