PS4 textures and building models


Things are a little different here(with KCD), and whilst Id love to argue with you all day about polygon count between fallout and KC, i feel we are missing the fact that data spanning that happens when a system downloads a file, runs it into a bunch of other files, then deletes the stuff inbetween half the game like swiss cheese pre file download, possibly a gap (although I have read that ps4 updates dont do this) and then more ‘bits of game’…

At the very least loading times will improve but I cant talk as mine always loads in less than ten seconds

You dont have tondo anything.
I dont want you too. Really.
When yhey figure it out they can reissue a master build of the game file (likely be a full redownload of the game)…

I am just giving any users who want tobdo it today without having to redownload anything,… xan use the stock standard game file backup service that playstations have always had.


the whole sector/segment reload aspect of KCD is (somewhat) unique and seems correlated with other issues. if the reload isn’t optimized (as has been alleged by others here), then we have at least a partial explanation

The need for patches to reload a whole sector suggests to me that record level referential integrity is :poop: or the mechanism for making upserts is :poop:

You miss a larger point. Most console user don’t (want to) care about IT/techie speak. If KCD is in fact different, that’s not a good thing because it adds a demand not there with other games.


Im on the PS4 Pro, I could only imagine how this games runs on the reg PS4, and my god the first Xbox one…


To me, it’s not insufferable on plain Jane PS4. It’s ok just so long as it doesn’t get worse.

Hats often delayed in rendering (1-5 secs). Outerwear better but still noticeable. Small building texture delays of 1-3 secs (though seems to be getting worse). Large buildings (esp Sasau) sometimes don’t start rendering till distance is medium. Texture-pop ins 1-7 secs later


Man, your intentions are good. And maybe you do have the solution. But I am not going to buy an external disc or be obliged to format or defragment the ps disc by a game that is badly coded. For that i don’t need a PS, I buy a PC;
The hole point of having a console is to just play. and you were talking about this is March… It’s December and the issue still exists… No excuses here. This guys are not giving enough support right now. And probably will feel the consequences in the future with new games or dlcs…


Popins and stutter got worse (became insufferable with 1.6.x) and are now tolerable again (1.7.x). that said, WH team has more work to do


It’s hard to say to my followers to buy this game in this state… and it’s such a shame because i’m really enjoying the game. what a shame…


Don’t know the tolerance level of your followers

There were gamebreaking bugs on day one but KCD had good rain, can’t remember popins/texture issues, performance was good. The problem was/is the fixes seem to break something else. WH is making progress in performance… albeit slowly.

If tolerance for performance issues is low, I’d recommend revisiting KCD after 6 months. Tobi tweeted a mention of changes coming in next 6 months (during a convo with the publisher, DeepSilver).

As far as game and its unique approach, I’d say it far outweighs the PS4 performance issues now. I’m biased. Have around 800h in KCD. But not a fanboy. I call a spade a spade

Weird thing is that not all users experience same issues. @MattiasT1565 is a PS4 player as you and I are but he’s had few(er) of the same performance problems


I also don’t know, but is just common sense. I can not tell someone "Hey, Buy this game; It’s great and all, But it will not work properly. "
For 60€ the game must be good enough. And I totaly understand that is from a small company, But the price tag is not. So everyone is allowed to demand more from it…
I test the games in the ps slim and pro. both have the same problems… Most of the time, i buy the games so I’m not going to spend more money to test it on another platform.


common sense? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: that’s funny. By that measure, Beth wouldn’t sell any games. it’s 3 yrs on and FO4 still has performance problems for me (esp around Monsignor Plaza-Greenetech Genetics where fps is horrid). not ragging on Beth or FO4 (FO4 is probably my most played game). just trying to add some context.

can’t speak for you but i was able to finish the MQ multiple times, kill literally thousands of enemy NPCs (hundreds of headshots with Cuman bow, vast majority from horseback), and make millions of groschen over the course of around 800h. except for a brief popin-stutter disaster that WH introduced on PS4 to fix system stability (acknowledged by Daniel in a Twitter DM), i haven’t had performance interfere with gameplay. in the latest version of KCD (1.7.x), i’m able to do the Rattay race (gallop 1 gate to other on Jenda) with minor popin-texture issues. the clothing and facial features lag at last play but more distracting and not universal

regarding the price. on PSN, it’s now on sale for $38.99 :eyes:


I bought the game one day before the sale so I got it for the full 80$ and when I seen the sale I wanted to kill myself lmfao


You can “return” the game if you have not yet downloaded it…


Ok. I’m not here to argue, but yes, common sense. Beth is under huge fire right now, because fallout 76, that has just been released and has less bugs that Kingdom Come that has almost an year… I’m not talking the time that the textures take to render or load. They simple don’t load… That’s a HUGE thing. Even yesterday as i pull an arrow with the bow, There was no arrow… I return no the nearest village and “voila”, There are no walls or roofs… What’s that compared with frame rate drops that most of the times you can’t tell the difference? or npcs that slide instead of walking? (Btw, me fallout 76 advice to anyone is “Don’t buy it.”)

Clearly you are not in europe, where the game is at 60€, more a less 68$… And I bought the RDR2 for 45€.

Again, I’m not talking about the “time” that textures take to load. I’m reffering to the “not loading at all” issue.
Try this: Normally the problem just starts faster if you pause the game fo 30 or more minutes or let your Playstation enter sleep mode. Restart playing the game and please tell me if it’s playable… And don’t come with the " Oh, you are not supposed to do that." Or “Oh, that’s the problem”. Well, from a huge huge colection of games, this one is the only one that causes this kind of poblems. I don’t know about PC or X box, but with a PS, I’m sorry, but the game is not good enough. And I love it and still playing it, just have to restart the game every 30 or 45 minutes when the textures just stops working properly because probably some buffer is full or something…
But hell no if i’m going to buy any dlc or recommend the game at this stage…


This videos are not mine, but This is exactly what i get and I’m sorry but this not acceptable.



The FO4 issue with FPS at times leads to fatal CE-34878-0 errors. Actually happened yesterday as I crossed the Longfellow bridge (one nearest to Greenetech Genetics). Haven’t had fatal CE crashes in KCD since spring.

Don’t experience the texture issue in 1st video. The 2nd happened in 1.6.x but disappeared in 1.7.x. fwiw, the 2nd one looks a lot like the example Potestaquisitor shared with Daniel Vavra in Twitter (and got Daniel to admit reason - result of change to improve system stability).

The pause restart (incl overnight) isn’t a problem with me with FO4, RDR2 or KCD. Never has been an issue with KCD and I’ve been playing KCD since day 1 of release. Come to think of it, in early days after release (when KCD didn’t have exit saves) some PS4 players on this forum argued exit save wasn’t that important for us in KCD because the very feature you mention.

There are some seemingly idosyncratic issues with KCD players on the same platform. This is what I was referring to when I mentioned MattiasT1565. He has PS4 too and even fewer issues than I have (had)

Don’t know how you manage changes. Whitedragem has mentioned a number of times the unique demand put on PS4 by KCD. And has recommended cleanup of console drives. My take on it is that I’ve deleted and re-installed with every new version. Pain in the backside but seems to reduce problems. KCD is the only game I have to manage this way; seems to be an artifact of CryEngine.


Hello @LowTech I talked about your problem with our QA team. The game shouldn´t look like this on your PS4, and we are quite puzzled, why it does. We assume, that something went wrong during the installation of the game. Can you try to uninstall and install Kingdom Come: Deliverance again on your PS4. The problems with the not loading textures should be gone then. If not, please contact with your case and the history of it.


Well, to start I have to thanks everyone to be so proactive on this discussion. Good communities are hard to find this days.

Don’t know if it’s relevant but I puchased the game via ps store so I do not own a phisic copy of the game. And only installed a couple of games on the Pro, but I’m having exactly the same issues. Even before starting to play, there was something that immediately cought my atention in the menu: the smoke was moving really slow. Once again, I don’t know if it is normal at this stage or if it has any relevance.
It is really strange and I remind you that both videos were uploaded just two or three weeks ago.
I’ll try to reinstall the game and I’ll give you the heads up.

Once again, thanks everyone.


I don’t have physical copy either. Got from PS store. The Pro has had more problems than vanilla. Been that way from beginning. I have vanilla

When the vids were uploaded isn’t the most salient issue. Need the most recent update and really need to manage file storage (delete-reinstall or otherwise clean up console drive). Again, something about KCD makes it more prone to file change management issues (even more than RDR2 which is larger at 100GB and arguably more complex of a game). And, to be candid, with each release, there are problems (breaking stuff that worked). WH still needs to improve its change management


It’s really annoying to have to uninstal, download and reinstall the game every time there’s a patch…
I do have other games, like GT sport, rdr2, fallout or battlefield. And this games are huge. I don’t want to ‘format’ my drive… lol. And I can only imagine the time needed to defragment the drive…


Understand. For me, it’s the price I’m willing to pay to play KCD. I do download-reinstall whilst away.

Whitedragem has a dissertation on console memory storage-utilization in one or more of the forum threads here. Worth reading (at least glancing through) at least once

If you don’t want to delete-reinstall with every version, then at least do so with every major version (1.x)