Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


As the Community Manager, would it not be more efficient and orderly to create a separate “Patch” and/or “Problem” Thread for each Platform (PC, XBox, PS4), so that we in the community don’t have to waste OUR time reading all the problems and patch results ALL the other platforms are experiencing?
It should help keep these platform problems easier to track for WHS too.
A good format might be Separate Threads and then ALWAYS to remind people to stay on topic, and ask users to first list those items that appear to be fixed and THEN list those items that are still a game breaker and THEN list those items that are just an annoyance.
It must be a nightmare for WHS to read all the feedback in one Thread from ALL the platforms and then have to sort that info.
I’m not a game programmer, but I have to assume that all the different platforms require different coding or specific consideration for each platform, maybe even different teams of developers.
In the first patch WHS had a separate thread for PC and consoles. Why not keep that format?

Frelmedevil’s last comment looks ideal for everyone concerned. He kept separate those items fixed from those that weren’t.
I don’t know how hard it would be to create a Thread Form to fill out or to ask people to keep their comments in a specific format.


I wouldn’t ague this issue here. It should have a separate Thread.
This is a “Like to have” issue, not a bug or Patch Results.


i responded to another person’s post. and then, you responded to mine. now, ironically you indicate this issue shouldnt be argued here. i’m confused… :scream:


No, it looked like you were commenting to my post, “What would be the point”.



90% of the bugs are on all formats. The other 10% specific to the formats. Mostly PC users who used mods to break the game.

Did you want the bugs to be posted three times in each formats thread? Thats insane.


Tone it down pls


If you agree with him please say why. It’s not a good suggestion.


I stated that I am not a programmer.
So, as one reading about the issues/bugs I have no way of knowing which platform problems might be specific to mine, and which ones I can ignore.
And reading through ALL of them is a waste of my time, and I suspect of other people’s too.
I believe a failed Quest might be in the program across all platforms, but visuals, which was my main concern, is NOT. I wouldn’t expect my XBox to compete with some of those PCs that have the most sophisticated graphic cards.
Hope this explains my concerns, so you understand.
But again, I am not a game programmer, though I’ve studied several programming languages.
Probably the ones “before” your time.


Then you should keep it to PC graphics threads. Having separate threads for all formats bugs is a waste of my time.



‘Handling’ is platform dependent. As an example of platform independence, ambush behavior (listed a couple times above) isn’t memory/graphics handling so it should be platform independent


No, Unix, DBase, HTML, and of course MS Dos.
Go ahead and laugh, if you must.


I’ve used Pascal so… you’re not that recent.


I think sneaking or visibility should be changed… I can sneak nearby enemies few meters away but I wear light armor mostly consisting of chain parts. Taking down is another thing as they see me approaching and sometimes turn to their backs at last second. It’s just I run towards them on horse, very visible and they are like what’s there. They start inspecting noise… Once I stood above them on hill. Whistled, they reacted, went below the hill, all three, none went up, but I fell down and almost broke my legs, but I managed to win injured.


Again, repeating the same lie over and over doesn’t make it true… Not all PC users use mods, not all mod users are retarded and report bugs because of their impatience rage or irresponsibility.

You should read about Dunning–Kruger effect, it will definitely help you in your pain. Stop saying non-sense for once, and learn from your constant contradictions! :exploding_head:


Calm down matey. Not sure where you read where I said “all” pc users use mods. I’m sure you made this up to create drama.


I should like to point out that people who post a problem don’t always indicate which platform they are using, so it becomes very confusing to me as to which problems I should be concerned about.
It’s as if I can expect to have ALL those,problems, which makes me view the game worse than it is.
Especially, when it comes to quests that I may not have played yet, it makes me think that I too will have problems.
I think it is important for ALL players, no matter what platform, to have a fair and educated opinion of the game, no matter where it is in development/patch.


The fist fighting quest with the ‘cumans’ in Skalitz is still broke. Now you can fight all four of them but after you beat them it just starts the fight over again.


Don’t have that problem. After administering beat downs in the ring one at a time and then against all at the same time, the quest ended for me. They just hang out now. No more fighting


Happened to me twice! Do you get dialog out of Odd Bird afterward?


I love this answer from a game dev, and just the fact that it merited an answer. I don’t imagine ever needing to know this bit of botanical trivia, nor do I even care if it’s correct. Keep on with your OCD selves, WH. It makes for great RPGs.