PS4 textures and building models


I’ve read it and I’m sorry but that’s something that I’m just not going to do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it does not work. But it just ruins the hole idea of having a console… Like I said on another thread here, if I wanted that kind of maintenance I would stick to a PC…
One thing is to reinstal the game, another is to buy an external drive and try to correct the problem. That’s just not how this is suppose to work just to play one single game, when there’s a world of other also good games that you just instal and play with no problems whatsoever.

But thank you, I know you’re just trying to be helpful. and I really appreciate that.


No problem in turning down a helpful hint/tip from another user. Absolutely no problem with that.

That said, when you have a problem as a client and you refuse to do what the vendor recommends to address your problem, that’s no longer discretion. That’s intransigence. Christian aka DrFusselpulli is a WH rep. He recommended delete-reinstall. If you have download speed issues, might not be an easy decision. If you don’t, you’re being pigheaded


Lol, I think I did not express myself well, or you misread me. The reinstal option i more than valid. It’s the next logical step. The other option that Whitedragem gave, for me, is not a valid one in a console context.
But it’s only my opinion.


i get the plug and play expectation associated with using consoles. it’s in fact a huge driver for me in game choice. thing of it is plug and play is more illusion than invariant reality because consoles are computers. the old IT restart-reinstall steps that work with apps in PC land are no less applicable with consoles.

@Whitedragem says many things. many, many things. at the core, he’s just saying consoles are computers and they need to be handled accordingly. beyond that, based on looking at how KCD behaves in PC land, he’s noted that KCD is pushing the hardware in new and interesting ways. as new and interesting as they are, the ways are still a push. and, we know from a WH insider (Christian aka DrFusselpulli) that this push on consoles with KCD is real and (very) demanding (ie at or near limit of consoles). when computers are being pushed, it helps to optimize storage and resource utilisation. for better or worse, KCD uses CryEngine. CryEngine change management is heavy handed (patches aren’t just added and modified stuff; hence large patches), and that exacerbates storage handling. Whitedragem offered advice for console users to relieve some of that ‘push’.

that might not seem console related. ok. indulge me. Beth has been rolling out a good number of patches nowadays with FO4. almost all seem to push a promotion with the Creation Kit (and FO76). don’t know how but for me these patches corrupt the PS4 save mechanism. only the exit save works. the only way i can fix it is to delete and reinstall. as exit saves still work, i live with it until get tired of it or become aware of an important bug fix. point being. WH and KCD aren’t the only ones struggling with change management and delete-reinstall issues on PS4.


We are geting a litle bit off topic here but I understand what you’re saying, but I do not think that that’s how this works. especially when kcd is an exception.
Yes, a console is a computer as any other, but If this was a normal thing, when you had other games suffering from the same issues, I would agree with you. Consoles are used by kids too, with 8 or 10 years old, with parents that do not understand anything of IT. That’s exactly why they bought a console… for the kid. Because nothing of this is expected.
My full time job is as a developer. When I work on a software for windows I do not say that it will work on a Mac… If I say so, the clients expect a product that works good on both plataforms. When I was web developing, I had to be sure that it worked on chrome as well as internet explorer and safari at the time… (now days, people just don’t care with ie).
I’m sorry, I know I ‘sound’ stubborn when all are trying to help me with a sollution. But please bare in mind that there was not even supposed to happen. Patches should get out and that’s it.

More important, this is a business: And most peolple will know that if the game does not work properly or that if there is a patch they have to uninstal reinstal… They just won’t buy it. or play; or buy a dlc … And when a new game from this company comes out, people will wait to see if it work or never buy it… Most people expect the plug and play experience…
And honestly, I’m just here because I’m loving so much the game… Otherwise, forget it. I would not loose another minute with it. I would just start playing any other game… And the list is big and getting bigger…

I did not had time to uninstal and reinstal the game yet. I’ll do it today .
Also, maybe this is value information as well, the game works fine when I start playing it. And it works fine for 30 to 45 min, even more if I just don’t stop playing.
The moment that I pause the game for a period of 10 or more minutes, when I come back, is when hell turns loose.


Among PS4 users, fatal CE crashes are not unheard of especially among complex games. The codes don’t care if you’re 80 or 8. From the source:

CE-34878-0 PS4 Error Code

An error has occurred with the application.
Close the application, install the latest System Software and game updates and restart the system.
If you have upgraded the Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”) in your system, please re-install the original HDD.
If the error occurs again, back up your saved data, and then go to [Settings] > [Initialization] and choose [Initialize PS4].
If the error occurs with every application, or as soon as the application starts, please contact PlayStation Support.

Pretty much the same restart-(re)install paradigm (invoked by @whitedragem and now mentioned ad nauseum) to be used by PS4 users of all ages

You work in web dev so you’ll understand the following. Suppose your company proclaims its app is browser agnostic. That’s the web equivalent of plug and play. No matter which browser Jim Bob’s company uses, your company has got him covered. That’s the plug and play theory. Problem is things aren’t so simple. That’s the plug and play reality. Your company’s app uses Java. This creates 2 issues: (1) The app doesn’t use a Java version validated/approved by Jim Bob’s IT, and (2) the app uses a non-standard port when it launches the Java applet that gets blocked by Jim Bob’s network security software.

KCD for better and worse pushes things. You could think of it as them pushing a Java dependent app among clients. It’s going to cause problems for some. Yeah, marketing will take a hit from those who like hands off apps.

Again, this isn’t a KCD or WH issue per se. FO4 was released in November of 2015 by one of the largest game studios in the world and on the most widely used console in the world. It’s 3 years later and I still get the fatal CE crash listed above in FO4. Plug and play? Not happening, but I knew that because I knew something about Beth (buggy products) and Sony (pretty non-specific and therefore useless CE codes).

Consoles simplify the consumer considerations and post-consumer handling. They don’t eliminate them. You and I aren’t emancipated from making informed decisions about a game just because it’s launched on PS4.

KCD is a complex, large open world RPG (red flag #1 - RPG = recipe for bugs) that’s the maiden product (red flag #2 - QA product, process and staffing immaturity) by a smallish company starved for money (red flag #3 - desperation to pay bills trumps polish) that attempts to push things in a genre (red flag #4 - new mechanics = bleeding edge) , and all whilst trying to launch on multiple platforms at once (red flag #5 - opportunity costs galore) using CryEngine (red flag #6 - powerful but heavy handed engine). all these red flags were hidden in plain sight. Caveat emptor.

even if the reinstall takes care of the egregious texture/popin problems you’re encountering, it won’t resolve all salient performance issues and bugs. my rec (take it or leave it): given all the aforementioned red flags and the plug and play expectation, i’d cease playing KCD for at least 6 more months. come back after the dust settles.

WH has screwed up a fair bit, but WH hasn’t stopped troubleshooting and hasn’t stopped trying to improve KCD. i’ve expressed a fair bit of criticism and feedback to and about WH and KCD, but all things considered @DrFusselpulli, @WH_janrucker et al have comported themselves well.


Hello again. I’ve reinstalled the game and actually it made the problem almost go away. I say almost because the problem still exists, but now just takes more time so that the issue is visible.
Since the reeinstal does not fixes it, well…
Thanks to everyone that tryied to help.


What do you mean with “it takes more time” ? A screenshot could help to see more.


As I explained before, when I start the game, there are no problems… only after playing for a while or pausing it for a long time, the textures stop to load properly…
so, now, it literally takes more time so that happens…
And it is exactly as in the videos I posted before. I don’t know if the guys that posted the videos experienced the same way that I did… Just search youtube for “kingdom come textures”… and see the dates… those are recent videos… and all in PS4…


Okay, so as far as I understood, you installed the game again and still have the problems?
You don´t need to install the game again and again after each patch. One installation should be enough. If you still have these issues, this is very puzzling, because they should not be there. Can you please get in contact with our support team at This is something we would like to know more about. Especially because we know you are not the only one with this issue.


That’s correct. I’ll do as you ask.
Once again, thanks everyone that tried to help.


Sorry to hear it didn’t work, but there’s a reason I said it wouldn’t fix all salient performance issues

Hopefully the save files will allow WH to troubleshoot.

Save file corruption isn’t unheard of with PS4. Other KCD players reported it here before. Happened to me with FO4 quicksaves. Still don’t trust saves on KCD (keep at ~5 in each playline) even though saves have been patched at least twice

My first KCD glitch was a temp file/cache issue. The audio for dialog cut out. Some other things flaked out too. (Was mission where you return horse to owner) restarted the system and reloaded last save file. Problem gone. Could be wrong but felt then and feel now that there’s a temp file/cache issue lurking in the background

Still recommend you give WH at least 6 months to work on performance, bugs and design issues


Yeah, isn’t obligatory but (as your patches are so large and) until performance and stability are dependable you leave some users trying to squeeze every possible ounce of efficiency out of their KCD install


It’s ok.
I really want to thank you. You have been really helpfull.
ya, but I feel that if I stop playing now, I won’t pick it up, ever…lol.
The rest of the game works fine. No problems with save files, sound or anything.
Just the usual texture loading time etc etc. But those are not bugs. It is what it is.


@LowTech you’re welcome

unless the reference info stored in the save files is corrupt, not sure how it’ll help troubleshooting texture loading. guess that’s a problem for QA to solve.

can you use the PS4 record option to record and post a brief sample vid (starting from save location)? if so, i’ll try to mimic and post.


Well, I can record it, but is exactly as I explained…lol.
If I play continuously there will be no problems whatsoever.
But, if I pause the game for some time (I would say, at least 15 min.
My remote desconnects, so it must be more than 10 min), When i “unpause” the game it happens exactly the same that in the videos.
That’s just that. Pause your game for a long time and then play.


So if you turn the game off and the load save file, the problem disappears? And when you pause and then unpause it instead, the textures fail? If true, then it is a cache (corruption) issue and the fix is simple

Haven’t played latest patch much at all. Will test later


Well, I usually close the game and start again.
And now that you put things that way I feel stupid for never trying to simply load the game without closing it. It would save me the inital loading…

Yes, that’s what I thought. Cache… but how the hell can I fix this on a Playstation? Is it a problem with the ps itself? Not any other game has problems so I would say no, but… maybe other games manager memory in differents way. I don’t really know what I’m talking right now, just throwing things up=D


The corrupted dialog I had with Pie mission went away upon restart. Conceptually, either the game loses its way or the content in memory is corrupt.

Haven’t had Pie type issue with any other PS4 game ever. That said, think there might be hints from other PS4 game behaviors. The RDR2 horse and gold bar exploits use the exit-restart to reseed. The fatal CE crashes I get in FO4 seem to be largely transient, memory issues. Never exactly the same place or action.