PS4: RDR2 and KCD


KCD is a very good game, and some elements are brilliant. When one considers that KCD cost less than 1/50th of RDR2, one has to be impressed with what WH delivered. (I say this with 100% sincerity/0% sarcasm.) The landscape, the writing, the authenticity, etc.

Where the $$$ is evident most is running away in Rattay vs St Denis. RDR2 handled the equivalent of Rattay race but at a much grander scale without so much as a hiccup. St Denis has more buildings and many more NPCs (walking, riding wagons/horse/trolleys).

The money spent on RDR2 was worth it just to see the PS4 handle all the things PC snobs said couldn’t be done on console.


Did try that too in St Denis and loved what i experienced.
That game is amazing in what a console can deliver


I really miss KCD-like skill development in RDR2. Yeah, doesn’t make sense within narrative of RDR2 (Arthur has tons of weapons experience) but still.

One thing I don’t miss is the bugginess. I’ve encountered some issues but nothing gamebreaking and no corrupt save files.


That’s cos it’s not a deep game. Every game should have some kcd mechanics in them or its not current. If I want a Fisher price game u can always count on Rockstar lol


RDR2 NPCs have vastly more conversation options and behaviors so that argument is a dog that won’t hunt.


If food etc doesn’t go off in time thats like realism 101 you get me


in RDR2, the carcass decays on the back of your horse. if you tarry, it won’t be of value as food or re-sale product. if you delay too long to get your game, the varmits (eg coyotes, ravens) will get it and then you won’t be able to harvest. happened to me once when i tried to harvest more than 1 wild boar at a time.

this in the backdrop of each species (allegedly 200) having its own behaviour . the animals are wary (spook fairly easily… i can’t get anywhere as near as close to the animals as i can in KCD) and are responsive to arrows whizzing by their heads. one exception, i was mucking about in the woods searching for herbs. i got too close to a whitetail buck, made some noise, spooked him and then he charged and ravaged me with his antlers.

I don’t expect KCD to have all this for $5M. Not reasonable. would be nice and very much appreciated though if the animal ‘spook’ AI were tweaked and a few more animals were added.


There are times when simplicity is good and warranted. Daniel has expressed second thoughts or regrets about implementing the 6 layer clothing system. That wonderful feature creates a lot of clipping issues. Each layer has to be evaulated in combat. And, given the clothing is lootable, it creates an exploit. An exploit so pronounced that WH intentionally created a DLC (ashes) at least in part to dispose of the extra wealth

In RDR2, this complexity is gone. No way to kill or knock out the Waldensian hunter’s guard for his black jacket. I’m sure this is one of the ways RDR2 keeps computer resource demand low. It sucks. The rebel hat that looks cool. Can’t keep it. The rebel’s other stuff? Can’t access it. If eliminating that inventory mechanic makes the game more stable and affords better NPC behaviour, then I’m fine with it. Hope WH considers this rebalancing in their next game


I’ve died more since last Friday in RDR2 than I have over 1000h of KCD and half being hardcore. So much for the ‘shit superhero’

Do I defend a father, his son and a laborer from a bandit attack, or do I let them die? Later, when I check back with him, do I loan him $100, try to get lumber for him, or let him be? So much for ‘no depth’


Sorry, you cant be serious


and who’s twelve now, with that reaction


Never saw in KCD my horse lifts its tail and “drop” something :poop::rofl:


Yeah, poo, shrinking balls, reactive to predators and bullets, needing to eat, needing be reassured, needing to be brushed/cleaned, being killable, being usable by all the NPCs, kicking you if you get too close to their back side and mess about, breaking/taming wild or enemy NPC horses… no depth


Being to able to lead your horse, command it to follow, stay or flee, again no depth…


One might have a justifiable (personal) reason to loath Rockstar, the RDR series, or the western genre. that’s fine and well. but, to insinuate RDR2 lacks depth, etc because of the aforementioned is flat wrong.

it’s painfully obvious that Rockstar spent a quarter billion dollars on RDR2. WH can’t and won’t be able to invest that kind of money in the KCD expansion/DLC or in KCD2. WH shouldn’t copycat but WH should learn from it in some areas. one area is in console performance. maybe CryEngine has its limit on console, but that is very different than saying consoles such as PS4 can’t render a massive, AI heavy open world without a commensurately large number of performance problems.


Amen to that, totally agree


some of the funniest glitches ever (cinematic view in RDR2). one example with amazing physics:


I can’t be serious?:joy: Rockstar always makes american simulators, not accurate games.


Omg how can they release a game with those bugs… smh


What does that mean?