Profanity Filter Option



I love the Alpha demo. The game looks great so far and has some huge possibilities for greatness based on what I see. Excellent work from Warhorse and I was excited to help fund the game development.

The only feedback I have so far is this, the profanity. Can there be a setting to censor the language of the NPCs to something PG? I know some will see this and think I am just being a wuss or something. My reasoning is that I think it may appeal to a wider audience without the profanity. For instance, I run a YouTube channel and if I show this there will be a certain part of my younger audience that this would be inappropriate for. Again I know one could argue well they need to choose not to watch it then. I am not arguing to have it removed from the game. Merely suggesting it may be nice to have an option to filter it.

With this being released to console again I think you will also appeal to a much wider audience if the game has options to the regard I describe above. Again thanks for the hard work in development thus far. I look forward to seeing the development progress. Best of luck to you Warhorse.

What makes people swear?

the game is rated mature, they’re not trying to reach a younger audience. as for “broader audience”, you don’t get more broad than graft theft auto, see if it has a profanity filter.


Exactly what @213 said. This game is most likely going to be rated M we don’t need this to be filtered and turned into a family friendly Disney game with no swearing. People should really read the game description it doesn’t take a real genius to figure out that this game is not going to be kid appropriate with things like.

“seduce local women”

“Sneak behind enemy lines as an invisible thief and assassinate the enemy. Stab. Snipe. Strangle from behind.”

“Share drinks with people, be the funny guy everyone likes… and then stab your rivals in the back when they least expect it.”

Also Dan Vara worked on Mafia and if the language in KC:D is any thing like that then it won’t be family friendly in the slightest.


I didnt ask for a family friendly Disney game and I didnt ask for the swearing to be removed. I simply asked for an option. If it isn’t there then so be it. Please read what I say before commenting with incorrect assumptions.

Also I find it a bit odd that all the NPCs swear and talk like modern day people though it is set in Medieval times. Not trying to bash cause over all I find the game amazing.


Yea I think that your suggestion kind of goes against everything this game is about… it’s meant to be gritty and real. Back in those times, what we might consider nowadays as profanity might well of been socially acceptable, and commonly spoken. Add into that considerations of class, wealth, level of education and location or region… and you’d have an extremely varying level of speech capability and vocal expression / articulation.

So… yea I don’t think a filter would really work here tbh :expressionless:


Key word in my post was OPTION. Not asking them to change the game. I understand the atmosphere. I don’t even really care if they listen or not. I was just trying to offer some feedback.


They would have to rewrite an an entirely new dialog which would be absurd and take way more time and money away form the original project. Even big AAA games who are rolling in money don’t even have filter options. Its too expensive and time consuming to make new dialog s.

Most of the cuss words we use today have been around a very very long time. Ass or jackass was used for a donkey and later as another word for an idiot. Shit and piss were just common peasant words for poop or pee that modern society deems as cuss words. I don’t really know the origins of fuck or when it became popular as a cuss word but i doubt anyone will care if its in a game that takes place in the 1400s.


Mate this isn’t a personal attack. It’s simply constructive criticism okay, so chill. You put an idea out there, you wanted feedback… and you got it.

Take the good with the bad. There’s probably people in the community that would agree with you. Myself and a few of the other guys here already are obviously not those people.



If it is tons of work then I get it. No sense in revisiting. I guess I am one of the fee people who is just a bit bored of everything being laced with swearing. It is fine. Just seems a bit overdone in today’s world of games. The game looks to be great. I am excited to see more of it.


No prob. I understand. Didnt mean to take it the wrong way. Thanks for the feedback even though it differs :slight_smile: Guess that is the purpose of a forum. Have a good one man.


Well cuss words in a lot of peoples opinions are adjectives that add to conversations not take away from it. Remember these are peasants not soft spoke stuck up proper nobles. I bet even nobles had their own proper way of swearing.


True enough. :slight_smile: That makes sense.


I might have a solution for your videos. Since you have to say its alpha footage anyway just make a disclaimer saying there’s a lot of swearing in it so your younger audience know what they’re watching.


Greetings! :smile:

Thank you for your feedback @heirofcarthage. Your arguments are valid but I will have to disappoint you! Some kind of “filter”, “option” or however you want to call a less “aggressive” version would mean additional work, maybe even huge changes in the design… since strong language is an important story element at some points. But don’t worry… not everyone uses strong words! :smiley: And we have neither time nor more money! :slight_smile:


Huge changes? Nah,… just beep those words by rooster crow! :smiley:


So you got no problem with killing people in a game but you don’t like profanity… that is a rather strange way of seeing the world…


Thanks for the response! You all are great to the community. The Alpha is impressive.


Just upgraded to Baron tier and got to try the Alpha, had the exact same question as you, heirofcarthage. Sorry to hear that it sounds like they won’t consider a filter. I would just like to point out a few things.

  1. No, cursing like this is not authentic. Was there cursing in medieval times? Absolutely. And an authentic game would need to represent that. But the phrasing and frequency of what’s in the alpha are definitely based in a modern skew of a medieval setting.

  2. Actually yes, several major game studios do in fact provide filters for their games. Look at any Call of Duty: Black Ops game. Look at the Gears of War franchise. Look at Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway. All these games and more have utilized graphic content filters and each of these more are incredibly successful.

  3. I work in games’ development and no, editing content does not have to be difficult. I mean I guess it depends on how you approach the problem. If you’re writing completely different lines and changing cutscenes, well then yes, that would be quite the undertaking. But there are other possibilities including adding/removing a particle effect, restricting camera movement, bleeping a word in an otherwise unmodified sentence, etc.

I acknowledge and accept that this game is targeted to adults. But several of us have different ideas as to what the words “adult” and “mature” mean. Some of us hear those and think of responsibility, duty, family…and some of us think of swearing and nudity. Hopefully what we can all agree on is that there is nothing immature about having different tastes. That’s why I wish requests like heirofcarthage’s to only create an option would get more traction, as it preserves the opportunity to have both tastes met. I feel that that insight would require a certain “maturity” on the part of more game developers though.

  1. what content filter in call of duty? you mean the ones where they censor the kiddies typing racist words in internet chat? that doesn’t apply to single player games with voice acting and branching dialog at all.

  2. i don’t know how “authentic” it is. war horse has historical consultants, i trust them more than i do a random guy on the internet. even if it’s not authentic, it’s done with a purpose. see the dialog in historical shows like deadwood, they used modern profanity instead of outdated old timey swearing to give it a specific impact on the audience.

  3. you answered your own quesiton. this isn’t a 2d side scroller with text boxes. many of the cutscene dialog will be acted out with actors using facial capture.

your last line paragraph is pure entitlement. i think it’s time for some introspection.

  1. No, I mean the filter on the campaign itself. [][1]
    [1]: As you can see, it absolutely does apply to the single player game and the voice acting. If you own one of the games mentioned in that link, fire it up, go to settings, and see for yourself.

  2. Deadwood is another example of what I’m describing. Like I mentioned before, yes there was swearing in medieval times, but most media today give it a modern skew. I would give as a reference of something more realistic the works of Shakespeare. He certainly curses and has innuendo, but it’s more authentic to the time it represents.

  3. No. I was saying you can have the same capture and recording as before, but there could be an option to just bleep out the audio etc. That is a minimal effort task, and reflects the approach other studios have taken.

Not sure what entitlement there is in it. I was an original backer of this game, have respected their creative freedom ever since, and will support this through to the end regardless of whether they were to include this feature or not. If I were entitled I would be demanding or threatening, which I am not. If someone said “This isn’t a deal-breaker for me, but I think an optional 3rd person perspective would be awesome” would you call that entitlement? It is in that same vein that I am trying to communicate my own interests. Sorry if I phrased things so as to make that misunderstood.