Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


Share your experience with patch 1.5 .
Patch note:-


My experience?! Still downloading 8GB :smiley:


me too haha
didn’t realize it is 8 GB :stuck_out_tongue:


Only 4.27 GB on Xbox One! Downloading on my housemates as he’s at work, then gonna download it on mine.


Is Theresa patched? Not found in The patch notes…


I would really like to know what the other 200 bug fixes are.


Should be fixed.


What about Lethean Water? Does it still reset the perk ‘Takedown’?


12GB for standard ps4. I’m very happy with the patch so far.


"Physically simulated women’s clothing "?
What does that mean…?


Bouncing boobs, probably. lol


Performance for me is AWESOME now!!!

Play on I7 3770k @ GTX 660ti OC 2GB
(modded) Graphic Preset on High
Only Shadows and Textures on Medium
35-45 FPS @ 1080p

…I’m impressed…


No, this is not about bouncing boobs. Dresses are now phyically simulated.
This is quite difficult with male characters, because of the layering system of their clothes, but easier with women clothes, as they don´t use the layering system in the same way.


Okay, so what exactly does “physically simulated” mean? Do the skirts now ripple and flow as they walk, the way fabric should? That would be most excellent, and something I hope one day extends to banners and other hanging fabrics in the game. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is what it looks like in the video update… basically their dress flows when they walk instead of being a cardboard straight dress!!


Getting there dress to fully load with be a good start…oh and there heads…building would also be nice lol


Yes, that is exactly how it is now. :slight_smile:


Fucking best patch ever, there’s performance improvement on Xbox one now. i’m still getting my bug tho where I can’t return the bowl to the cave in monastery. when will this be patched?


Thanks, will check about that :slight_smile:



-NPCs now reacts to player aiming at them with a bow and will try to get to him faster, instead of only reacting to being shot at as previously.
-NPCs being aimed at or shot at will no longer approach the player in a straight line.

Great change :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4: Hope this addresses the issue of NPCs giving up pursuit and putting their weapon away (because you’ve keep out of melee range) even though you’re aiming at them

-Ambushers now carry torches at night.
The NPCs usually though not always pull out a torch during combat. It’s an improvement, but the ambush AI is still lame. At night, I can still sneak up behind one of the ambush NPCs with a torch in hand and the NPC doesn’t react to the light.

There is however an odd aspect to the current (1.5) behavior: after combat is over, the NPCs put their torches away and patrol as if they’re in daylight.

None of the NPCs that walk the out of town paths at night carry torches. This includes guards who fought with torches at battle spawn point who then newly and interestingly start taking to path well beyond spawn point area.