PS4: RDR2 and KCD


How is that this still exists many months after release?


Lol the PS4 isn’t processing anywhere near the level of geometric detail and ground clutter that there is in KCD. But I’m glad that you’re impressed by all the smoke and mirrors console devs use to impress kids.


So be it

It’s not a matter of impressing. It’s a matter of producing a stable, playable open world game. Something that WH has struggled with on PC and console

As far as the condescension, @Urquhart … next time, I’ll reply in kind


I don’t remember any “PC snobs” saying it couldn’t be done. I’ve been looking forward to RDR2 for a long time now… Now that said, I’m almost 100% positive this game will be coming to PC. I don’t know if you played the GTAV version that released on PC later but it was damn near photorealistic. I can’t wait to see what RDR2 looks like on a high-end PC especially with some reshades.

You can see the PC version vs the PS4 pro comparison in videos like this…


@MattP598 Not worth digging up all the sleights about console performance including your own. The most notable was from Christian himself.

It’ll be great to play RDR2 on high end PC with UHD. Some people are like speed. I don’t disparage them. Want the Evo X as your first car and you can pay for it, go for it. That said, don’t disparage or condescend to me for my choices


Please point out where I did that.


When I mentioned popins. The popins were due to WH tweaking, not console limitations


Ok… I didn’t say anything about that.


This bitching was a direct consequence of WH making changes to console (PS4) that inflicted popins on users and didn’t notify them. Again it was only because @Potestaquisitor was able to DM and get a reply from Daniel that we even found out that WH intentionally added the popins as a tradeoff for another (stability) fix. The issue (popins) were largely corrected in v1.7. For that, WH deserves credit

RAGE and an insane amount of money allow me to race through St Denis with more buildings and more complex NPCs than Rattay by a mile and the same PS4 doesn’t even blink.


So why did you respond to my last post comparing GTAV on PS4 Pro and PC? I didn’t mention anything about what you just posted. I was responding the OP who said PC snobs said it couldn’t be done which I dont think I’ve ever actually see any “PC snobs” say that.


KCD isn’t triple A. From Rockstar I expect more for $60!


idk what’s the reason to compare both games! And why everyone needs to talk about RDR2 here in KCD instead in RG forum?
But nice to see a lot of bugs in such “amazing” and “good” devleoped game! Laughing out Loud!
I am impressed by the fight in the video. It looks very nice, how the enemy and player run into the horse


@rataj The reason to compare is to show what is possible on console isn’t as limited as some have said, suggested, insinuated. This includes Christian (as in WH community manager) who suggested that consoles have their limit and the Rattay race wasn’t a tech performance standard worth pursuing. Well, guess what. WH’s own development made the round trip Rattay race possible for me on the first day of 1.7’s release. The St Denis race tells me than even more is possible. Maybe not with CryEngine, maybe not within WH’s budget, etc. That changes the conversation.

Seen others suggest lessons learned to be had from Gothic, etc. See no reason why RDR2 should be treated differently.

I talked about King’s Quest (which is an older than fuck game than ran on the positively primitive PCjr) in which the bridge didn’t popin under your feet as you crossed it… something that KCD did in the beginning but then couldn’t reliably do again until 1.7. Didn’t hear take it to a different forum (Sierra?) then.

I’ve bided my time as PC users posted crap like @MattP598 [shouldn’t of been released on consoles because it was never going to run the way the game was designed to which is going to cause massive bitching like you are doing now] And, now I know that a complex, open world game with good visuals and performance is attainable on console.

NPCs on horseback. NPCs in wagons. NPCs in trolleys. NPCs in trains. NPCs that can respond to more than ‘About Rattay’. These things (minus trolley and train) would be nice additions to KCD(2). And, now we know that they are all possible and can be well performing within the limits of console. WH isn’t the only studio that could learn something. Beth has even more to learn.


You said ‘shouldn’t of been released on consoles because it was never going to run the way the game was designed to which is going to cause massive bitching like you are doing now’. The presumptuousness of that statement of yours is/was snobbery. Relative to the performance in question (popins) your comment was profoundly misleading and wrong. The game performed as intended (ie without massive popins) and then it went away and lead to performance complaints (ie massive bitching). The ‘never going to’ is wrong again as per 1.7 Rattay race (travel thru town at a good pace on horseback without massive popins) is possible. Long story short - KCD can perform reasonably well on consoles. WH just needed to put its back into it. RDR2 suggests more might be possible.


I dont understand what’s the target but for me they using two different engines.
I’m out before i am saying something wrong^^


There’s a ‘real’ bit of discussion here. Todd Howard :face_vomiting: says anything is possible but not everything. I love the 6 layer system in KCD and I like being able to loot all those layers from NPCs, but if KCD(2) could deliver other content. I’d choose the other. Would like to know what you and others think


That is true, Bethesda can integrate any older error from previous titles but they cant fix them for the upcoming ones! :smile:


Would you trade the lootable layered clothing-armor for more complicated NPC AI? Something else?


Nope. The layer system is a must have since his invention. Both things are possible.
Problem with AI is more, that many people trying to force devs to create a laughable Hardcore mode
which is based on values and not on AI routines. They think a 2.5 incoming damage and a 0.5 outgoing damage is a better gameplay. Hard to describe for me in english. But the values are an example from Fallout 4 Survival Mode which is obviously not a real change. Enemies are still stupid and doing crap.
And as long Fans cant set priorities, nothing will changed.


not sure if it will come to PC, I hope it will but RDR 1 was console only.