Poll: Main Characters face, Yay or Nay?


It has to be stylized, it’s an entertainment medium and an art form, so liberties are going to be taken in that regard and that’s to be expected…But, in saying that, I agree with you. I think his hair needs to change. (eyes do look funny too)

Not sure about the monk style do :smile: but perhaps something just longer and a bit more unkempt than the contemporary shaved sides long on top style quiff. It certainly doesn’t align with the era or time period as it is right now.


If the actor who plays Henry ever reads our thread about him, he’ll probably hang himself. :smile:
Well Henry actor, this is for you, don’t let @Wicker s mean words get you down.


they could easily make his bones more prominent or even mess around with the angles for a more harmonious/masculine/dominant appearance. wouldn’t affect facial animations that much.

see below morph where i give his bones a more positive tilt.


Certainly better:)


Photo above is not monk but Edmund the Duke of Edinburgh from Black Adder series.
It was common hairstyle for noble as you can see here its from Joan of Arc movie.
Smith should look more unkept and not like David Beckham I cant imagine there was many styling products around back then.


Still voting for the ability to customize your hair.


And what is your opinion about his voice? I haven’t seen any discussion about it anywhere. Imo it’s worse than his looks. :smiley: He has really deep voice, sounds like a 40yo guy and has imo pretty weird intonation.

Youtube link with timestamp.


I don’t understand these decisions. The acting itself wasn’t even good.

EDIT: Scratch that, the blacksmiths acting wasn’t very good. Henry’s acting is fine, I just don’t like the voice. It isn’t that bad though.

I could see myself liking it if the face was any good


I said it was a monk style haircut, not that the image displayed a monk.

However, the left most image you posted depicts what is essentially a clerical or monastic tonsure; where the top section of the hair is shaved or sheared off. This style was generally associated with the medieval clergy.


Sadly, the latest video update hasn’t convinced me. I can’t see that actor as the main - His face or voice.


@Wicker In my opinion he’s good. Anyway, I pledged the game because I love Middle Ages and I don’t care about the faces.


It’s the voice and acting (emoting, not quality) as well.


I don’t see, or hear, anyproblems with him looks like can be a good fit


I’d probably agree if this was a tv show or something, but it’s a game with multiple solutions to quests. He sounds too “good”, while he should sound more neutral to allow for multiple interpretations of the character. I can’t see him doing certain things I know will be options - Murder, etc.

They aren’t even using motion capture on their faces, they could have chosen something different if they insisted on that voice.


How does the amount of people you murder have an affect on your voice?


the more you kill, the more manly you sound…


How old is Henry supposed to be anyway?


Um no, you’d be surprised at how wimpy the voices of a lot of “hard people” sound. Your voice does not magically change based on your behaviour. And how does Henry’s voice sound wimpy?


Are you referring to Joe Pesci?


Well he’s an actor so he doesn’t count.

For example, Putin, someone you would think would have this deep tough manly sounding voice has actually a rather high pitched voice that doesn’t sound intimidating.