Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


I hope to god this is the patch I’ve been waiting for!


WOW! 1.5 dropped?! I had to look on GOG and already have it loaded and installed!
Time to end this play line and start a new one.
now hafta see the patch notes.
Where can I read the full notes?

EDIT: Googled it.
full list I found at and a vid from Vavara


Anyone try the Rattay race and confirm the pop in issue (example from 1.4.3 attached below) reduced or eliminated?


This will be interesting! I need to get back into the game…

The only one issue is the line about “buying indulgences”… the Catholic Church has always condemned the practice of “buying” indulgences, and it has only been corrupt clergymen who promoted that practice. So Henry should not be able to do so at just any church/chapel.


Only thing I hope about this patch is, I do not have to restart my game. I have spent hours collecting herbs and have quite a good fortune and good portion of quests in my reputation. I also want to see what happens next with my mates from Skalitz.


It’s good that it goes forward but at first glance there are still the same problems as of Relesae Date.

  • Missing scabbards for some swords are missing (seax, cleaver)
  • Missing dagger scabbards
  • Missing scabbard suspenssions as well as axe, hammer, mace suspensions
  • Missing slings for shields and quivers


This is a great improvement. Can fabrics on objects like tents also get physically simulated? This was already in the Pre-Alpha.

Please also add volumetric fog from the Alpha.
And make options to disable HUD or change the transparency.


Great, a new patch, let’s see if the bugs that prevent me from starting playing the game since launch have been fixed.

>starts game
>Henry talks to his mother
>both characters are invisible during the dialogue

Well, guess I’ll try again on the next patch.
Hopefully I’ll be able to play this game one day.


Have you tried to submit a formal bug report to the devs thru their reporting system? or just complain on the forum?
They would have you submit save files, description and prolly your Dx diag file.


If this were happening to all of us, there would be tons of people already saying the same, but it’s not the case…

Make a clean install of full 1.5 game installation. If this happens again, you should report it to Warhorse in detail, providing the save game, your PC specifications, etc etc. If you’re not willing to do that, why bother?


just to make sure also delete all old saves. ( possibly corrupted)
A P.I.A yes but might do the trick between a new install and this.


I tried updating my graphic driver and started a new save. The bug seem to have disappeared, but speech sync during dialogues is still all over the place, as it’s been since launch (playing in french). Guess I’ll have to play in english.


After playing all day, I can definitely see a difference in pop ins and draw distance. I see more on my screen now, and the performance even feels a lot smoother. My game looks a lot better. This patch was most excellent for me. I haven 't run into any bugs, as far as I can tell.

I’m on the PS4, btw.

Quick question about the 1-5 patch

Nice! I can now ride through rough thickets and shrubs without being thrown off my horse or getting stuck.

Thanks again for another patch :grinning:


Graphics seem better overall (vanilla PS4) but Rattay race^ still produces pop-in issues such as some villagers missing their heads, non-reconciled layers of clothing, and the upper castle drawbridges and building textures not fully rendering

^ - Rattay race: canter/gallop from bottom of hill leading into lower castle and then traveling through town and exiting Rattay via upper castle drawbridge

Quick question about the 1-5 patch

God, i hate Valve and his crap Steam.
I am not willing to verify the integrity of files again. Bastard Client! 680


@rataj Care to share more detail?


Every time i check the integrity of files i need to redownload 1-8 corrupted files.
After this download i check the integrity of the files again and now 2-4 files are corrupted.
Than, another check of the integrity of the files, and one file is again damaged.
And today, i read the news about 1.5 and started steam.
What did it do ?! Right, nothing! So again, a check on the integrity of files! Yeah maybe with the next patch. How am i going to archive all the patches if this noob system is constantly going crazy! aq

EDIT: And again a +200 more bug fixing entry.
Why are you not able to list what you did or what the problem was after you solve one bug?


Really? Don’t you expect bad performance on i7 3770k? Never understood that ppl with their: I’ve got Framework + x128 SLI Tesla and got stable 60 fps.


On (my) P4 so far


  • Way Better Performance. No stuttering or anything like that. Controls are more smooth.
  • Less late texture pop ups, or not fully rendered textures (but still i recognized some, but so much better than pre 1.5)
  • Overall graphics seem to look better. More detailed. Better lighting and shadows.


  • The quest where you have to catch 3 Birds is gone out of my log. Cages have vanished from my invetory as well. I guess i have to trigger the whole quest again.
  • No change on the pixelated rain (but i if i recall that correctly, this will be adressed within the next patch)

Anyway, good job on this one, WH! :+1: