Raiders Quest Bugged

I went to the third cuman camp to kill them, killed all the cuman and it still says I need to kill the camp leader. I’ve gone back multiple times to see if he’ll spawn but nothing yet. I’ve checked 10-15 times.

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Which kind of marker do you have showing? Is it the marker that is surrounded by yellow/gold area to show an area in general… or is it the marker that is specific and meant to mark a specific spot?

It was an area marker, but I killed them all and now its a specific spot. But there are no Cuman to kill.

Unfortunately, this means you have to open a save from before you went to deal with that camp/killed the leader. After you killed the leader, you must have moved away from his body (likely to survive the attack from his men) and the corpse disappeared.

All corpses do that in this game if you move too far from them (which isn’t very far) and you haven’t looted them.

I reported it here:

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i have exactly the same problem. Unfortunately though, i used to kill the raiders, but then fled and played like 10 hours or something. Now i am really stuck, since i cant load the game at that particular point…

do you know, are there any console commands to reset a quest?


I haven’t noticed bodies disappearing, and trust me I loot every single dead body, but weapons ALWAYS disappear for me after a certain amount of time has passed since the enemy or NPC died and dropped their weapon.

My problem is that I’ve finished the game and after I finished the game Talmberg stayed the way it was towards the end: destroyed and it had the camps all around it, in one of those camps there was Sir Robard which I was doing the quest from, now I finished one camp and got everything and I’m told to return to him, where the camp near Talmberg is, I go there and I notice that Talmberg is back to how it was before Toth and that there’s no longer a camp where Sir Robard should be, I go to the market anyway and I find Sir Robard with his head and the upper part of his torso pocking out of the ground and I can’t talk to him, therefore I can’t turn in the quest items.

Sorry to rez another old thread, but I’m having this issue now and was wondering if anyone ever found an answer other than reload a save from before. I’ve had the quest for ages stuck at the point to just kill the 2nd Raiders quest Cuman leader, I did, have the human leader’s mask quest item in my inventory, yet the quest doesn’t update or allow me to turn it in. I’ve been to this camp 20+ times now, progressed the rest of the way through the game and spent probably a hundred hours after it bugged. Was kind of hoping for an actual fix from the devs… Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I found the solution. During the process of losing the quest item, a notification pops up saying something about a gravedigger having the item. Check Rattay Presbytery, your item should be available there. Found this on this link


Thanks, I’m well into 20hrs of game play past that mission and have been periodically checking back on that camp. Restarting was clearly not an option. I got the notification about the Presbytery, but I thought it was a bug because no one was ever there.