Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


I cannot up my reputation by buying goods for higher price from traders. Trader reputation also not changed. It could only go down if deal is rejected.
Random events do not give reputation too.
Paying for indulgence also does nothing.
No more reputation achievement for me =(


Believe it only works up to 75
Not sure if indulgence impact is immediate


I tested in a city, where my reputation was lower than 75 and on a trader with reputation lower than 75.

I’ve tried waiting for a day. For traders reputation raised after couple of hours.


:man_shrugging: yet another thing beyond my ken

have you checked the codex for a possible update on this topic? (I haven’t)


How do I retrieve those ‘lost & found’ things from the presbytery? The parish priest has no dialogue option to ask about this and when I get into the presbytery house which the map marker points to I am marked as trespassing. All the chests are locked there. I can, of course, break in, but is there a legal way to do this? How is it supposed to be?


Use quest marker. Find the chest. Unlock when safe. As the chest is in a forbidden zone, I don’t think you can acquire the items ‘legally’. Thought I saw a L&F message indicating goods from grave in chest. If recall correctly, it’d explain why (ill gotten lost goods should presumably be acquired illegally)

Maybe an at to DrFusselpulli would get an ‘official’ response


I understand this. My question was what was the ‘official’ way the developers supposed?


I agree tents and other fabrics should be simulated too (there are still clothes on ropes which are rock solid and not affected by wind)


Rain still pixelated on ps4pro, even if better then
before! ( first 30 hours of game Rain was perfect)


There’s still a bug with the quest, “The Prey.” Looting any meat from the hares hunted during this quest will add to one’s crime stats, even though some (but not all) of the meat displays a “Take” option instead of “Steal.” Meat acquired with “Take” will not show a stolen flag in inventory, but the “Steal” option does.


flags, banners, etc simulated in the wind. that’ll be a nice touch especially if posted around combat arena (tourney DLC)

re: tents… double checked the refugee tents outside Rattay walls. they might not have as much NPC occupancy/activity as i’d like, but they are simulated as is the cloth on the clothes line


agree. vanilla PS4. fyi from Jan/ WH QA below…


Still incredible fps drops in Rattay, in the range of 20-30 fps drops.


r_NoHWGamma seems locked. No GAMMA slider on Video Options on PC now. Interiors still way too dark (like Dark Souls dark)

FPS stats around 70 with V_SYNC off - Turn all options to HIGH, FPS=70. Turn all options to LOW, FPS=70. Using GSYNC but gsync should not limit FPS as far as i know. I can get it higher by setting “Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames=4” in Nvidia Control Panel but I get weird purple flashes on screen.


Merci beaucoup! 감사합니다! Thank you very much for sharing your results. It’s greatly appreciated. Running a functional test that we can all perform is the only way for us to evaluate and compare cross platform graphics performance.

Very glad to hear 1.5 seems to be working better for you!


For my PC, I feel things got worse.


I was happy to see that the tents are physically rendered, now! I was at the start of Cold Steel, Hot Blood in the campsite, and every single pavilion and tent was fluttering in the breeze. A wonderful sight. Now we just need flags and pennants…

The clothes on the line were still stiff, though. Perhaps too much lye, and not enough beating the water out with a rock?


While playing the Alpha / Beta i had a Phenom II X4 955 @4x 3,2GHz 8GB DDR3 Ram and a Radeon R9 380
There the CPU was definetly the bottleneck. had around 20fps the whole game long.

Later changed my system to an I5 4460 with 12GB RAM and a Radeon RX 480 - now running the final game on 50-60FPS with big battles and cutscenes at 25-30 fps. I would say that your system definetly should make it also to the 60fps.

I’m playing the game on 1600x900 resolution first had it on 1920x1080, where it was unplayable.

You should try one of these:


Given that preaching against indulgencies was one of Hus’ main points, I think it is quite clear also for the area in vicinity of Prague, i.e. Rattay-Sassau.

Yes. And Catholic churches all used to have toilets - they were abolished only much later. It is not historically accurate that the player can’t go take a dump in the church.

Well done, sir.


That’s an inference, not a fact. Doesn’t matter one way or the other

KCD has holy water fonts in game. And some NPCs do sign the cross. The only thing missing is combining the two in a basic, common religious ritual.

The objects and animations you cite appear missing. Feel free to request from WH whatever micturitory and defecatory animations and objects you hold to be representative of medieval religious practice in Bohemia

Not really as it’s the same time frame or greater used to critique the Cuman helmets in KCD. The anachronisms really aren’t that problematic because this is a game that from the first cutscene disregarded historical accuracy for the sake of artistic license/playability