Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


I never got to see the quest. I could never locate “odd bird” on PC.
Would like to know how to trigger it. I did all the fighting quests, including fishy business.


Please remove the effect when stamina is low. There comes a very strange sound that is not from the player and everything becomes grey. This doesn’t feel organic. Just let us hear the breathing of Henry and feel how he becomes slower. No additional screen/sound effects!


I believe that effect is to show you are getting ready to pass out. I never tried it but I think you will pass out if you push it too far.


I guess i was a bit to optimistic about the renderings and Pop in’s.
Buildings in and around Rattay have gotten worse since the last update, in my opinion.
In town (especially in the upper part - Keep-Area) almost all textures of the buldings, bridges, etc. are muddy.
Walls, Roofs, Doors, Fences are invisible.
No, I’m not speeding through the Castle, just Walking at normal Speed.

I did the Quest where you have to Sabotage the exuctioners sword and i was Standing at the grind Stone, grinding an invisible Sword :expressionless:

It appeared to me as if it has gotten worse again, after i re-triggered the nightingale quest.

I love this game and i haven’t had any serious game braking problems, but this graphic issues just put me off.

In my opinion, before anouncing all kinds of DLCs (which i do look Forward to), it would’ve been better to make the main game run properly.

Any (Regular) PS4 users recognized something similar?


wouldn’t be 100% sure but the ps4 probably;y isn’t the most powerful machine. i would just try to live with it and enjoy the game. i do!


[quote=“Kirksty, post:145, topic:57250, full:true”]
wouldn’t be 100% sure but the ps4 probably;y isn’t the most powerful machine. [/quote]

Not sure if this is sarcasm, but i think the discussion about “releasing such a high demanding game” on shitty consoles is through.


i run on xbox one and im happy with it. anyone whining about the performance on a console should just get a pc. i can live with it


Just play the game :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You think this dick length comparing you guys do will get you the groschen to rebuild Prybislavitz??
Get to work peasants


I think you’re missing the whole Point of this thread.


the point is to discuss feedback. some of the feedback is unfeasible due to demand of strained technology. it’s discussed. not sure what you’re missing here.


Shaking after mounting a horse is greatly reduced. Great adjustment.


exactly man


Youve missed context mayhaps?

Not aware that some people cannot play the game or the immersion is effected by an inconsistant game world, or other control related issues…

If turning a game on and being unable to have the camera move, or it moves of its own free accord in a shakey method. … these things should be discussed (or else they might not be fixed).

Kirksty I have a positive attitude to the game; and for me it has performed near flawlessly every day for months.
I dont need to say only positive words about it.
Especially in a thread to discus the present build…

Its one thing to be a thread warrior/another to be unwilling to concede to others viewpoints.

Can we have some other viewpoints, please?
What we found when the community was polarised and users just kept ‘attacking’ each other- people stopped talking about actual issues. Some forum posters even just stopped posting. Maybe even went to ‘greener pastures’.

Lets encourage other to have a voice here (rather than go elsewhere), knowledge is power- lets get a full spectrum /wide ‘cross section’ of gamers AND their opinions and experiences.


Which feedback precisely? Rain (Missile Command, clear skies) that @WH_janrucker has said WH is still working on? Or, pop ins that @DrFusselpulli has said WH is still working on?

Rain was essentially perfect in first (day1 patch) version. Pop ins weren’t an issue either. These things didn’t exist on console until changes were made


no like i’m just saying that ps4 can’t have the best performance as its an older console now


Not sure anyone here is asking for best performance


Are those screenshots from 1.5?



The Problem is for Xbox one

, i load the new Patch 1.5 and after that all of my saves and other cities in the game, the people stucks around you can see on the picture. All of them talking but dont moved right away or flowting over the city. Can anyone help with this problem? Before the Patch came out all would be Fine with 1.4.3, but right now with Patch 1.5 makes no fun to play with this bug.


As I’ve said before, the screenshots of these issues were taken in 1.4.3. These issues have been replicated in 1.5

To clarify, for me, general performance seems better but these issues still persist