Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


Yea, but Hillary…

We were discussing geneflection not helmets.


It doesn’t matter that obligatory genuflecting wasn’t yet in force any more than the Cuman helmets were no longer in use or that the setting of the game is off. The preoccupation with historical accuracy in this forum is selective and therefore somewhat disingenuous

Marigold decoction Hillary? Marigolds are said to be native to N and S America. De La Crus-Badiano Aztec Herbal (1552) is alleged to be the first recorded use of marigolds. Columbus was born in 1451. The game is set in 1403. Do the math. Oops a potential discrepancy with historical accuracy. Doesn’t matter. Shouldn’t matter.


So one of the leading thinkers of his time (also the Rectorof the Charles University) spent much of his time for, and was later murdered by the Catholic Church for, preaching against indulgencies, but you say that this is in no way means that indulgencies actually existed at the place and time?

Sure, sure.

Did you miss this?

This thing is being repeated ad nauseaum and I am still waiting for the source that proves it.

The best I’ve heard so far was related to some museum somewhere in Kiyv, about two weeks horse ride from Prague.


Pretty simple. This game is a fabulous recreation of a medieval Bohemian world; it isn’t an accurate simulation of history. As it is an RPG, just being within the ballpark is good enough.

March? Nah, summer is ok. Indulgences? No direct proof but abundant circumstantial evidence. Cuman helmet? Maybe not but who knows for sure. Etc.


The DLC will be released with Patch 1.6, so yes, there will be another DLC before that.

Different Marigold. The Marigold from the game is Calendula officinalis, native to southern europe, not America.


Thx for clarification. In the US, that’s generally called calendula, and marigold is Tagetes spp


I’ve been sweating my balls pretty rough this March in Prague. Granted, the weather may have been different in 1403 March, but I see no problem with the way it is portreyed in the game.

The only clear March related infidelity is that the plants are too far May like.

For fuck’s sake what more evidence do you want than there being a very rough tug-of-war between the Catholic Church and preachers such as Hus over this practice?

I don’t know shit about the helmet, but I know shit when I see some, and all that has so far been thrown at the helmet smelled miles away.


I don’t either. That said, the flowers (at least in N Amer) are for the most part May June (July) blooming. So the whole alchemy premise hits the shitter if one actually puts KCD in its actual setting (March) … to say nothing of food abundance

Antlers tend to be shed in March April. Summer is the time of velvet (antlers) and blooming of aforementioned flowers. KCD deer have full on racks (no velvet). I believe antlers might be needed for a quest, and there’s a hunting perk involving antlers. so, there’s another KCD play line in the shitter

This difference might matter if we were playing a medieval ecosystem simulation. We’re not; we’re playing an RPG that needs to depart from accuracy to be fun and playable. We need that artistic license (ie, departure from accuracy) to create immersion or the illusion of it.

A document c 1400 from/about Rattay-Sasau parish would be proof. Totally unnecessary though


The place is 30 minutes drive from where Hus was preaching and writing against indulgences. So I guess that fills the requirement.


XBox One: The 1.5 patch seems to have fixed the screen jitter I was having.
I played the game for one hour on a Player 2 saved game (Henry is still in Skalitz) and for 2 hours on a Player 1 saved game (around 20 hours into the game) and visited Rattay in the last game and no screen jitter at all on either!
I’m pleased that after a two month hiatus from the game, I can get back into it.
One problem I had was with a side quest to retrieve some items from the presbytery in Rattay, that I supposedly left on a corpse???
When I spoke to the priest there, there were no conversation options to retrieve said goods.


Guys! Too many of you have gone “off topic” with your religion, biology and history rants.
The main question we should be discussing here, correct me if I’m wrong (and I’m sure someone will try)


If you could “port items” to and from a “universal chest” what would be the point of having a “carry limit” for Henry or his horse?


Had the same problem at the presbytery XBox One. No dialogue to retrieve goods.


Everytime I run into inhabited area on horse, people are missing parts, sometimes not appear and I can see only objects flying in the air. My game runs 40-60 FPS, since 1.5 likes to go below 50 more often. Cutscenes run around 30. I have medium settings on 1080p. I7-8700 gtx10060 16gb RAM. I can play ultra settings on 20, but I prefer at least some graphics than none. And all those loadings. I have played around 50 hours… Seems much, but really I only got a little further than Neuhof and mostly sidequests. I have no problem with bugs other than visual ones.


Sir, can you, please, comment on my question regarding the ‘lost &found’ quest?


That is it :wink:


And what’s the idea behind it?


Accurate! Guilty as charged @GJSterpka .

Yes, verified last night that the nighttime red-orange glow on the creek alongside the Rovna-Talmberg path is now gone. Bug confirmed dead

Other bugs/design flaws fixed:
-during night, roadside attackers and battle spawn point combatants now use torches
-the Pesheks sleep routine seems back on schedule (need more visits to make sure)
-Merhojed camp reputation reset
-Raiders - lost Cuman facemask remedied by L&F
-enemy strikes knock Henry off his mount (horse archery has whole new and enjoyable dynamic)
-no longer get stuck at doors crossing threshold (need more overload instances to confirm 100%)

Seemingly improved but not fixed:
-rain (Missile Command and clear sky),
-pop ins,
-NPC reaction lag after arrows shot by head or hit target at a distance
-NPCs outside town don’t use torches (includes NPCs walking alone and battle spawn point NPCs before and after conflict)

Not fixed:
-inventory sort order (isn’t stable; selling item reorders items with same name)
-orientation on horse after fast travel
-night-time ambushers still oblivious to Henry’s torch,
-can still sneak up behind ambushers and stealth kill (because they don’t look at and react to their noisy intended victim, Henry on horseback)
-post-quest completion artifacts (missing responses and/or seemingly inappropriate responses)
—post-Haystack interactions (missing dialog text; not reactive to seeing AWOL novice back)
—post-coital interactions (Theresa and Uzhitz barmaid at a minimum; probably also Uzhitz barnyard animals and Lady Stephanie)
-looted guard not respawning clothing (still goes on watch in his undies)
-high end enemy NPCs lose their shields and weapons after being killed by other NPCs
-horse overload mechanic (Henry’s load doesn’t factor into horse carrying capacity)
-lightly equipped ambushers still have a death wish (attack fully armored Henry on horseback)
-horse auto pathing (stiff/jerky movement around corners)
-NPC collisions (bodies still merge; NPC verbal reaction not in proportion to severity of bump)

Don’t know:
-system instability
-Rattled quest reward (didn’t get promised armor)
-Ulrich equipment (fights in undies; gear doesn’t respawn and equip; alt gear ignored)
-can’t access Olena’s inventory (horse outside Theresa house)


an alchemist is bound to his/her lab. having a supply chest connected to the lab makes operational sense.

think Rattay monastery. there’s a supply chest. other than creating tedious, busy work, not seeing the value of requiring Henry to use his inventory to facilitate transfer from supply chest to lab bench/station

should each lab have its own chest? should all the supply chests be linked? or, should the labs connect to Henry’s ‘universal’ chest? i don’t really care. i’d be fine with lab specific supply chests. then, Henry doesn’t have to schlep around a boat load of alchemy ingredients.

rarely if ever does transporting alchemy components factor into Henry and his horse’s carrying capacity as the weight of each unit is 0.1


So far so good. The only slightly annoying thing I noticed: now every time Henry touches an obstacle, game plays a body hit sound. Before I only remember this sound playing when walking into NPCs, but now it repeats all the time, because it’s hardly possibly to avoid touching any walls/fences/etc.