PS4: RDR2 and KCD


A reminder that Prokop has a grad degree in econ


He has given his fare share of criticism of warhorse. that they downgraded for consoles, going so far as to get a refund because the release game did not reflect the beta. so much for his suggesting if they had more money and people they can make a better game. hell if they had not released on console there is a high chance there would of been a lot less of both now, even with his apparent refund .

I don’t know why you are getting so much flack in fairness, your original post acknowledged in part the obvious complexity in making a comparison between the two games and studios. All I got from it was a wish that they at the very least try raise the bar and not fall back on a, a well it is console version what do you want.

So they "fixed" the rain by downgrading it and removing effects! (PS4) I hope this is a bug.


Ok… Read it. Still don’t see your point. You think Fallout 4 is the only modable game on pc? I mean if those are the only 3 things you can do with a pc you would have a point. However with a gaming pc it’s easier to list the things you can’t do. Which is of right now the only thing you can’t do is play rdr2 since you can get PSnow and play every other great game on ps4 all the way back to ps2. With emulators you can play almost every game ever made. You are also getting the best version of them all with most of them being manually configurable to your liking. Almost every game is modable. Also I’m willing to bet you already have a pc in your house now for the internet and whatever else you use it for… Games on steam and sites like gog, gamivo, etc are almost always cheaper. Older games are usually next to nothing if not free.

But you’re right if those 3 things are the only thing you are going to use it for then by all means don’t use one. You’re loss.

I still don’t understand what point you are trying to make.


I would say that’s a pretty smart thing to do for any small development company that just released their first game.

Again, what’s your point?


Those are the only 3 on PC I’m interested in. That’s it. I don’t play other PS4 games that are given to me. It’s that simple.

I have a PC for RL. That’s enough.

I keep RL and play life separate. My choice.

When I select a marketed product, I expect it to work as advertised. There are and were specific claims made by WH/DS. I expect them to make good on them. It’s that simple


That reply was to you?!


I said you were right. If those were the only 3 things you were going to use it for then yeah don’t get one. However don’t start a thread on warhorses forum comparing rdr2 and kcd to prove a point that consoles are almost as good now, because they aren’t. Does the ps4 still come with a 5400 rpm drive in it? That truly is next-gen. I think I built my first pc in 2005 and it had a 7200 rpm drive in it.

You can talk about how awesome rdr2 is all day long, but the simple fact is it will be way better on pc. No one said that what Rockstar accomplished with rdr2 on ps4 couldn’t be accomplished. If they did I sure as hell didn’t see it. Just because I said kcd had to be downgraded to run on consoles has nothing to do with Rockstar and rdr2.

Sooo I still don’t understand the point you are trying to prove here.


Does it matter? I didn’t know we were limited to who we could reply to here.


What does that mean? I never compared console performance to PC performance. I compared RDR2 console performance to KCD console performance.


You tell me. I’m trying to figure out what you are arguing about.


Then, take my words in context


And once again, warhorse is not Rockstar… So why did you compare rdr2 to kcd on consoles?


Read the last sentence of the the 1st post

Btw, the whole fricking game industry compares games so if you have a problem with it, take it up with the industry


Again? Ok then

The money spent on RDR2 was worth it just to see the PS4 handle all the things PC snobs said couldn’t be done on console.

OK read it… Again. Can you link a post where anyone here said that Rockstar couldn’t accomplish what they did on consoles?


WH threads include references to the limits of consoles… consoles to handle popins, etc. that ground has been ploughed. Your ignorance of Daniel’s tweet to Potestaquisitor and its relevance to console popins was instructive on this matter.

v1.7 and RDR2 validate the notion that it wasn’t a console limitation per se (as suggested by Christian himself when asked about Rattay race … potentially as a performance qual test). When WH put their back into it, they delivered not only the Rattay race but the round trip Rattay race


But there are limits to consoles and that was the reason for pop ins. Yeah they got it working now after downgrading the game even further than when it released. How do you think textures are loaded anyway?

I’ve already mentioned the game was delayed so they could release it at the same time as consoles as it wasn’t planned on being released on consoles at all. You are correct they should of had it working before they released the game though. I don’t know the reason why they didn’t unless they just didn’t want to delay the game further.

I do know that rdr2 has been in development for a long time and was targeted for consoles for day 1. So once again there is no reason to compare them.


No, the reason for the popins in the version in question was because WH broke one thing to fix another. Daniel Vavra’s own words. V1.7 fixed what they broke

When Christian tells me and other PS4 users, that popins may be a reality of a large open world RPG on console and that Rattay race isn’t a reasonable performance measure … wrong and wrong


I don’t know what Daniel said but I know what causes pop ins. It’s from large textures being loaded on a slower hdd. They are more noticeable in games that have very large texture files and no loading screens. Did you play the Witcher 3 on console? It had some of the longest loading screens in a game that I’ve ever seen. When I installed it on my ssd those load times were next to nothing.

I also should of added that vram and to an extent system ram also plays apart.


Now having said that there are tweaks that can be made to help reduce them as well and that is on the developers… However when you are designing a game for multiple consoles and pc’s that literally have thousands of different hardware configurations it’s not exactly easy.

Also, Rockstar games have had issues with pop ins in previous games. That is where experience comes into play and budget for QA


strictu sensu, that means you have commented on something about which you don’t know. the popins that precipitated a growing chorus of PS4 complaints were a special cause… in the parlance of quality mgmt.

for PS4 users, popins were ok. then, not. then, much worse (eg DV’s twitter DM reply to pic of popins by Potestaquisitor, screenshot was added in WH forum). then, better. and finally ok again.

as i told Christian et al at WH, i can tolerate fixes to one thing (eg sys stability) to break another (eg, popins). just tell me in the patch notes. let me manage the risk associated with the disclosure. this is the essence of CSV used for medical device software and computer(ized) systems used in the support of clinical investigations (iow, all drugs, biologics, medical devices, etc approved for market). this model clunky as it is is used to comply with regulatory expectations of the EMA, PMDA, and FDA. it isn’t perfect but at its core it is based on transparency and traceability, and it keeps shit like Therac-25 from being an everyday thing. WH to its credit appears to have listened (more) and put its back into addressing some performance issues. and, as a consequence, the notes seem better (more traceability and transparency) and their game performs better (at least for PS4).