Questions and comments about the short story competition

story with the most likes wins

Can we write the shortstories in some other languages besides English?

How are we to write it? A Word document or like all inside this comment box?

No. This was also my first idea. But in this case, the first story would have the most chances of getting the most likes, while a possible later story will have less likes, because it will have less time to gain likes. For this reason, there will be a poll after the closing date.


You can just post it like a forums post in the fitting thread.

Yes, there will be also other langues, besides english. There is already a german thread and I also want to start a czech one, as this is a czech game. :slight_smile:

How about fantasy elements which fits in the time of 1403 and the location, if they didn’t really happen in the story but are told and belived by common people?

You can use them without problem, even higher fantasy element are allowed. This is not about coming closest to the game as possible, but making a great story fitting to the game.
The community will make the final decision about the best story, and if you want to add fantasy elements, feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Can it be written from a first person perspective?

Yes, if you want to, you can write it in first person perspective :slight_smile:

Well then, time to consult a history book or two! :wink:

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The czech story competition is created. :slight_smile:

Can barons be in the competition

Sure, most of the forumusers are already owning the game. Maybe they can use the free game as a gift for a friend :slight_smile:

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I’ve added mine.



I am 700+ words in on my story.

I hope it’s good… i am a novice writer afterall :slightly_smiling:

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It is fine, the 1000-1500 words are only a indication. :slight_smile:

Are rude words allowed?

Just to clarify, because my story might have a few rude words in it.

If not, then i will gladly alter my story so that more acceptable words can be used instead.

Maybe I should have put more than 45 minutes into it:(

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You can still change it till the 29th of February :slight_smile:

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