Questions and Answers... Still bugged?

I have been interested in this game since the first trailers years ago… I held off in buying because of the bugs I read about. I finally got it this year and absolutely love it. Then I got to the pestilence and questions and answers quest line. At first I couldn’t find the bailiff so I just went off and and ventured for a while. Returning the the quest the captive had died. I dug up his corpse and retrieved the letter. At this pin the quest prompts are still telling me to loot the corpse. I talked to Radzig and cannot progress the quest any further. Any help would be appreciated.

Where did you find the body? I’m stuck, please help me.

i heared he should be burried under a pile of wood. Dont nail me to it :slight_smile:

I found the pile of wood, but there’s no grave there or near there. I still can’t find the body :frowning:

Are u sure he is dead?

Yes, the village guy told me he was dead and he had been buried near the rock cross. I’m looking all over that sector, and there’s no grave. It’s impossible for me to load a previous game because all schnapps saves were damaged

From another post:

Maybe u can find the note :slight_smile: