Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


I’ll try it, though several days have passed since I placed the cages.


I feel like Rattay is most demanding of cities, I had no trouble with headless NPCs in other places, there even after fast travel are no heads, seems too many NPCs to generate at once…


Dif games, dif engines, dif problems but given severe hit NPC, bldg and object density had on game performance in FO4, one of my concerns with KCD was the ability of the game to manage all the assets and not suffer similar performance and stability deficits… still a work in progress. Took Bethesda over 2yrs. Hope WH does it in less than half


That mod changed enemies like they are typical mobs in average MMORPG game without fear to lost their lives. It completely breaks immersion. I dont’ feel that my enemy gives a shit to his live. So no. Enemies are brave enough to fight with you and surrender if there’s a single chance to do that.

Didn’t see wayfarers too.

As for economy. It’s enough to significantly reduce sell prices.


It doesn’t make sense for an Elite fighter to run away when I miss him with an arrow from 30 yards away, and I still in peasant gear.

In mods that I have played lesser enemies still have a higher probability to flee, but stronger opponents won’t run generally unless they are near death.


You can use a torch


Maybe the AI routines are swapped,

I see rabbits unflinching when being shot at…

I have seen twenty officials hide for cover whilst a mate hunkered in some dunes taking shots from a bow… made national headlies as ‘cupid’ (distraught after a convoluted breakup)(her name wasnt Percephone)…
At the end of a day- its just a post/job- I know Id leave to call in some witnesses and ‘re-enforcements’; oh damn -is THAT the time; I have to shift change- good luck with that (wear the brown underpants).

Even armoured people dont WANT to be shot at!


I started to give cure to Merhojed folks. As I talked to Matheus and left dialogue, my game froze into infinite loading. Second time this happened.


XBox One:
Got to the duel with Runt.
Video played.
Not sure of it played to the end.
Screen went black.
Game shut down and XBox main screen appeared.

Since I died so many times (6?) during the battle prior to the Runt duel, my blood pressure and frustration levels were through the roof, so I shut off the console.
Tomorrow’s another day.
I need more combat practice anyway.
Just hope it doesn’t do it again.
If it does, I’ll be back tomorrow.


And it makes no sense that three or two elite fighters run away, after arming a bow, some enemies flee.


Another loading, when I started dice with painter nearby Sasau Monastery.


they already know about the bug. for now maybe bide your time with some side quests until 1.6.


To save you some frustration, it’s done this to me about 6 times now. It’s not a one off thing. Incredibly frustrating and I’ve sat on it since 1.5 dropped with no way around it.


No one said it was one off thing. Maybe if you read my post you wouldn’t have wasted your time doing it six times. Lol


I was merely letting GJ know so he wouldn’t waste his time like so many have. If it worked properly or the fix was released I wouldn’t have wasted my time either now would I?


XBox One:
I’m back…
I wanted to try the Runt scene one more time to make sure it was broke.
Then I came here and read Kirksty’s post.
Yeah it’s broke, but I’m enjoying the combat practice, which I really need.
So, I’ll probably play this quest a few more times before I load an earlier save.
I’m afraid that when they do fix this I won’t be able to beat Runt and may be stuck with this quest for some time.
Hey Kirksty try not to be so negative with your comments. I enjoy most of your posts, but keep in mind
not everyone has the time nor the desire to read through the whole thread.
Peace !


So, after a few days, i uninstall my game on xbox and reinstall them. Yes, now it works perfectly again with my old saves. My friend say that to me and it works. I can say now, if you have any problem with that game, try to reinstall them. Nice, now i can play my favorite game.


Just “CHECKING” but this Forum “IS?” on KCD…right?