Politics Fakefakts?


Unfortunately many U.S. citizens take Fox as truth and fact, despite evidence to the contrary.

Will there be ...children?


If you believe any of the major news outlets in the U.S are honest you’re quite simply delusional.


I’m quite confident that politifact and politico are separate entities with different owners. PBS ftw in my opinion.


Yes my bad, how ever Politifact is still highly biased.

I mean, they admit their stats are correct in the fine print, but then still have the balls to accuse them of lying?

You cant seriously claim that PBS doesn’t have an bias.


@Blacksmith you spelled facts wrong friend. :wink:


I will keep an eye on this thread… :cop:


You are Fake news.


Thats just a normal cop. Where are the cops in heavy riot gear?


Despite the thread is Off-topic, I would rather keep the discussion about games at least. Please treat others with respect.


What exactly is the point of the off topic feature, if we’re only allowed to discuss games? And is this a new rule, because there have been numerous off topic threads on this forum over the years that have not pertained to games, so why the change of heart?

I haven’t seen any being disrespectful either, and no one had even posted in here for five days. :confused:


It is okay, don´t worry. This thread is just a slippery slope into madness, and we want to avoid that.
Off topic theads are allowed, even about politics. But keep it reasonable. This thread on the other hand is really on the edge.