PS4 textures and building models


Are any of the updates going to address the problem with textures popping in and out? Or the building models disappearing entirely? Sometimes I arrive at a location and the buildings are completely invisible, and all the contents of that building just float in empty space.

This game has been out for about a month and it still feels like I paid full price to participate in the beta. I have to close the game and restart it constantly just to be able to see the environment correctly. It’s not cute, or funny, and it ruins the immersion. I miss the good old days when a game didn’t release until it was actually ready.


This is the biggest problem I am having from the game as well. vanishing buildings and invisible obstacles really take me out of the game. Just like you I find a save point and reload the game. The amount of times I have listened to the opening…“Charles the fourth, King of Bohemia…blah blah blah” I have read that the upcoming 1.3 patch should take care of this happening on PS4. Here is to hoping this patch will allow us all to enjoy this game. I really do like playing… when it allows me to.


Same for me, it looks very bad and i never seen this before on any other game on the PS4.


More crashing (still nothing like FO4) and more rendering delays than before (plain PS4)


Hawk I gave you a solution to try…

On one of your threads about the issue.

I really do want feedback as I can assure you it is most likely the solution.
Cheers… (get back to me)


@Whitedragem Thanks for trying to help but defragmenting your hard drive is not going to help with this problem.


Iam starting to give up…

Three people Ihave reached out to… and you all , with no idea about how this stuff really works, dismiss a perfectly viable solution… and worse… due to some silly notion that you know better,… wont even try to help everybody else when an actual solution is at your feet.

Your fine… enjoy you game


They are correct though. I’ve tried and it doesnt help the issue. I have some pretty terrible pop-in and textures on buildings that sometimes won’t show any detail until your 10 feet in front of it. I just tried the Rebuild database option on PS4 (Defrag) yesterday and the problem is just as bad. This is clearly a poorly optimized game. Especially when we have games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Horizon Zero Dawn looking better and not having these issues. But I’m patient and hope most of it will be resolved in patches.


rebuilding the database is in no way the same thing… it doesn’t do what we need for this game to have done to it…

the method I gave would fix it… I bet money.
okay I don’t have money… but…

seriously… this is my livelihood… this is what Ido… and Ithink it is really important… if we can at least have someone try it we can get some useful data to the community (and more importantly the devs)(they can reissue a master file in an uncorrupted for - the witcher 1 did it)


How do you defrag the hard drive on a PS4? I’ve never heard of such a thing. I am an illustrator, not a programmer… so you’ll have to be specific.


Rebuilding the database is the same as a PC defrag and will clean out the memory and reorganize the files on the hard drive. I think what you’re suggesting is a complete wipe of the PS4 hard drive and reinstalling everything from scratch. That’s certainly not reasonable for customers to do, and I can almost guarantee you that won’t fix the issue. Likewise the developers shouldn’t need that kind of data from us to fix their poorly optimized game. This is the first game I’ve ever run into this issue on PS4 and I have over 80 games.


You hold down the power button from a few seconds and it will boot into safe mode. From there connect your controller via USB cable and select “Rebuild PS4 Database.” When it reboots you’ll also see your games coming back into the main menu, and if you have any games on an external drive they will no longer be in their folders that you may have put them in before.


I’ll have to wait till I can find my USB connector, but I’ll try it some time this week and let you know how it went.


sure thing…
there is no real way to defragment the drive on either xbox or playstation…

so we are going to force this thing to be good.

What we do is go into playstation menu and ‘create a game backup’ of KCD to an external drive.

if you are not savvy with this idea,… then I am asking the wrong person. thats fine forgive me I am obviously reaching out fairly blindly for help on this one…

if creating a one large file game backup is your thing… then read on…

then we just got to clean up the playstation drive a little…
two ways to do this; one is likely closer to home for your method of using…

if casual gamer and Kingdom Come is the last game installed and the Playstation hasn’t been downloading lots of updates etc since you have installed KCD… then just uninstall KCD from the playstation,… and then restore the backup.

Otherwise… and my better recommendation:

delete the first two games you installed on the system…
that should free up around 80Gb of space near the outter part of the first drive platter…

Then restore from the external backup.
I have written in great detail in other threads why this will make a difference for many gamers…


Hahag and having read that I have an even funnier feeling that you prove a very worthy candidate for testing… 80 games; ever filled your drive?


I have and I have a 1TB internal SSHD and an external 500GB. I’ve also wiped it out numerous times. I also worked in IT and I’m currently a programmer if credentials seem to matter to you. For the record What remains of Edith Finch on PS4 suffers from a very similar texture streaming issue. Especially when loading a saved game for the first time. That game is also known to be poorly optimized with frame drops much like Kingdom Come on PS4.


That 1Tb sshd is probably a seagate momentus.
The 1Tb variant with its mismatched platter sizes (to the standard sony drives) means your cache region wont be on the outer area of the platter (the way sony intends); your files are in the wrong locations for quick game loading.

I stand corrected. Your credentials are obvious. :wink:


@Whitedragem If a user can download and play COD: WW2 (or other 40-70GB game) after installing KCD but without defragging or wiping, then this is less a sys issue than a game structure issue. put another way, if KCD requires IT pro troubleshooting whilst other games added, patched and played contemporaneously don’t, then KCD is creating an unusual if not unreasonable user burden


Wak mate no help enforced…

You are a loaded dice ay?

Nothing wrong with users troubleshooting matey; its how most things get done.
Our combined experience being a greater solutions pool…

The other games you mentioned donthings pretty differently.
Not many open world games out there. Not of this scale.
Most open world games either have low quality graphics or smaller worlds/lesser textures…

The number of polys this game is using everywhere even on my old rig (ultra+) shows me how capable this game is.
It is cpu heavy in ways no previous game has been(skyrim is 10% on my cpu, witcher 15%, and this game is 30% utilisation) but it shows results

Easily the prettiest game /rpg out the gate…

But not many games get day one updates half the size of the game again. And the way patching works… files are getting spread out-trust me-

Heck ye old skyrim was on the disc twice to try and lower access times to key games files…
It all matters :wink:


assisting others with troubleshooting is commendable and appreciated.

by and large, console users choose their sys because they don’t want to fret the under the hood issues that PC users do. hope WH finds a way to implement changes that appear less disruptive to console users for this very reason

KCD’s static environment far outdoes FO4. but, FO4 has way more user generated high poly than KCD by virtue of settlement building, addable NPCs (settlers), and clutter (shelves, bookcases, tables etc filled with mags, weapons, flowers, etc). with FO4, have a lot more fatal CE crashes, fps rate drops, and such but generally don’t sweat patches and their negative impact on rendering (personal perception: FO4 rendering worse than go live version of KCD but better than current version)