Poll: Main Characters face, Yay or Nay?


This new Henry’s look is wierd. Too childish appearance. Haircut has too much style gel on it. We are in 15th century, right? I pretty much prefered the old beta look, and if you use this current or any similar, I will be dissapointed. Just my personal opinion.


While I also liked the Alpha Henry best, I can see how he is too old to fit the role.

With the latest Henry, with facial hair, I don’t really mind the face as such. I do however find the haircut much too modern, and the complexion way too pale. Looks more like a newborn babe than a young adult who’d mostly spent his time in nature instead of locking himself in with his PS4 the whole day.


I totally agree. His new look is just dumb. The older alpha/beta face was much better in appearance. We should also keep in mind that in addition to all the trauma Henry had to endure through people who were 18 at that time could look older than those who are 18 nowadays, especially when it was about peasants and workers, like blacksmiths, who had a lot of hard toil. The total life duration was shorter, so an 18-years old man was a grown-up man, not a teen as we are used to take them. That “latest” Henry (in the second pic from the top) looks more like a noble than a son of a blacksmith.


eh not really. their average lifespan’s were still 60-70 years
polling from england in the middle ages were really pulled the average down because of child deaths as babies. Apparently the pollers would put all the deceased down and some geniuses decided to average it out without filtering out childhood deaths

your point about them being considered adults still stands although that was more of a cultural difference than anything


I like the old face best, though the new hair is nice. I think he looks much better with some facial hair. It kind of helps make him look less like a dopey teenage boy and more like a young man.


he needs to have his eye area decucked. i believe they have the default animation of his orbitals a little too high maybe. like he’s always raising his eyebrows.


The best polling I trust, that was done by Oxford in 2007 (I think its 2007) was 39,8 years in first half of 15th century. The polling was done only using live-born (So no dead babies were included), The thing that brought the lifespan down was a big number of deads from 1-10 years, since thoose were the most vunerable, however the most common way of dying was death by wepon, so thats puting it down as well…


Interesting. If you could link me up with the study that would be great.


i dont realy care about the face there wont be any 3rd person view any way


You will see his face in every dialog though.


that is true dirint think about that but stil is not that much to realy care about so i lieve it to the deves to make the best choice for me with out 3rd persone wont realy mater but you do make a good point


This version looks very very awesome! <3


Final result:

56% Say they do not like it.

32% Say they do like it.

12% Say they don’t care.

The majority do not like the main characters face.


Not going to change anything.


Said the edgy teenager. And you:D

I don’t agree, they’ve listened to us before. But if all it does is make them feel bad about it, that’s fine too I guessXD


They have to rescan a new face and put it on Henry’s body. I don’t know how much work that is, from what ive heard its not that hard.

The problem might be in the cinematics, but I don’t know if they recorded facial animations during the mocap shoots. So that might not be a problem.


That was really early in development though. To change the main character now would require a massive re work.


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