PS4 - Lock Picking is impossible

I seriously cannot pick any locks in this game. I find lock picking with the controller impossible. I give up and am waiting for it to get fixed.


Will get fixed with the upcoming 1.3 patch.

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Ok i will not be playing the game until the 1.3 patch comes out.


The lockpicking on PS4 is really hard, turning both analog sticks on the controller at the same time is too hard and it’s just frustrating, a game breaker for me at least.


You seriously need to just get gud just practice really it is hard at first but it is much easier than oblivion I have played this game on both xbox and pc and I personally have a much easier time on xbox I can open every single lock except very hard but I think that is because I don’t have the skill leveled up enough as it always says this is too hard before I try to pick it


Y’all are really just giving up because you can’t do it on your first try you just want it to be easy why even have a lock pick system why not just open the chest at that point it’s meant to be hard it’s simulation

turning both analog sticks is not that hard it’s the problem where right analog stick (sweet spot) keeps on waving all around making it not very much possible to hold it in the same position…it warps around like crazy


True, the biggest problem for me was to keep the the sweetspot steady, i broke all 5 lockpicks in the traing mission and in the beginning we don’t have that much coin to buy 10-15 lockpicks, one guy on YouTube used over 30 lockpicks on a hard chest, so i think i would have needed 100 lockpicks early in the game to have a chance :joy:.

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I think we should get unlimited lock picks just to use in the training mission. I am keen to see what they do in the 1.3 patch.


just to clear thing up impossible and hard is 2 competently different things i can lock pick really easly on the ps4 you can say its hard

Agree, it’s not impossible, but very hard, i used only couple lockpicks on the very easy (i think) chest when i was trying to steal gear so i could escape Talmberg to bury Henry’s parents.

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It isn’t impossible, I’m playing PS4 and am a few levels away from maxing it out with the ability to open very hard locks. It’s all about timing to make sure you’re not caught, having tons of picks (they break but still give experience to the skill) and just constantly practising it. It really does get so easy after continually trying.

If you’re getting c

It’s not impossible, it’s meant to be hard to simulate that Henry, a fairly normal bloke, isn’t going to be immediately breaking locks the first few tries. Even a hundred tries later, I wasn’t picking the very easy locks effectively.

But it does start to just suddenly work better, the higher the skill gets, it suddenly gets easier, less jerky, more smooth and intuitive. It just takes practise. Even breaking picks, you get a bit of experience so keep at it.

I’ve been playing it on PS4 a week or so and I’m two levels from maxing lockpicking. It takes a LOT of work. I’m picking every chest I find, at night going unlocking every door I see. I can do very hard locks now, but I still hit the occasional near impossible one. Although there seem to be maybe four types of lock difficulty, I think there are tiers hidden within those types. For instance very hard might have a tier 1, 2 and 3 of difficulty - definitely seems that way, as some very hard locks I can pick on three seconds or less, others are jerky and barely let me get halfway around the lock before failing. Maybe it’s that way just to keep you on your toes so you can’t predict how well things will work out even with decent skill, who knows :slight_smile:

Now I can confirm that. When I was young I’ve actually learnt to pick locks in real life (surely simple locks one would find in old doors and still but still). I can tell you that it’s easier to pick a lock in real life, than in KC on PS4. Maybe my controller is broken which is not likely, but i have practiced to pick locks on the training chest at the mill (had to reload every time i ran out of 3 lockpicks) for about 40 minutes. I have managed to unlock the chest in about 1:15 times. IT SHOULD NOT BE THAT COMPLICATED. May I suggest you add a lockpicking difficulty level for consoles? Because it ruins the game for me personally, while PC users have it easier and even can download a mod to make lockpicking 90% simpler. please fix.


At the beginning when you first get to practice with Miller, dont even bother or worry if you cant do it and break all the lock picks.

You still get the XP (same for any other lock you try and pick) for trying and which goes towards levelling up.

Remember, when you select a " Will you teach me XYZ" option, youre simply unlocking the ability itself. You then need to “practice” (eg, gain XP) to get both yourself and henry better at it.

This is no different to any skill and the learning process involved in real life. 9/10 youre not going to be good at somethinh you just found out about.

This is an extremly logical game in terms of its systems, learning them and the many ways they can be used.

Lock picking nor any other skill is broken, theyre hard because you really are doing them for the first time.

Sensitivity isnt OP on pc or consoles, its that you and henry are both learning to do something new.

I posted the following on some other threads, but thought i’d post it here too in case it is helpful…

I’m playing on PS4 and I struggled with it too, however…
I kept trying and I’ve got my Lock-picking skill up to level 4 or 5. To be honest, it’s now too easy and i unlock every lock first time. i don’t want them to change how it works!

My tips:

1 - put the controller on the floor and grip each thumb-stick with the index finger and thumb. This gives better control and accuracy (and feels like you are holding lock picks)

2 - When you rotate the lock (left-stick), start the rotation by pushing in the direction of the ‘Gold-spot’ first before rotating. This means you roughly rotate both sticks in the same direction at the same time making it easier.

3 - find some “very easy” chests to start with, as I believe this is the recommended type when you have a Lock picking skill level of 0 (or 1)

4 - If you don’t like the position of the “Gold Spot”, cancel lock-picking and start again, the “gold spot” will be in a different location.

5 - Don’t keep reloading a save file if you fail to pick a lock, as you will lose any XP that you have accumulated while trying to pick the lock (as the XP will ultimately increase your skill making picking locks easier).

Hope this helps…



I like the way you think. I can’t lock pick to save my life, because I’m too impatient. I like reading comments by people who aren’t put off, but find a way of working with the tools they’ve been given. It seems the world isn’t ready for Kingdom Come. At level 4, they want to be king of the world, trampling their enemies on a fire breathing unicorn. I hope that Warhorse don’t nuke too much stuff catering to the whims of people who think that Skyrim is a real RPG.


May as well cater to the retards and make it easy and remove all the ability skills too!

While some of you are right, it isn’t impossible, however, for all but the most adept it’s too damn hard. I’m not lazy I’m happy to grind at things but I have tried and tried and failed again. I gave up because it’s just not fun even a little bit. If I had had some small success I might have continued but it was too hard and un-fun to stick with. This is a game, it should be fun if you really want it harder then there should be a setting for that. I hope they make lockpicking at least for “easy” locks a little easier with the ps4 controller. Any smart game designer knows it’s small successes that hook players and keep them going. If the barrier to entry were lowered a lot of people would at least learn to a certain level of proficiency. The more industrious of you can grind the “hard” locks. we aren’t “retards” we just have lives outside of gaming and we’d rather spend time having fun, getting good at sword play is “hard” but it’s also fun. And you can manage it from the beginning to some extent. Anyone who thinks the barrier to entry of any skill in a game should be this hard doesn’t understand game design nor game theory. Things should be hard but you have to be smart about how hard and when.

Yeah I bought this game to enjoy and it is difficult enough without the lockpicking stuff. I have a controller and getting the right movement with my thumbs is quite annoying and time consuming. I want to be killing cumans, not worrying about unlocking the chest at Miller Peshek’s place. Yeah the hard locks should be difficult, but I don’t need to spend hours learning this one simple mechanic. PC users don’t have the same problem it seems so they can actually enjoy the game. Why market this for consoles if it was meant for PCs?