Poll: Main Characters face, Yay or Nay?


Lol, maybe wearing a helmet would be a good alternative.


Sure that would be a solotion for a lot of people.

I don’t mind his face, especially with the facial hair.
I must say that i would be okay, if they use the face from the alpha/beta we can play right now. But thats mostly because i’m used to seeing that face.


The latest version of Henry looks really good! With better hair and a three day stubble :slight_smile:

The old beta face is gone for sure. We will use faces of real persons (sounds creepy).


I don’t think the hair is our main issue…


Face is also polished. What you saw were very early versions :slight_smile:


I’d like to see it then:P


Spoon! :slight_smile: 321


Here is a polished version of the face… maybe…


I missed the poll, but don’t like it too.

Majority’s decsion, it’s how democracy works, right?


If you change it @TobiTobsen , then please give me that version for personal useage



Nice find man!

Our boy Henry looking like a real veteran of the battlefield right there. Stone cold! :smile:


Wait, what?

Is Henry’s face mocapped from him? Tobi I think? (Please don’t kill me if I got his name wrong)


No, it´s just a joke, because of his haircut… :slight_smile:


The first two faces are the only ones I could stand to not mod out of the game ASAP. Ideally there would be a progression as you play through the game with Henry becoming more and more mature/masculine/grizzled depending on your playstyle but a static face isn’t something that will bother me. Just don’t use the last face, it is far too punchable for me to even finish a tutorial level with.


(edited) never mind - I read more of the post history. I thought this was a newer thread at first.

By the way, I actually like the face of the Henry in my game (and I am SUPER picky when it comes to character design).


Has anyone noticed that the guy circled in red looks like Henry? :wink:


Wow, it definitely looks like it’s him. Although he looks better than Henry (no homo), how did they manage to screw his face that much in-game? :grin:


Sigh… Even if it was a perfect copy I still woudln’t like it.

I am sad now.


What a bit more realistical haircut?

His current hairstyle is ridiculous and his eyes are too far from each other it looks unnatural. Otherwise he is good but curently looks like some boy band member and not like smith from medieval time.