PS4 game crashes in band of bastards

When i you meet the second village and you talk to kuno about saving the people. The game crashes just after the talking stops

Any solutions?

Got the same crash every time i try this mission

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They need to fix this shit fast man.

Please make a bugreport at

If they don´t know, they can´t fix it.

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I did. Do they fix these game breaking glitches fast?

Same problem for me. Report sent.

Anche io ho lo stesso problema ed ho cercato di contattare il supporto giocatori attendo notizie

I also have the same problem and I tried to contact the support players I await news

Sadly may take months

SOLVED. Got a tip from warhorse to restore the data on the ps4. That solves the gamecrash. I finished the second mission of the dlc b.o.b. (im on a ps4 pro and play the game from disc)

Do you mean ps4 in safemode and restore database?

So how do you do that? I cant seem to find any specific way online.

Yes in save modes. Put off youre ps. Hold the powerbutton til you hear a 2e beeb. You are in save mode and you see the option restore data. Connect a controller wired. Noting wil be lost from the ps

Rebuilding the database in safe mode didnt work, though I do have a downloaded version

I think it is importent to do the quest from the miller to steal a ring .that ring is gonna play a role in band of bastards.

Same here! This sucks man. Paid 20eu for all the dlc and cant play anymore.

do you remember which mission it is? Because neither even restoring the database I solved the crash

Just happened to me, playing on the disc version with all dlc but the new one, don’t know if that makes any difference. It kept crashing on the mission “Uninvited Guests” right after talking to the Chief and the lady. I restored the database still kept crashing. Idk its wack, hopefully we get a patch soon. And does anyone know if this happened before the recent update or did it just start happening, I only just got BoB dlc so I can’t tell.

Never happened on patch 1.8… finished band of bastards on 2 different profiles… cutscenes are wonky on the latest 1.9.1 patch

I have the same problem on a PS4 with dematerialized version : game crashes after talk with Kuno and the lady whatever option I choose. I tried database restore in safemode and it did not worked out. Would be indeed great if a patch could be released to fix this :wink:

the problem is the patch 1.9.1