Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


This was mentioned in the patchnotes, maybe you should read them:
• Cages in quest “A Bird in the Hand…” should no longer disappear. Any players with the quest in progress will have the quest reset.


Sorry, weaker hardware gets to its limits here, if you race through a crowded place like Rattay or Sasau city as fast as possible with your horse. We try to optmizie the game to push its bounderies as far as possible, but this is a compromise we had to do, to be able to have bigger cities in the game from a technical perspective.

The solution would be to dump down grapics and A.I. a lot, don´t have bigger cities in the game, don´t offer KCD for consoles or mediocre computers, or accept, that there are cases possible in which pop-ins do occur.
Racing with your horse through Rattay as fast as possible is such a case.
It is possible for the player to do that, but there is no reason to do so, other than to show that the game does have its technical limitations.
Yes, we still try, to bush the borders, and to reduce the pop-ins and make the game as stable and fluent as possible, but there will always be technical limitations.


Is there any update on the sudden drop in rep in some towns when there appeared to be no reason for it?


I don´t know, maybe you have done something which they don´t like? But you can pay for absolution in churches now to recover your reputation.


As attachment to my last post,
I got the information that the High / Ultra Grass bug has been fixed! A+ ay


Thanks for the 1.5 patch! The game is going in the right direction patch after patch, but I hope there’s still more planned optimisation, balancing enhancement (e.g. you still need around 10-12 hunting arrows to get killed while naked, it’s not credible) and AI improvements (e.g. AI ambushes are like blind/deaf until they start attacking; AI stops attacking you after a short time and you can easily take advantange of it, which could be easily fixed by increasing CombatAutoMinHuntAttackDuration and CombatAutoMaxHuntAttackDuration (credits to SplitSission) but it’s still not in 1.5 patch).

I’m curious, what do you consider mediocre computers? Is i7 6700HQ 16 GB RAM nVIDIA 970M 3GB a mediocre one? Because i’m still getting quite a lot of stuttering/lag in the first big battle (almost constant drops to 20FPS, despite I play it on medium while using Vsync 30Hz for smoother playability (mostly great performance reaching 45-60FPS except horse running in big cities, but prefer a fluid experience) and it’s still not very enjoyable. I know gaming laptops are not the best, but it’s not as old to suffer this performance huge drops, as far as I’m concerned. I have tried to downgrade resolution, graphics and all but there are still these huge drops in these circumstances, which is either it’s still not well optimised/too demanding for the engine, or you need very high end computers to run these big battles fluently.

Thank you very much for your patching work, Warhorse! Keep it up, don’t let us behind :smiley:


Kind of, yes. It should run fluently most of the time, but there can be moments when FPS drops. Like moving fast in big cities, or big battles. But we were working on this cases, to make them more fluently.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very demanding game, and you can step into moments when your system is pushed to its limits, especially if you do it on purpose, like racing with your horse through Rattay. Nevertheless, you should be able to play the game without bigger issues.


Is the issue where you buy your own horse prior getting Pebbles fixed?
The one that happens when Cumans capture Hans and he remains unconscious when you are supposed to check on him?


Warhorse gauntlets not showing up anymore when equipped. PS4


Using a PS4 but building pcs I know the limits of a PS4 and it’s hardware, what it is and what it isn’t.

Give me that slow down and slight pop in while galloping.

No way I’d like to see Ai dumbed down, or graphics reduced just so I can smoothly gallop around what would be a more boring city, fuck that noise.

Appreciate the straight forward honest reply regarding it.



(1) Thank you for the reply. Every game has its limits especially with dense cityscapes. In Boston/Cambridge, FO4 struggles with fps but never has KCD-like pop-in issues with buildings/NPCs/structures; in Rattay/Sasau, KCD doesn’t struggle with FO4-like fps but pop-ins are chronic.
(2) Why has tech support been unable to express this technical limitation? Ticket submitted April 15th.
(3) Rattay race was coined as an alliteration. Canter was included in the definition to show this behavior happens outside of riding as fast as possible. Canter produces the same results.
(4) The pop-ins also occur outside of Rattay-Sasau proper. Bridges, wagons and NPCs outside of Rattay’s city wall for example have pop-in issues. So, the ‘no reason to do so’ comment is misplaced unless WH intends players not to ride their horse at canter/gallop.


The pop-ins even if you don´t ride fast shouldn´t be there, at least not as strong as it is visible in some videos. That´s what we are still working on, and I think patch 1.5 was a huge step into the right direction.
Right now, we are already working on the next patch. 1.6


That wasn’t the tone of your comment.

As always, glad for your and WH’s efforts


The problem is, some users are facing way bigger probelems than others, even on the same platform. In the usual case, pop-ins are not such a big problem, but in some cases they are for some reason.

I once had one person contacting me, because his neighbor was visiting him all the time to play Kingdom Come: Delivernace, and was annoyed because of it. The strange issue was, that they both had the same XBox One system. On one it was running properly, as it should, on the other one, it was running badly.

Some PS4 users do have heavy pop-ins and pixel rain, others don´t have this problem.
We are trying to fix this issues, but it can be difficult, if they are this inconsistent.


Like mine: Athalon X4 870K 4 core 4 threading @ 39GHz with16 gig DDR3 ram., radion 590 vid card @1700MHz & 8 gig Vram

big battles fought at 5-10 FPS, parts of Big towns at 8 FPS, open empty country a hopeful 45, forests at 25
At medium settings @ 1920x1080


Both are distracting as is rain in clear skies. The irony of KCD: the game does so much more than other games (@Whitedragem) and yet ‘simple’ things like rain and pop-ins can be problematic

KCD may be pushing consoles in such unique ways (relative to other games) that players need to be more attentive to installation, console defrag, and related matters than they ever were with other games


For Patch 1.6 please give us the possibility to hide the HUD for all separate elements or better add an option to change the transparency. This would increase the immersion for people who want focus on the game world without looking at feedback bars and symbols.

And add an option to enable volumetric fog please! It looks so fantastic and even increases the atmosphere. If there are issues with the fog, everything can be tweaked.

And please add mouse support in dialogs. That would make it more comfortable. And make dialog sequences in full-screen please! Without the black borders. Letterboxes are not immersive and looks like it’s a cutscene and not really happening in game.

This are my greatest wishes for patch 1.6.

Thank you :slight_smile:


and to be able to keep it turned it off so it won’t bog down us mediocre systems.


I did quick testing 10 minutes:

  • some quest item with weight 1 or bigger, which couldnt be thrown away and stay in my inventory after completed quests, cant be still removed from inventory - IE Engraver documents, letter from Vranik

  • Man in the Cloister finally ended after game load

  • Lost and found, i have found some Cumans masks and spurs inside…

  • there some new overlay problem, i Info about waiting wheel menu stay displayed sometimes even when menu is closed…

  • horse had 195/500, but i got message it i cant new item to its iventory, i had to remove i item to make it working again, its annoying…

  • Stolen items in main stash still not have stolen icon and main action is still ridiculous -Steal - how you can steal own items?

  • guards are still spawned together

  • I payed indulgence in church, but i dont recognized any reputation change in reputation menu…

    Game is still buggy, but probably only lesser bugs stay.

It would be really nice could add herbs to alchemy table and dont have to do transfer between player and horse inventory, because herbs weight is just stupid…


I agree but find that premise of mediocre systems as an excuse to be disengenuous or as admission of overreach by WH. The game wasn’t ported to XB and PS with a disclaimer that ‘due to console limitations, basic game features like rain and object rendering will at times be shite.’