Poll: Main Characters face, Yay or Nay?

Depends on… :smile:

At the start of the game:
Henry is a teen, with no worries or trouble. Longer Hair and no facial hair, no scars or scratches would be right.

After the attack at his town and loosing his family:
He looks a little older, maybe with facial hair.

In the beginning of the game there will be a quest in the monastery. To “play” the role of a monk he needs a hair cut!!:
After this he has the short hair. For the rest of the game, because KCD will last only some ingame weeks.

At the end of the game after some hard battle, maybe he will look like this:

It´s technical not a problem to give Henry a “progressive” face. I bet this will happen. Everything else would not be right and unexpected (for me). :wink:


Progression I don’t care about, that’s fine. I’m saying I don’t like the very facial structure I’m seeing, that won’t be changing.

Until it is confirmed that they have added some kind of progressive face system in place. (at least, that at a certain point in the game a new face/haircut/facial hair is loaded.)
Don’t try to blow it out of proportions. Look at Mount and Blade Bannerlord, barely any info is released of the game but the community is talking about a lot of systems that might not even be in the game, or were ever planned. So just be careful not to over hype :stuck_out_tongue:


Where did you find the ‘latest’ Henry from with the facial hair? I didn’t see any hair in the last livestream.


Hey i really Don’t like his new face eirther but im hoping when we get a helmet his face should be covered so i won’t have to see it all the time!


You have to check the Weekly Torch: :slight_smile:

A big pool/source for extra information. You have to read between the lines…

Yes, there is no confirmation, but sometimes no answer is like a yes… :wink:

WH wants a preseted face, without custamisation from the player, this would fit together.

I expect “nothing” but I am everytime surprised. I like their way,… no matter if there will be bugs or other problems. :blush:

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While I still think he’s not good protagonist material, the facial hair does help him become a bit more serious, albeit still doughy and young.

Henry looks good now with facial hair but his hairstyle still seems to me too modern tho
but I am ok with this Henry

Hi Blacksmith,
can I ask where exactly you found the picture with “latest” Henry? I can’t find it in weekly torch. Thanks.

It was available in the torch for some time, I exchanged the picture to another one.

Ok, thanks for your answer.

I get where you’re coming from. He kinda looks like a preppy teen from the OC or something like that

“Latest Henry” as @Blacksmith pointed out, does look better IMO. That’s probably down to him looking a little bit older with the help of some facial hair. But structurally his face and general features are really bland. Which is perhaps exactly what the devs are going for? :smirk:

Either way, there’s been considerable improvements over each sequential iteration of Henry. So I’m not overly bothered

its alpha facial hair then current in game in that order
and alpha is by far the best face

What might be quite important is facial animation. At this stage, there seems to be none of that, which probably makes him look so bland. But with proper facial animations, his face can get much more lifelike and menacing/calming/threatining… whatever will be needed.

True… that’ll certainly play a part.

But the new look makes alpha / beta Henry look like a badass in comparrison! …so hopefully we see further refinement to the new look. I think a happy medium between old and new would be a nice compromise


This new Henry’s look is wierd. Too childish appearance. Haircut has too much style gel on it. We are in 15th century, right? I pretty much prefered the old beta look, and if you use this current or any similar, I will be dissapointed. Just my personal opinion.


While I also liked the Alpha Henry best, I can see how he is too old to fit the role.

With the latest Henry, with facial hair, I don’t really mind the face as such. I do however find the haircut much too modern, and the complexion way too pale. Looks more like a newborn babe than a young adult who’d mostly spent his time in nature instead of locking himself in with his PS4 the whole day.

I totally agree. His new look is just dumb. The older alpha/beta face was much better in appearance. We should also keep in mind that in addition to all the trauma Henry had to endure through people who were 18 at that time could look older than those who are 18 nowadays, especially when it was about peasants and workers, like blacksmiths, who had a lot of hard toil. The total life duration was shorter, so an 18-years old man was a grown-up man, not a teen as we are used to take them. That “latest” Henry (in the second pic from the top) looks more like a noble than a son of a blacksmith.

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eh not really. their average lifespan’s were still 60-70 years
polling from england in the middle ages were really pulled the average down because of child deaths as babies. Apparently the pollers would put all the deceased down and some geniuses decided to average it out without filtering out childhood deaths

your point about them being considered adults still stands although that was more of a cultural difference than anything