Problem Sandbox editor, Setting up Database

I have problem with " Setting up Database" After starting “psql.exe” asking me for the password.I can not enter anything.Moving on added in file “user.cfg”:
wh_sys_SQLServer = “”
wh_sys_SQLDatabase = “ConfigDB”
wh_sys_SQLUser = “postgres”
wh_sys_SQLBranch = “modding”
wh_sys_PreferredDB = SQL
wh_sys_SQLWritable = 1
Does anyone else have it?

Yes i have the same problem and not able to enter the pw into cmd window after the commands from wiki
Same goes after starting the psql.exe and nothing can be done. I was able to start the conversion of level.pak with many errors but the Database is still a question mark for me???

after starting psql.exe asks me for a password and it closing.

Please Try it in the CMD Shell…not in PostGres Shell

How do you open that pgAdmin window?
I have two Browsers installed but the wonderful tool cant find one.

Not working, same situation

“C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\12\pgAdmin 4\bin\pgAdmin4.exe”

I only have a TrayIcon but cant open a Window and after a certain time it says, no server was found

change version PostgreSQL e.g. 11

My fault :slight_smile: go to C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\pgAdmin 4


I dont know how to connect. Did the same as all other people.
But now pgAdmin cant be reinstalled. Idk what’s now the problem.
What a shity documentation!

Reinstalled PostgreSQL

I’ve reinstalled everything, used registry clean tools, restarted pc, installed again but in pgAdmin Setup he says psql:FATAL: etc.

Cleaned this too?

Yes. Still the FATAL error during pgA install.
I guess, now only windows reinstallation will help

Mayby run pgadmin with administrator.

I’ve tried that too. I have full admin rights after every windows installation.
For me it is a most common setting before starting modding

do you have the pgAdmin Icon in your tray?

Yes and after a certain time he says
And he cant find a kind of program which he calls Browser too.

Kill the Task:

uninstall PostGresSql Server
delete the Folder: c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11
reboot and new install.

The pgAdmin4.exe crashs byself after the error message
The second exe never started with pgAdmin.

I will do the reinstallation one time again :pensive: