Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


The pope himself instigated that a person could pay for absolution.


ya Popes were the leaders of Power hungry religious mafia.
They ran brothels, loansharking, scams( afore mentioned absolution)extorsion (excommunication), lived more opulent than kings.
Pious religious people…NOT!
Same for monks that got into businesses…money and power corrupted them.


I agree about scabbards. Would be great to have them for all swords.


Like the new feature. Wish worshippers could/would use the holy water font/stoup/bénetier to make the sign of the cross… that and genuflecting would give a better (immersive) Catholic vibe


This was actually official policy of Catholic Church at the time when the game is taking place.

Abolishing indulgences was one of main points of Mr. Jan Hus. This would directly negatively impact church’s cashflow and was one of main reasons why he was burned at stake.

Which, in turn, contributed to Husitte uprising that this games is a prequel to.


Can we revisit this option before 1.6? :grin:


Old ps4 that hasn’t been cleaned so has a loud fan do have problems with this game. It really drains the performance of the system I have 2 and 1 is fine the other sucks…

@DrFusselpulli can you look to see if treasures of past DLC is now bugged since 1.5 patch. I’ve now got problems with them showing there equipped and a few people are saying that when they started a new game after 1.5 the armor isn’t showing up in some of the locations anymore


One of the best feature in this game for me is NPC routine , as I am a game and AI programmer and also AI enthusiast.
Is that system taxing on the CPU ?
For me that system increase my immersion a lot.


One could ask which pope but it doesn’t really matter. doesn’t even matter if this kind of behaviour is actually historically documented for the Rattay-Sasau parish during the time in question.

it’s like the sacking of Skalitz (March) and possibly Cuman helmets (out of favor by time of invasion). gotta have some artistic license for the sake of playability.

this kind of behaviour did exist in some form or fashion during medieval Bohemian times (in part why Hus’ ideas had traction). what bothers me more is that Catholics dip into the holy water font and make the sign of the cross. and when passing in front of the most blessed sacrament they genuflect. in KCD, they don’t… or at least i havent seen it. last night with 1.5, visited Rattay and observed worshippers who didn’t do so. Daniel has his barechested Viking pet peeve; mine is a Catholic church that doesn’t observe basic Catholic traditions aside from paying indulgences. it’s the equivalent of going into a Japanese or Korean house and not taking off your shoes. or, giving the Queen of England a French kiss instead of a bow/curtsy


I’d take more FO4 like fps over the following ‘slight pop ins’

Mind you I wasn’t galloping in circles prior to dismounting from Jenda and taking the attached screenshot at Chez Peshek

Nor was I galloping when I took this pic at Rattay upper castle. It was a canter

These pics were taken with 1.4.3 but these issues were replicated last night with 1.5


Coming from a Pentium IV, the laptop felt like a new age (no chance to buy a computer tower) but apparently, it’s not enough for this beasty but marvellous game haha Hopefully, they’ll find new paths to optimise some more, specially for all our kind-of or simply mediocre computers.

You should try a lower resolution, it really helps during most part of the game but you’ll get the same drops in the same circumstances, despite any changes we have made. It seems a bit better with 1.5 patch, in the right direction.


i agree. perhaps easier just to port herbs (alchemy ingredients) from universal chest


@DrFusselpulli is this version the one that will host the from the ashes dlc? Or will there be a patch before that release?


I did. I tried a few but those squished my game sideways until 1080x768 and that only yielded mebbe 2-4 fps with a loss of some sharpness to detail.


That sounds like the bottleneck, unfortunately. Anycase, there are some performance mods in the Nexus that might be helpful with your system. Good luck!


Genoflection to the Blessed Sacrement was introduced in the late middle ages and became obligatory in the late fifteen century.
Before that it was reserved to people of high standing.

KCD is based somewhere in early 1400.

Pet peeves are good. Facts are good too.


I wanted to test if I had an performance improvement with 1.5 and did the Rattaj Race myself:
At the mill: 45 fps
At the main gate: 40 fps
In the rest of the town up to the bridge: 35 fps
No pop ins or texture loading fails. One guard spawned 3 meters in front of me, but that´s absolutely fine.
But my framerate has not improved compared to 1.4.3. In 1.4.3 I also had 35-50 fps around towns. 60+ in the wildernes.
BUT I recognized the optimisations while fasttraveling. It´s almost twice as fast as it was before. And also the textures look a bit better. The best way to describe it is that it looks like I installed another HD pack. Keep up the good work! :+1:

My system/settings: PC
nVidia GeForce GTX 980
i7 -4790k CPU @ 4GHz
Everything on “very high” except light and particles (high)
Distances about 2/3


the holy water font is in the game. sign of the cross behavior evident by 4th century. facts

larger point is this game includes a good number of historical inaccuracies to add playability or a sense of (faux) realism. fact. not sure why paying indulgences, signing the cross, and other Catholic rituals(eg genuflecting) should be treated any differently than the false setting (summer instead of March), etc.


Having pet peeves, I think it does matter.

Paying for release of sin probably started in 1035 i northern spain/southern france.

Pope Leo X introduced a formal letter which let you buy your way out of pergatory. That was somewhere in the early 15 hundreds.
Giovanni de’ Medici became Pope Leo X in 1513.
He was also the one who banned Martin Luther in 1520.


@SirLoin yes and medieval Bohemia differed in some regards with medieval France, England and Russia

there are a number of rituals evident in the Catholic church. some appeared earlier than others. now, as a matter of religious conduct signing of the cross is a personal sign of devotion/respect. to enable the payment of indulgences which may or may not have been evident in the Rattay-Sasau parish c. 1400 shouldn’t be a controversial one. neither should the vastly more prevalent and personal rituals such as the signing of the cross especially given that WH has gone to the effort of placing holy water fonts in the game

fwiw, Psalm 95
1 Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
2 Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.

6 Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;

btw, outside of Godwin quest, ever witness NPCs observing Sabbath?

“Erasmus testifies that even as late as about 1500 these Bohemians not only kept the seventh day scrupulously, but also were called Sabbatarians.” Cox, “The Literature of the Sabbath Question,” Vol.2, pp.201, 202 “Truth Triumphant,” p.264

WH does a fine job of capturing some religious elements (religious greetings/expressions said to Henry, inside of church, even indulgences) but less so in other arguably more significant areas (use of font, signing the cross, sabbath). i’m not interested in adding these elements out of Catholic or religious zeal. just interested in the NPCs behaving in a manner more befitting of the times