Patch 1.5 Feedback Thread


As a fun fact it is interesting that this holy water is suspected of being one of the major causes for spreading of the great diseases. When people came to the church to be saved, they dipped their fingers in a veritable soup of bacteria.

This was investigated in the late 1990’es if I remember correctly, where it was confirmed that there is a health risk.

So in some churces a “holy water dispenser” has been installed.


All the more reason to include the font-signing behaviour. Within a lifetime in this game, it’s said the plague (loosely defined) claimed about 10% of Bohemia. (Not saying plague water borne; saying adding the affect provides context to the health/sanitation practices that fundamentally shaped the medieval world)


Ugh, standing mercy kills^ have reappeared in 1.5. Had 2 instances in less than 1h.

EDIT: Oops. Just got 3rd instance. (Btw, deleted and reinstalled KCD before this instance)

Previously reported. Sent the save files to support.

^ gravely injured NPCs that display mercy kill option whilst standing but are not killable no matter how many times you depress the mercy kill button (L2 PS4) or just continue to strike them (even with high end weapons such as ceremonial mace and St Michael’s sword). screenshots from 1.5 below


Someone is asking for better performance for sure. Are you happy to facilitate it?


Sage advice, as ever, Sir.
I’m on vanilla PS4, and have only played a couple of hours w/ 1.5, and so far so good. But then, I apparently was one of the few fortunate fools who seemed to have very few issues previously, and none that I considered game-breaking. I’ll have more feedback on 1.5 likely next week, depending upon how much the rainy weekend ahead keeps me out of the garden.


Facilitate? I’ve got lots of tickets in for the things listed above (e.g. red-orange glow bug that’s fixed, screenshot of bug attached). And, I’ve sent save files when asked


Bandits that search for Timmy in Rattay are still bugged. I really hoped patch 1.5 would fix this, but nothing!!!
I can’t continue the main quest. There are many issues with this quest. Let me explain:

  1. Why do the guards let bandits running into their town?

  2. Why do the bandits not searching Timmy at the butcher? Instead they went to the tavern.

  3. All bandits stopped there and standing into each other as the picture shows.

  4. None of them talked to me and I can’t talk to them.


I an not sure if it was always there or something specific to 1.5, but I was sleeping in my bed in the courtyard of South Rattay and a guard woke me up to harass me about not having my torch out.


I ran into my two mates at the mill, they were few seconds like this. On PC. Everything takes too much time to load for me. I am almost done with downgrading my graphics. I have strong PC, recommended settings pass.


Started a 2nd playline in 1.5. When I walk down the path to explore Skalitz, Swordmaster Vanyek becomes hostile and refuses to let me surrender. It doesn’t matter what I do after Unexpected Visit starts. And, because Vanyek has been made protected (at that time), I can’t attack back.

It seems like playline 2 is checking on Vanyek’s attitude towards Henry from playline 1 (killed many if not nearly all NPCs as I escaped Vranik; Vanyek saw me and started fighting).

Interesting behavior too. Save exit file in playline 1 didn’t display as possible load file.



Got a response after beating them all. Just double checked. Now, nothing; can’t initiate any dialog. And yet, the Activity Giver icon still shows up on map for Odd Bird.


I have seen that twice. I got so I just ignore them.


I know this sounds contradictory/silly- best performance may not be given (on all PCs) by setting lower quality.

Many of the sliders will ease up burdening the CPU/GPU, but (and this is a BIG BUT) sometimes a higher quality setting proves less hard work to supporting/supplementary systems.

From the other side of the coin, people with ninja rigs dont net more framerate by lowering settings in many instances either.

This game requires, more than any other, a fairly equal system. High end vid cards can get held back by slow memory or cpu intensive solid state drives (eg non 1tb version of samsung 850 evo/1tb has the better controller for systems in extreme use scenarios eg KCD).

My machine isnt cutting edge. (Dirt cheap to assemble from a second hand marketplace, as I have done)
I run the game at ultra plus settings, all sliders maxxed.
I even removed a 4.2ghz cpu overclock after the 1.2 /1.3 patch made much better use of cpu cores…

My RAM is slow @2133, but it is quad channel and I have tightened the timings.

Things like quad channel ram@cl13 and enterprise SSD drives arenot required by(or even noticably benefit) most games.

This is one of the few games that wants more than a four core w/hyper threading.

That being the case, once bottlenecks are figured out- changing relevant settings may allow a nice mix of graphically improved gameplay whilst giving BETTER framerates.

Eg if you have lots of video card RAM and the streaming system (with graphics set low) keeps aggressively clearing out texture and constantly trying to load from drive (some SSDs being high CPU hitters), PC performance might give less due to the CPU being overly used trying to load data, or even doing math for detail transistions.
Certainly drive performance is one of the biggest obvious bugbears for this game.

Users can tweak parameters at a config level changing memory pool sizes and a whole ocean of variables.
Whilst I didnt recommend this prior to 1.5 and ideally 1.6,… there is a lot we can do to tweak this game.

Setting everything low and testing for only a moment and then trying another setting (and testing for a moment) can lead to a worsening in performance.
I can only cite forza 3 horizon (another recent open world game), butbit often took up to forty minutes to load world textures after changing settings. Any new zone driven to after a sertings change could often perform INITIALLY worse.
Forza also revealed that open world games often require the strangest settings to be tinkered with.

Many forza players had massive stutters and hiccups until we manually locked our pagefiles to greater than 10gb. In an age when most people run with virtual memory off (many having transitioned to Solid State Drives or having huge memory amounts installed…) such an esoteric change proved the solution to getting a game to run very smoothly.
Belonging to a forum where people discuss mostly the product in question often proves the best place to hear about breakthroughs/discoveries.

Whilst I have nothing to offer for how to detune this game for better performance (being magically in the group of people with no game performance issues outside of a few key game areas which I am not done testing 1.5 for yet)- I do find the game play changes style if the framerate can be kept north of fourty, around fourty five frames per second…
I now tweak for fourty five as my framerate low.

I used to drop shadows and antialiasing a little to achieve 45 fps lows, but now I set everything ultra. I still get occaisional 30s (excluding a few framerate bombing locations in game, still untested by me in 1.5) but it is evident that performance keeps improving with this game. (Well done WH btw)
Especially the grass and landscape foliage/underbrush of present version… makes me think true ultra wasnt previously active. And I am a nutter for physics on cloth. With the improvements in graphics my framerate hasnt lowered. Arguably is improved across the board.

TL:DR some settings set ‘lower’ may affect negatively performance. Like notes with the HD texture pack saying may improve performance on some systems…
It all depends on how the underlying components are pushed and what they are capable of.
Know your bottlenecks and tune to suit.


After some days i got the update and i want to say that my fps are better.
Now i got 40 fps in Rattay instead of 25-30 fps
My Settings,

But it seems they did something with wh_pl_showfirecursor
Maybe now restricted?! Why!?
I hope it was a mistake or bug otherwise,
“What is it, that every developer since SWJKJA (as an example) has to lock the cvars!”
You really think it prevents the game from getting new bugs?

  1. open the console
  2. type e_volumetricfog 1
  3. ???
  4. profit


Looks like they’re part of some street dancing act!


XBox One:
Working well !
Played for several hours this evening and saw NO frame stutter or freezing. Visuals were very good, except for the rain which looked zig-saggy.
I also noticed some pop-ups (mostly garment items on NPCs, which I noticed in the previous patch) and I had a few frame drops. All in Rattay.
Not game breaking.

Quest problem:
I went to the bandit camp NE of Rattay and killed four bandits and looted them.
Could not kill the bandit leader, because he could not be found.
Went back two times. Found No leader to kill.


Ps4 here

I like the increase of small talk between npcs.
Now not everybodies wife enjoys lace making but people actually are talking about different topics.

Got a small stutter now while walking in rattay.

Still have pop in npc body parts and clothing.

Womens clothes are awesome same as tents they flow in the wind now.


It‘s seems so, but every Save i load up say i must go to the Cave in ledetschko, the Mission calls „on the Scent“ but i have all finished of this and i am far away from this mainquest. I was inside this Cave and there be nothing in there. I load up my second save from beginning, but all people make the same action. I can ask them but if they will Fight me, these arms doesnt moves right away and Hit me from nowhere. I wish i can load up the last 1.4.3 Patch right now for ever. The game is so much fun on xbox one x but the devs interrested only exploits in other threads. On xbox we have no settings to change anything in the game, no HDR settings or Updates we can change. I am very disappointed no one can help with this. But i will try out more with my favorite game before Patch 1.5 cames out.


Actually the whole alchemy premise hits the shitter from the start, since none of the concoctions have any basis in fact, except maybe the poisons that actually use poisonous mushrooms.
The vitality and healing potions would be a big hit in today’s societies, if they had any basis in fact.