Please give us the game option to save whenever we please, without savory schnapps

I own the entire game, including just purchasing “A woman’s lot” DLC, because I love the game and will continue to support you, even if I refuse to play the game, until you add that option. And no, I will not add any fixes from other 3rd party sites like Nexus, etc. I for one. despise having to replay 3, 4 o r more hours over, because I didn’t save.

I am a player that will spend thousands of hours exploring every nook and cranny of the game, speak to everyone and complete the game 100% and then some, but if I’m not allowed to scum save, like in Two worlds, The Elder scrolls and so many other games I love, I will simply never play it. I save around every 5 minutes in those games. That’s how I ENJOY playing. All immersion is lost when you have to replay several hours of gameplay all over again. That’s no fun at all!

If you never fix it, that’s ok. too, but I will most likely never buy another game of yours that does not allow scum saving. Without it, it’s just too damn frustrating for me to play. Thank you and God bless! Sincerely, Robert (A proud and firm in his ways, old school player and a hard core PC gamer for 25 years and since those great old DOS says.

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But your Henry needs to sleep sometimes. Force him more often, you just need to be aware of beds all around the world.

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The lack of saves at anytime may be annoying, but there is a good reason for it (IMO). It forces the player to take time to think out an action or to ensure that they are prepared for an encounter. Rest and health are essential in the game, just as much as a good weapon. There are instances where sleep is not an option , so that is why there is the Saviour Schnapps. I agree that constant saves are nice, but again KCD is different from other games in so many ways and this feature. no matter how annoying, is a good one.

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Honestly, I think there’s no real reason for scum saving…
It’s not like you get attacked every 5 minutes. I’ve you have a supply of 7-10 schnaps and be aware of beds you really should be fine.


I havent had the game long, but even now, schnapps and coin isnt hard to come by so theres no reason not to stock up when u visit towns… also… it autosaves when u sleep in a bed ir activate a quest… so how ur managing several hours with no save is beyond me

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RobertEmerald, if you are indeed serious then please reply to me.

I will teach you how to “save scum” with the default game. Without Savior Schnapps and without a bed. It works for speech checks, for stealth purposes, for combat encounters, for dialogue options, and more. It is standard with the base game, no additions or mods required. I don’t even have the DLC. The developers included it in a previous patch (before I purchased the game).

If you are (at all) serious, then do reply.

I fear that this is a troll topic and that you are complaining for the pleasure of complaining. Because this is such an accessible feature of the game.

Not to mention that Savior Schnapps is exceedingly convenient for any and all save scumming. So the developers gave lots of options.

There is really no good reason that anyone should lose “hours” of gameplay. Personally, I rarely lose more than 20 minutes and usually I chose to because there is a long chain of decisions and I want to go back and try them all!

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KHVRN, So, you expect me to sleep every 5 minutes or deplete all my gold on savory schnapps so I can use one every time right before any enemy encounters, lock picking chests and a plethora of other unexpected encounters in towns or on the road? Dream on,… or send me an unlimited supply of gold and/or plants required for the savory schnapps recipe so I can buy a factory that produces those savory schnapps. Let’s see now, … Saving my game every 5 minutes = 12 per hour or 120 every 10 hours. Yeah, that’s a cheap solution. I guess I could spend 1000 hours gathering plants to brew my own?.. On second thought, forget about it!

The AntiZealot, I am dead serious! Even after they patched it, I could not save without savory schnapps equipped. If you are talking about that cheat where you can save but have to have at least 2 savory schnapps in your inventory, well that did not work for me either. Most likely I did something wrong, but I gave up after nothing worked. And please, never call me a troll, or I will block you. I take offense to crap like that! I love this game and it pisses me off to no end, that I can’t play it to my enjoyment. Sincerely, Robert

Thanks Savvym, but that would take away from my enjoyment of the game. I like to stop and sleep after around every 16 to 20 hours of adventuring.

So basically, as someone who explores every nook and cranny, 100% then some… you DONT want to spend gold on Scnapps when both money and schnapps are plentiful, you DONT want to brew your own as part of the Alchemy skillset… Refuse to use the tools in game and somehow manage to maintain 2, 3 or more hours of gameplay without sleep or hitting an autosave through other means?!

Sounds like you want to be spoonfed tbh. The means in which to save are readily available, so youre making a big deal out of nothing really

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Then thats clearly YOUR issue, not the games… AND how you manage to maintain 16 to 20hrs without sleep is baffling…

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glansky, That’s your opinion and I’m glad that this is not something that bothers you as it does me. But I’m sure you might have other gripes about this game or any other game, that might not bother me in the least? It all comes down to what we each like and want in a game. Just like so many others have their gripes about different things in the game (like that little dot ruins my immersion, etc.), I too have mine and this is the only gripe I have with the game.,… although lockpicking was the other, but they fixed that. Yes. I play on PC only.

My dear Endriag, I do not play like most people and never rush through a game. Did you know that I picked every plant and herb in that first town where the game begins (Skalitz??? Sorry, but I have not played this game in around a year or so ago)., as I also kept sneaking up on guards and putting them to sleep and robbing all their inventory. All those things help Henry become more experienced and raises his skills in various areas, even before leaving that first town. It’s how I choose to play. I also plan on killing all the bandits and looting them before I even reach that cut scene, where Henry gets hit by an arrow while escaping. That’s how I play. And early in the game, when Henry is weak, I need to save the game a lot.

KHVRN, No they are not plentiful when the game begins. I bought all the savory schnapps in that first town (where the prologue takes place (Skalitz), all 8 or 9 that were available, plus the 3 that are given to him. You can’t get anymore until after leaving that part of the game. You do things your way, as I will do things my way.

KHVRN, Yeah, it’s baffling to sleep after 16 hours, because real people in real life never sleep after a 16 hour day. Who in real life is up for 16 hours or so and sleeps 6 to 8 hours a day ?.. That would be all of us humans. The only thing baffling, was your comment!

The AntiZealot, I’ll be back to check on your comment to that solution of yours. Thanks in advance and I hope it will work? Maybe they added another patch since I gave up last time? I’ll go test it out right now and see if the game will save without any savory schnapps? I doubt it! By the way, I still plan on using beds and I’ll even purchase some savory schnapps too, but in moderation. Henry should only have to purchase and use 2 savory schnapps per day. My Henry does not plan on becoming an alcoholic. Thanks again and I’ll await your fix to my problem!

P.S. All I’m asking for, is for Warhorse Studios to give us the option of save scumming and not forcing everyone to do it, especially, those who enjoy the game the way it is. Just put it in the game options and let us decide how we want to play.

Thats what mods are for. Changing certain things to suit your tastes.

Sounds like are genuine! Thanks for replying!

If you are anything like me (and it sounds like you are), then this will be a functional solution for you. You haven’t played the game in a year, so the feature did not exist before.

Fair warning, it is a bit tedious. To me, it’s very worth it. There is an “exit save” feature.

It’s extra convenient because it does not delete ever. It will be overwritten with the next exit save, however.

To reuse it, I use two methods: 1. get the game over screen (usually by dying), and 2. close the application (I use the Playstation menu).

Closing the app takes longer because you get the start menu loading story. Game over is faster because you just press “continue.”

I’ll give a brief example:

I get ambushed on my horse, I race past and hop off, I lose aggro. Then I exit save. I return and stalk one, take him out and exit save. I return again stalk the next one, remove him and exit save. Eventually, I have taken them all. If I fail in one of my take downs then I do not fight back, I let them kill me and get the game over screen for a quick load.

As I said before, it works in the middle of dialogue so even with multiple choices you can exit save between each selection. So you can pass one check, exit save. Then pass or fail the next check and reload, keeping the first passed speech check.

Unloaded events will change, however. So if you save and a few minutes later encounter a randomized event, when you reload it probably won’t recur. Unless you exit save during the event, then it works fine.

I keep my exit save fairly current but I also use the bed for saving. I occasionally use Saviour Schnapps for testing purposes (I have a write-up on haggling) or to stagger my saves.

Good luck, out there!

AflicTed, You can use them all you want, but I never will.