PS4: RDR2 and KCD


to me, that’s the wrong number… $250 million is the number. not sure what to make of that number. Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Spider-Man 3 cost about the same. Is there more content in RDR2? certainly more entertainment hours. that said, RDR2 absolutely isn’t 50 times the game of KCD… even if at times and some limited respects it seems to run 50 times better.


:joy: Ok man you got me. Want to go back and reread what I said 1 more time because there is absolutely nothing in it about Rdr2. I was talking about KCD and I said it won’t run the way it was intended or something which is 100% true. RDR2 was developed by Rockstar with a budget of God knows what and I’m sure a team of around 1500 people. If you don’t see the difference there I don’t know how to help you.

I don’t understand what you are trying to prove here. That consoles are equal to PC in gaming? Ok, well we see when RDR2 releases on pc.


you were wrong about KCD … the 'massive bitching like you are doing now ’ didnt have anything to do with running the way it was intended. the ‘massive bitching like you are doing now’ had to do with breaking one thing to fix another. KCD runs reasonably well now on console… as intended

RDR2 proves that from an end user perspective even more can be run as intended on console than KCD, and that the console can well handle it as intended


Alright man, you win… PC=Consoles, Rockster=Warhorse… Happy now?


After 1.5/1.6, there was some doubt about whether KCD could perform well (again) on console. There were doubters including by WH employees about what performance could be delivered. Your assertion added to that sentiment.
Then, comes along patch 1.7 and RDR2. patch 1.7 removes much doubt about KCD running well as intended on console. RDR2 pretty much removes any platform related doubt (about a massive open world RPG with good visuals & performance on console). Yeah, the engine and $$$ are different and that makes direct comparisons problematic. But, at the end of the day, we now know current gen consoles can run large, complex open world RPGs with good to great visuals and good performance as intended. that vendors can actually deliver what they market… that makes me happy

what does it say about consoles relative PCs? nothing. besides to each his own


I already said you won man… consoles are definitely equal to PC’s graphically because of RDR2. I promise I even kept a straight face as I typed that.

Also development teams that are 1/15th the size of another with a massively less budget should be expected to release the same quality of game graphically and performance wise. I have no idea why Rockstar wasted all that money.


Never said any such thing.

250 million is an obscene amount of money to spend on anything much less on an RPG, movie or any form of mass entertainment… even if it gains you 725 million during its first weekend after release

WH did disproportionately well in their dev.


You don’t know what you are talking about.
On RDR2 they have worked for 8 years with the biggest team in the world and tons of money. While KCD is basically kickstarter game where they didn’t have time to even optimize it properly.

And don’t throw Bethesda into this because they are bunch of lazy bums. They rely on community to fix their shitty games.

Grown up!


I have rdr2 on the first gen Xbox but the graphics aren’t that nice at all imo. I played kcd after and I was stunned by the difference how beautiful kcd is. And the framerate sucks pretty hard too. Maybe it’s better on the new Xbox but it never would match pc graphics wise.


I’ve cited money a number of times. So, that means you don’t know what you’re talking about too. Or, you don’t have sincerity to read and take people’s words in context

Feb release. It’s now Nov.

WH is in competition. If they take the approach there’s nothing (positive) to learn from studios from Larian to Rockstar, they won’t be the better for it


Too bad about your console. The latest XB1 is said to deliver the best of all consoles.

Nobody ever said consoles can match what (high end) PCs can do. That’s a BS straw man argument of MattP598 and others


Fuck me. I love a good game on my pc, 1440p is where it at (for me). But what Rockstar did here is amazing. the game is beautiful, and I am having a fun with it.

Would love to see this on pc somewhere down the line.


There are only 2 reasons why I’d waste/invest money in PC rig for gaming: to play KCD - Games of Thrones (with large scale battles) or RDR2


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There are bigger studios who needs the same time for lesser content.


rdd 2 isn’t even as good as kcd. the same linear missions where you play yet another robber/gangster.


Again, you don’t know what you are talking about.
It is November, but maybe you have noticed that they don’t work on optimization at all, unfortunately. They work on something else.

And this is not matter of learning. They don’t need to learn nothing from Rockstar. It’s simple, with tons of money an enormous team you can do whatever you want.
But there is a problem, check this:


A human cost. Fuck off with this nonsense. There are guys on 400 euros a week that work in warzones and come home missing legs or not at all.

Hey Guess who would love a job at rockstar getting all them extra hours? The hundreds of Devs the were let go from Tell Tale games that have Zero hours to work and no income.

Plenty of Devs at rockstar are pissed off about that story. The human cost.

You think there are not Devs working long hours on KCD or any game for that matter? Boycott them all sell your pc.

I remember when KCD was dropping, same shitty rag media’s, Bored writing about the actual games, they wanted to talk about the human cost., it’s racist, no diversity, the devs are racist.devs are sexist… Puh lease.