PS4: RDR2 and KCD


Typical comment from the person who knows nothing about game developing. You should read that article a little bit better. Crunching and pushing of the people to their limits is bigger and bigger problem.


How big is the map in comparison with KCD? From a video it looks only 2 time bigger than Kingdom Come.

The events on the map look very simular (attack or woman needs help, ect.). Are there some really special events?

There is much Wildlife, maybe too much… on these size of map…

How long does the main story take in RDR2? Some weeks or longer?

I hope they will give us a PC version next year, just to compare with KCD… :slight_smile:


There are a large number of these events. Just had a random encounter with KKK doing some kind of initiation ceremony. But have come across several different types.

If it comes out on pc get it.

Map size is probably bigger than KCD X 2 and a bit.


There are quite a few unique events (cannot describe without spoiling). The variety and lack of predictability vs KC:D is quite impressive. You will still get a few of the exact same scenarios but its much less frequent.

This is an example of play vs watch. It can seem overly dense with fauna when watching some gameplay videos. Animals are skittish and avoid people so when running about you tend to get groupings of animals fleeing from you.

I didn’t think I would be saying it so soon especially from a paperweight title, but RDR2 has the best forests to date in a video game. It genuinely feels alive and ever animal sound you hear is made by an animal near by.


Size? KCD is smaller. Skalitz to Rattay vs Valentine to St Denis; the latter is greater in distance and more complex to navigate

Special events? What do you mean by this? Quest? Mission? Re-spawning is more complex. KCD ambush points and battle spawns are always in the same place. There’s more variability in types and locations: the bootleggers, the cultists, the wandering serial killer, the outlaw gang, the rebel militia, the trapper caught in his own trap, the wanderer bit by a snake, the wildlife photographer, the woman trapped under her horse, etc

The wildlife is abundant. The diversity is amazing. As with KCD, big game are focused around specific areas. They’re more reactive so it’s enjoyable. As a hunting sim, it sucks in that there’s not much skill required. Whereas in KCD, the animals are as dumb as a box of rocks, in RDR2, you have instant death at your disposal. In KCD, took me a lot of practice to become proficient at killing bandits and Cumans with head shots on horseback. In RDR2, the Springfield rifle with a scope makes you lethal at incredible distances… wait till red dot appears on target, dead

KCD is Bohemia. Perhaps at a shocking level of fidelity. RDR2 is a mishmash of a ecosystems across the N America continent. It’s a nice fantasy but it’s pure BS.

I’m not a good person to ask how long the game takes. I didn’t meet Sir Radzig in lower castle until I had about 150h into the game. I’m currently still in Chapter 2… think there are 5-7 total. I’m in no rush. Exploring. Searching for rival gangs and bandits. And killing them off when I feel I have tactical advantage. Just like KCD

Don’t have the armor-weapon exploit as in KCD but the pelt-meat exploit is similar given how many animals there are

In KCD, D:OS2 and other games, if you advance quickly, some missions are a bear (eg incessant threads here about nest and killing Runt). So far RDR2 is kinder.


You don’t read patch notes

Spending tons of money doesn’t mean something will be success. Only the small minded feel they have nothing to learn from others.


It’s shit 100%


Dude, i work on my own game. Not alone of course. I don’t need anyone to explain me what optimization is, etc. Especially from the people who know nothing about this.

KCD simply is not optimized properly. There are many reasons for this including Cryengine 3 which is old tech. Sure you can change this engine to suit your game much better, but this demands even more resources. Btw, with more money and people KCD would be much better game. Fact!

And you can only be inspired by some other game or concept. You learn through your own work, trials and errors.


There are only a few things that would make KCD a better game. The sure fire ones all happen to be targets in the Kickstarter vid:
-warhorses (NPCs on horseback and wagons)
-large scale battles


Thought of this some more. There are post robbery events (bad guys in process of looting the dead) as well as hold ups (active, dynamic scenes). Have encountered 2 types of hold ups so far. One involves a stagecoach. The other is a paddy wagon transporting a prisoner. If you can’t mind your own business, you can play the valiant knight and side with the travelers/lawmen. Or, you can let the bad guys win and then dispose of them afterwards.

So far, these are pretty rare events. Not in the same location… at least so far.

If you don’t use red eye, auto-aim, and just jump in the fray, there’s a fair to good chance you’ll die. I got lit up (killed) a couple times trying to stop the prisoner break out. It was fun.

KCD guard/trader vs bandit/Cuman battles are similar. If you recklessly jump in the middle of one of the battles, you can get wrecked.

In my pipe dream, the supply wagons to Pribyslavitz would be actual delivery animations (NPCs on wagons and horses). And, at random choke points along the route, there would be RDR2 style hold ups. Maybe in KCD2

Another thought. St Denis is smaller than Boston-Cambridge-etc in FO4, but it has a ton of NPCs using a variety of transportation. Don’t play many games but it has the closest feel to an actual city I seen in a long time, maybe ever.

In St Denis, saw a stick up go bad. Woman panicked. Robber shot her. Husband cried and then carried her away. The robber ran away until metal justice caught up to him. Another time, again during the night, I said hi to a guy. He didn’t take kindly to it and gave me a knuckle sandwich. Fist fight. Third time, a thief had a rich dude cornered in an alley. … long story short, there’s a city vibe to the locale. It’s certainly situational to the (mythical) US in late 1800s/early 1900s. But, it’s fun for me to get lost in it.

If KCD2 comes around and it includes Prague, I really hope WH can mimic more of that city vibe.


You don’t play KCD, you don’t play red dead. So why would you even care or are you critiquing just for the sake.


fwiw, Daniel himself suggested a several-few more months were needed to get rid of bugs etc in vid associated with release. Quote hasn’t aged very well


That is good. I am sorry for it but i dont follow every comment. So thank you for the hint.
But it is after several negative reviews a most common answer. But kk, better later than never! A+
Okay, joke aside, i think they knew at beta time that it would take more time.
I said it before and i say it again, the CryEngine is nothing which is specified for an RPG.
His Engine (of Crysis, a Ego-Shooter) is based on very very primitive actions.
No RPG elements were invented for it. It was a century transition game.
here we have @Ancient answer, It takes a lot of Human genius, Very many Monesy AND time!
Most of the KCD features are not integrated in his base saled code (non src)
Every game has his locked features and so on. (TPV?!)
KCD gaves the game alot other engine improvements. And they changed the most common operation for a map creation. So long sentences but shorter sense, People can compare as much as they want, and WH and every other Studio or Company can imrpove as they want but if dont change the whole ?framework? you will never change the standards of the whole possibilities.
Okay, maybe you all talking about other things and i am to stupid to find that thoughts in comments.
The skeleton of the engine is too different to achieve a same equation.
The whole Engine must be created on that setting. KCD’s engine isnt it. RDR2 is it. End


lol what??? When did I ever argue about that??


If you think those are the only 2 reasons to invest in a gaming PC, well you are just dumb.


3 if were to add FO4 (mods). Only reasons for me. And if you can’t respect it…


Read at your leisure


How do you know what i play, or what i played???

Themes like this one are ridiculous. People compare games that should not be compared, and talk about something they don’t understand.


Well have you played them both? if you haven’t by your logic then you are talking about shit you know not about, wouldn’t it.

You post links to articles about rock star devs being overworked complaining how horrid this is(oh the humanity), all the while calling Bethesda lazy devs bums. make up your damn mind. where is your game you lazy shit.

Many concepts for games came not from a game dev, many game devs altered their games because while technically sound the concept was not enjoyable and only an outsiders view could direct them.

I wish you the best of luck with your game. judging by your attitude you are sure as shit going to need it. now get off this forum and back to developing you “lazy bum”.


And yet, WH is aiming for GOTY and has encouraged its players to vote. Slam WH with the same level of vitriol, produce an argument of substance, or put a sock in it

Some people understand more about software and CSV than you know